Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Ordinary Girl 03:50 Tools
Hardly Enough 03:54 Tools
Mine to Remember 03:25 Tools
Out of Place 04:22 Tools
Home 03:29 Tools
She's Gone 04:19 Tools
Why Can't We 03:33 Tools
Sleep in the Day 03:46 Tools
Maria 04:19 Tools
Nothing Lasts Forever 03:03 Tools
Won't Cost a Thing 03:20 Tools
Holding On 04:49 Tools
Superman 03:22 Tools
Release 04:31 Tools
I'm No Superman 03:19 Tools
Runaway 03:46 Tools
I Will Follow 03:18 Tools
Always be there 03:42 Tools
Summer Love 03:21 Tools
Wait Another Sunday 02:49 Tools
All You Want 03:42 Tools
I Will Follow (U2 cover) 03:14 Tools
When We Were Young 03:18 Tools
Lights Go Down 03:18 Tools
superman (lazlo bane cover) (OST Scrubs - Season 9) 03:23 Tools
These Bright Lights 04:03 Tools
Sweet Relief 03:11 Tools
In Your Hollywood 03:38 Tools
Can We Grow 03:50 Tools
So Far Away 04:43 Tools
Love All Around 03:23 Tools
Superman (Lazlo Bane cover) 03:23 Tools
All We Need 02:38 Tools
In The Moment 02:14 Tools
Let You In 02:14 Tools
How Far We've Come 03:36 Tools
The Swallow 04:01 Tools
It Goes High 03:37 Tools
We Are Here 04:01 Tools
Always Be There, Pt. 2 03:17 Tools
Ordinary Girl JC Mix 03:50 Tools
One Man Travelling Success 03:51 Tools
Always Be There Pt. 2 04:01 Tools
Someplace Good 03:46 Tools
I'm No Superman [main theme, season 9] 03:23 Tools
Ladies In Waiting 04:49 Tools
Im No Superman 03:23 Tools
Is There A Wheeze Now? 03:23 Tools
Step This Way 03:33 Tools
Winding To You 03:33 Tools
Bernie’s Wish/Le Grand Fromage 03:33 Tools
Ever Love 03:01 Tools
Old Shoes 03:21 Tools
Journey 03:01 Tools
In The Moment (Cougar Town Theme) 02:14 Tools
Sway With Me 03:01 Tools
Im No Superman (Клиника [Scrubs] 9 сезон) 03:23 Tools
[5.09] WAZ - Ordinary Girl 03:50 Tools
Summer Lover 03:23 Tools
Time 03:23 Tools
Alfredo’s 01:46 Tools
Scent Of Romance 03:57 Tools
Give You More 03:57 Tools
Somos Demasiado Rapidos 03:27 Tools
Rhythm Of TheTime 03:27 Tools
All I Want 03:27 Tools
You’re My Honey 03:27 Tools
Superman (OST Scrubs 9 season) 03:17 Tools
I am no superman 03:23 Tools
Always Be There (Pt. 2) 03:17 Tools
Hardly Enough (OST Scrubs) 03:54 Tools
Treal 05:39 Tools
Swallow 04:01 Tools
I'm no superman (Scrubs 9 Season Main theme) 03:20 Tools
Rhythm of Time 00:00 Tools
I'm No Superman (Scrubs main theme, season 9) 03:23 Tools
I'm no superman (lazlo bane cover) (ost scrubs 9) 03:23 Tools
Me veo contigo 03:07 Tools
WAZ-Ordinary Girl 03:07 Tools
Hardly Enough (OST Клиника 8 сезон 13 серия) 03:54 Tools
i'm not superman 03:07 Tools
PICK ME UP (demo) 03:54 Tools
Alone Together 03:54 Tools
Double Cup 03:50 Tools
I Will Follow (U2) 03:54 Tools
I'm not superman(new version) 03:24 Tools
I Will Follow - U2 cover 03:18 Tools
Are You a Ghost 03:18 Tools
Im not superman(new version) 03:18 Tools
Loss 03:54 Tools
Out of place (OST Клиника - Scrubs) 03:54 Tools
Ordinary Girl (Grey's Anatomy) 03:50 Tools
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WAZ is Pete Yorn's original guitarist gone solo. WAZ released a new full-length album titled “These Bright Lights” exclusively on iTunes on September 21, 2009. These Bright Lights was co-produced by Will Golden & WAZ, mixed and mastered by Tom Rogers (Magnetic Fields) with Special Guest Appearances by Pete Yorn & David Immergluck (Counting Crows). These Bright Lights is WAZ’s coming of age album. This confessional record tells WAZ’s story of falling in love and wedding his southern belle who graces the album with her angelic vocals and piano playing. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, WAZ was heavily influenced by his parent's record collection which included artists such as The Pretenders, ELO, & Neil Young. At the early age of 8, 10cc's song, "The Things We Do For Love" inspired WAZ to pick up his first guitar. After graduating college, WAZ packed up his car and drove west having no idea what the future held. Within a day of arriving in California, he got a call from his college buddy Pete Yorn, to start a band.Playing shows night after night WAZ was moved by the raw and emotional connection people have with heartfelt music & lyrics... It was this connection that inspired him to start writing his own songs and pursue his solo career. In 2008, WAZ independently released both his debut album "The Sweet Bye and Bye" and "The Secret" EP produced by Will Golden & mixed by Jamie Candiloro (Ryan Adams, REM). "The Secret" debuted @ 13 and the lead-off single "Ordinary Girl" climbed to 3 on iTunes Singer-Songwriter Chart. WAZ has been featured on Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, The Hills, Men in Trees, and in Rolling Stone & Paste Magazine Currently, WAZ is scoring Bill Lawrence & Courteney Cox's ABC Comedy "Cougar Town". Band Website: www.wazmusic.com http://www.myspace.com/waz Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.