Wylde Ratttz

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
T.V. Eye 05:21 Tools
TV Eye 00:00 Tools
T.V. Eye (Wylde Ratttz) 00:00 Tools
016 T.V. Eye 05:22 Tools
16-wylde_ratttz_-_t.v._eye-xxl 05:22 Tools
My Unclean 01:03 Tools
Gimme Danger 00:00 Tools
hotshot 00:00 Tools
Hollow 04:05 Tools
Rosalyn 00:00 Tools
Smoke 00:00 Tools
Judy's Blues 05:22 Tools
Be My Unclean 07:39 Tools
T.V Eye 05:22 Tools
She's Like Poison 00:00 Tools
LSD 00:00 Tools
Take LSD 02:29 Tools
Walk Of The Wylde Ratttz 01:03 Tools
T.V. Eyes 02:29 Tools
World Of Hurt 04:03 Tools
March Of The Wylde Ratttz 02:12 Tools
She's Like Poison To Me 04:09 Tools
I'm Not Screwin' Around 04:10 Tools
T.V.eye 05:24 Tools
Nut 02:21 Tools
Pull the Pipe 02:21 Tools
Fun House 11:44 Tools
05 TV Eye 02:21 Tools
L.S.D. 02:33 Tools
Wylde Ratttz / T.V. Eye 02:33 Tools
T.V.Eye. 02:33 Tools
T.V. Eye (Mark Arm version) 02:33 Tools
Pull On The Pipe 07:36 Tools
T.V. Eye (LP version) 05:23 Tools
Wylde Ratttz - T.V. Eye 05:22 Tools
Funhouse 11:46 Tools
T. V. Eye 11:46 Tools
T V Eye 05:23 Tools
T.V. Eye (Ewan MacGregor version) 05:24 Tools
16 - Wylde Ratttz - T.V. Eye 05:22 Tools
T.V. Eye (vocals by Ewan McGregor) 05:24 Tools
Gimmie Danger 05:22 Tools
05 TV Eye - WYLDE RATTZ 05:22 Tools
Nuts 02:20 Tools
Drink Poison 05:22 Tools
T.V. Eye (The Stooges Cover) 05:24 Tools
T.V. Eye (Feat. Ewan McGregor) 05:24 Tools
02 - take lsd 05:24 Tools
vocals by Ewan McGregor / T.V. Eye 05:24 Tools
T.V. Eye (Iggy Pop & The Stooges cover) 05:24 Tools
T.V. Eye [Original Vocal] 05:24 Tools
Hollow Around You 05:24 Tools
06 - hollow 05:24 Tools
04 - smoke 05:24 Tools
T.V. Eye (Cover) 05:24 Tools
T.V. Eye [featuring Ewan McGregor] 05:24 Tools
Be My Unclean (Vocal by Ewan McGregor) 05:24 Tools
Wylde Rattz - T.V. Eye 05:24 Tools
01 DRINK POISON 05:24 Tools
16-Wylde Ratttz - T.V. Eye 05:24 Tools
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The Wylde Ratttz are comprised of some of punk/alt-rock's most renowned and respected names -- guitarists Ron Asheton (the Stooges), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Don Fleming (Gumball), bassist Mike Watt (the Minutemen), drummer Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), and singer Mark Arm (Mudhoney). The group originally came together in 1998 when they were asked by movie director Todd Haynes to cover the Stooges classic "T.V. Eye" for his film Velvet Goldmine, a movie that was supposedly loosely based on the relationship between David Bowie and Iggy Pop during the early-'70s glam period (when the song appeared on the album's soundtrack, Arm's vocals were replaced with actor Ewan McGregor's, however). What was originally supposed to be a one-off project took on a life of its own, as the ad hoc group quickly penned and recorded an album's worth of garage rockers. But due to contractual red tape, the album remained unreleased. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.