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Cabrini Green (A.M.) 03:51 Tools
You Are Mine 03:54 Tools
Resting In Paradise (Larvae Remix) 04:37 Tools
Falling from the sky (remix by Kids Return 04:32 Tools
Falling From the Sky 03:48 Tools
No Brakes 04:22 Tools
Izabella 02:30 Tools
Respirator 03:57 Tools
Nothing Can Damn My Soul (Abelcain remix) 04:28 Tools
Yesterdays 05:09 Tools
Nefertiti Dub 04:50 Tools
Imperial Passage (Abelcain remix) 04:44 Tools
Mingi 03:13 Tools
Interlude (Mating song of the 808) 01:40 Tools
Two Hammers 03:20 Tools
Raining Glass 04:21 Tools
Raining Glass (Abelcain Remix) 05:50 Tools
Hungry 03:35 Tools
Arapahoe County Sunset 02:06 Tools
Tornado Sirens 03:30 Tools
Hymn Of The Siamese 04:41 Tools
Tornado Sirens (Abelcain Remix) 06:21 Tools
Exorcise The Demons 01:44 Tools
Eve Ill 05:37 Tools
Swarm Of Vicious Angels 04:14 Tools
How To Kill People And Get Away With It 05:07 Tools
Did I Just Eat a Stripper 05:35 Tools
Discussion 05:00 Tools
angel carcass 00:00 Tools
Nina Milla Meta 05:28 Tools
Pulmonous 03:51 Tools
Imperial Passage (remixed by Abelcain) 04:46 Tools
God Will Cut You Down 04:03 Tools
Vodka Spitter 04:51 Tools
Reclamation Song 09:47 Tools
you are mine (remix by enduser) 04:23 Tools
Battleworn 04:05 Tools
Walking Uphill Into Hell 04:28 Tools
Cabrini Green (Somatic Responses mix) 06:08 Tools
Dirty Up Your Mind 06:02 Tools
Graceless 05:11 Tools
No Brakes (Remix By Detritus) 03:56 Tools
Powerlines Song 05:37 Tools
Resting in Paradise 04:45 Tools
Predatory Behaviour 07:52 Tools
Scarless 04:54 Tools
A Death Worth Re-Living 03:56 Tools
Fucking Murders 05:00 Tools
Moths In The Fire 04:04 Tools
I Swear 04:08 Tools
Chameleon Skin 04:29 Tools
Perpetual Casualty 04:49 Tools
The World Is Coming To Another End 05:05 Tools
Nina Milla Meta (Detritus remix) 05:23 Tools
Vodka Spitter (Tarmvred remix) 06:12 Tools
Meth-Head Trance 02:47 Tools
Interference 01:05 Tools
Driving Down Havana 04:12 Tools
Division 05:31 Tools
Moment in the Sun 05:03 Tools
Take Us Out of the Dark 04:02 Tools
So Alien 05:46 Tools
Hungry (Remix By Lapsed) 03:44 Tools
Formless, Shapeless 03:07 Tools
Fallout 02:29 Tools
A Question of Purpose 04:33 Tools
Coma 01:45 Tools
Eating 02:20 Tools
I Swear (Sense Remix) 04:07 Tools
Asleep 02:58 Tools
Battleworn (Nest Remix) 03:37 Tools
Forget It (Juno) 06:51 Tools
Los Angeles 01:49 Tools
Il Diavolo 01:50 Tools
At the End 04:43 Tools
You Are Mine (Florestan & Eusebius Mix By Mad EP) 04:31 Tools
No Brakes (No Breaks Remix By Cakebuilder) 05:14 Tools
No Brakes (Remix By DJ Hidden) 06:25 Tools
Nothing Can Damn My Soul (Jason Snell remix) 06:42 Tools
imperial passage 00:00 Tools
Yesterdays (Remix By Übergang) 04:56 Tools
Nina Milla Meta (Matt Demmon remix) 06:04 Tools
Hungry (Remix By Nonnon) 07:12 Tools
Nothing Can Damn My Soul 05:10 Tools
Powerline Spitter (Stick remix) 03:46 Tools
Mingi (Larvae Is Allergic To Cats Remix by Larvae) 05:00 Tools
We Worship Money 04:20 Tools
Shapeshifter (Kougai) 02:23 Tools
You Are Mine (Enduser Remix) 04:22 Tools
shapeshifter 02:24 Tools
Asking for it 00:00 Tools
Yesterdays (Remix By –¨bergang) 04:56 Tools
Piss 04:24 Tools
Replica 01:04 Tools
faust (cdatakill remix) 01:04 Tools
The Underground 00:00 Tools
Immune 00:00 Tools
666 04:49 Tools
Murdera (Fanny Remix) 00:00 Tools
Evangelis 6 08:35 Tools
You Are Mine v.2 03:55 Tools
La Sinistra 04:15 Tools
Mogadishu 00:00 Tools
New York to London 00:00 Tools
Battleworn-1 - Nest Remix 03:37 Tools
Welcome to the Cabaret 00:00 Tools
I Swear-2 - Sense Remix 04:08 Tools
The Devil 03:07 Tools
Onwards 02:20 Tools
Knife Fight 02:20 Tools
Car Wreck 03:01 Tools
(Dirty Mix) Park Avenue 03:01 Tools
Falling From The Sky (Remix by Kids Return) 04:33 Tools
Strange Fruit 00:00 Tools
Plastic 04:22 Tools
Surveillance Tape 00:00 Tools
No Brakes (Cakebuilder remix) 05:11 Tools
Park Avenue (dirty mix) 05:11 Tools
Cabrini Green (p.m.) 03:07 Tools
Cabrini Grren - Somatic Responses Remix 06:12 Tools
Carwreck 00:00 Tools
Knifefight 02:14 Tools
Vodka Spiiter - Tarmvred Remix 06:14 Tools
Resting In Paradise - Larvae Remix 04:38 Tools
Evil Personified 03:55 Tools
battleworn - nest remix 03:37 Tools
B2 00:00 Tools
Nina Milla Meta - Detritus Remix 05:25 Tools
You Are Mine - Enduser Remix 04:26 Tools
No Brakes - DJ Hidden Remix 06:30 Tools
i swear - sense remix 04:08 Tools
Reclamation Song (Version 2) 06:29 Tools
B1 04:08 Tools
Coma (Sleep Forever) 02:12 Tools
imperial passage (abelcain rem 06:12 Tools
excerpt from "How to kill people and get away with it" 05:25 Tools
aguirre: der zorn gottes (cdat 05:25 Tools
Distemper (version) 05:22 Tools
Strange Fruit (Billie Holliday Remix) 04:35 Tools
Asleep (excerpt) 00:00 Tools
No Bakes - No Breaks Remix By Cakebuilder 05:18 Tools
aguirre: der zorn gottes (cdatakill remix) 00:00 Tools
B3 04:38 Tools
66 Dub (Matt Demmon MD Remix) 04:38 Tools
No brakes (excerpt) 05:18 Tools
Yesterdays - Übergang Remix 05:02 Tools
Cabrini Green (remix by Somatic Responses) (excerpt) 00:00 Tools
Hungry - Lapsed Remix 03:47 Tools
Cabrini Grren (Somatic Responses Remix) 06:11 Tools
Excerpt from "Reclamation song" 03:47 Tools
Aquirre, Der Zorn Gottes (Cdatakill Remix) 03:47 Tools
No Brakes - Detritus Remix 03:59 Tools
You Are Mine - Florestan & Eusebius Remix By Mad EP 04:36 Tools
Vodka Spiiter (Tarmvred Remix) 05:22 Tools
No Brakes (DJ Hidden Remix) 03:22 Tools
Black Bone Orchid (Cdatakill Remix) 05:02 Tools
No Brakes (No Breaks remix by DJ Hidden) 05:02 Tools
No Brakes (remix by Detritus, exceprt) 06:11 Tools
kissing ice 06:11 Tools
Yesterdays (excerpt) 06:11 Tools
Powerline Spitter - Stick Remix 04:31 Tools
Nina Milla Meta - Matt Demmon Remix 06:04 Tools
Fucking Murders (excerpt) 00:00 Tools
Yesterdays (remix by Übergang, excerpt) 00:00 Tools
The Cursed Species 00:00 Tools
No Bakes (No Breaks Remix By Cakebuilder) 05:17 Tools
Musica Domestica (Cdatakill Remix) 05:17 Tools
Nothing Can Damn My Soul - Jason Snell Remix 04:31 Tools
You Are Mine [Remix By Enduser] 04:20 Tools
You Are Mine (Florestan & Euse) 04:31 Tools
Vodka Spitter (Remix by Tarmvred) 05:17 Tools
Nina Milla Meta (Remix by Detritus) 05:22 Tools
Mingi - Larvae Is Allergic To Cats Remix By Larvae 00:00 Tools
This Dream People Call Human Life 04:31 Tools
nothing can damn my soul (remix by jason snell) 06:40 Tools
Mingi (remix by Larvae, except) 06:40 Tools
Canto V 06:40 Tools
No Brakes (Detritus Remix) 00:00 Tools
Cabrini Green [Somatic Responses Remix] 00:00 Tools
Nothing Can Damn My Soul [Abelcain remix] 00:00 Tools
falling from the sky (kids return remix) 04:33 Tools
Hungry - Non Non Remix 07:16 Tools
Nothing Can Damn My Soul [Jason Snell Remix] 00:00 Tools
Meth Head Trance 02:51 Tools
Powerline Spitter (Remix by Stick) 03:46 Tools
Vodka Spitter [remix by Tarmvred] 03:46 Tools
Yesterday (remix by Übergang) 07:16 Tools
Did I Just Eat A Stripper? 06:02 Tools
Until One Of You Is Dead 07:16 Tools
03 Plastic 07:16 Tools
Yesterdays (Übergang Remix) 03:22 Tools
I Swear [Sense Remix] 04:07 Tools
Nina Milla Meta [Remix by Detritus] 04:07 Tools
Sniper 04:07 Tools
Nina Milla Meta (Remix by Matt Demmon) 06:02 Tools
Powerline Spitter [Stick Remix] 06:02 Tools
The Six Stigmata Ep - Cdatakil 06:02 Tools
Nina Milla Meta [Matt Demmon Remix] 06:02 Tools
05-Eating 06:02 Tools
graceless session deconstruction 01 06:02 Tools
11-Coma 06:02 Tools
juno 06:02 Tools
Cdatakill - Yesterdays 06:02 Tools
Cabrini Green [Remix by Somatic Responses] 06:02 Tools
14 Respirator 06:02 Tools
Faust Remix 06:02 Tools
Formless, Speechless 06:02 Tools
Hungry (Lapsed Remix) 06:02 Tools
bonus-nina milla meta (matt demmon remix) 06:02 Tools
14-Nina Nilla Meta (Matt Demmon remix) 06:02 Tools
Mingi (remix by Larvae) 06:02 Tools
Arapahoe Country Sunset 06:02 Tools
Zhark 1205_Cdatakill_B2 06:02 Tools
09-Discussion 06:02 Tools
12 Immune 06:02 Tools
111-cdatakill-nina_milla_meta_(detritus_mix)-dps 06:02 Tools
Vodka Spinter 06:02 Tools
Vodkaspitter 06:02 Tools
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Zak Roberts from Denver, Colorado, United States has been recording and producing extreme electronic music since the mid-1990s. Under monikers such as AK-47 and DJ Rabies, Roberts produced a driving and abrasive hi-fi speedcore sound, pushing the envelope for DIY hardcore producers. Searching for a way to promote and support underground hardcore music, Roberts co-founded the now infamous trashcore label Dtrash Records with fellow digital hardcore comrades CPUWar. After growing tired of his previous sound, Roberts felt the need to evolve and push his work into more complex directions. Feeling the need to start over, Roberts cut working ties with the Dtrash collective (although he still wishes them well and hopes for their success) and changed the name under which he records to Cdatakill. The goal of the Cdatakill project is to pin opposites together, to bring sounds that normally oppose and conflict with each other into a seamless aural nightmare and daydream, to expose and glorify the beautiful alongside the violent. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.