Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
HEY JERKS 03:07 Tools
WITCH 05:22 Tools
Someday 07:20 Tools
Fly Away 03:22 Tools
ANOTHER 05:07 Tools
Apple for Your Thoughts 04:06 Tools
Daydreamin' 03:52 Tools
Dear My Friend 04:22 Tools
Beautiful Days 04:51 Tools
Sacrification 04:44 Tools
Good-Bye 03:56 Tools
Be Bad!! 03:29 Tools
Imitation, 04:34 Tools
Forbidden Things 04:12 Tools
Made In Corea 04:25 Tools
Vanishing 04:21 Tools
Neko 04:35 Tools
Gaja!!! 00:43 Tools
Where Do I Go? 04:07 Tools
My Treasure 04:57 Tools
Wait For You 04:57 Tools
HIGHER 04:57 Tools
Love Syndrome 04:09 Tools
yesterday... 04:36 Tools
Bonus Track 01:48 Tools
Fake (Album Version) 00:43 Tools
SEAGULL 01:48 Tools
HEY JERKS (English Version) 00:00 Tools
Hidden Track 01:48 Tools
Love, falling into pieces 03:01 Tools
Wait For You 03:01 Tools
Beautiful Days (English Version) 04:53 Tools
04:34 Tools
HIGHER -English Version- 01:48 Tools
Imitation You 00:00 Tools
Kwichanha 00:00 Tools
귀찮아 01:48 Tools
Yesterday (English Version) 00:00 Tools
Bonus track (Kwichanha) 01:48 Tools
Gaja 01:48 Tools
猫 (Neko) 04:35 Tools
XXX 01:47 Tools
No Credit track 04:35 Tools
IMITATION,...YOU 01:47 Tools
Good Bye 01:47 Tools
Goodbye 03:56 Tools
HIGHER -Endlish Version- 03:56 Tools
Beautiful Days <English Version> 03:56 Tools
Bewitch - 02 Daydreamin' 03:56 Tools
Fake [Album Version] 03:56 Tools
09-Imitation You 03:56 Tools
HEY JEAKS 03:56 Tools
03 - HAPPY HAPPY DOLL 03:56 Tools
Bewitch - 01 Gaja!!! 03:56 Tools
HIGHER〈English Version〉 03:56 Tools
HEY JERKS 03:56 Tools
09 - Imitation, 03:56 Tools
HIGHER <English Version> 03:56 Tools
WITCH 05:22 Tools
ANOTHER 05:06 Tools 05:06 Tools
Apple for your thoughts 05:06 Tools
Daydreamin’ 05:06 Tools
02-Hey Jerks 05:06 Tools
Beautiful Days 05:06 Tools
You... Imitation 05:06 Tools
07 - Fly away 05:06 Tools
01 Daydreamin' 01:48 Tools
Bewitch - 10 Sacrification 05:06 Tools
02 - HEY JERKS 05:06 Tools
Imitation,,,,,you 05:06 Tools
Bewitch - 07 Forbidden Things 05:06 Tools
Bewitch - 05 Vanishing 05:06 Tools
Bewitch - 03 Wait For You 05:06 Tools
Good-bye 03:56 Tools
Kwichanha (Hidden Track) 01:48 Tools
Be Bad!!! 01:48 Tools
01 - Apple For Your Thoughts 01:48 Tools
Someday 01:48 Tools
2.Yesterday 01:48 Tools
Fly away 01:48 Tools
Imitation, 01:48 Tools
Bewitch - 08 Be Bad!! 01:48 Tools
06-Someday 01:48 Tools
Bewitch - 04 Dear My Friend 01:48 Tools
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Cho Youjeen was born and raised in Korea. She attended school there and met the people who would later become the band Cherry Filter in 1999. The first album of Cherry Filter was released in 2000. She is fluent in Japanese, Korean and English and uses all three languages in her solo work. However, most of her solo lyrics are in Japanese. In 2001, Youjeen temporarily left Cherry Filter to pursue a solo career in Japan, where she released music with the help of ex-LUNA SEA member J and The Foo Fighters' Franz Stahl. She released 5 singles and 2 albums over the course of two years. After the release of her second Japanese album BEWITCH, her activities in the Japanese music scene ceased, nevertheless Youjeen is still active in Korea as part of Cherry Filter. She loves collecting dolls, reading books, designing accessories, playing card games. Her speciality is fortune-telling by tarot cards and horoscopes. Youjeen is known for her accuracy in fortune telling within the celebrities' community. Her favorites are color violet, silver, hysteric glamours, Vivienne Westwood, coffee, hot and spicy food, beaches, swimming, the smell of coconut, though she does not enjoy eating it. She also enjoys watching Quentin Tarantino's movies, Stephen Chow's movies, and reading fantasy & SF novels and loves all the music in the world. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.