Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Turning Around 04:19 Tools
Seclusion Dub 03:31 Tools
What's Left Of Starting Over 03:46 Tools
seclusion march (miles tilmann mix) 03:49 Tools
Locked From The Inside 04:58 Tools
Walked On The Sun 05:05 Tools
Her Hair 04:01 Tools
Remarkable 04:21 Tools
Vows & Promises 04:22 Tools
Near Miss 06:08 Tools
The Switch 04:38 Tools
N-1 03:34 Tools
Less Than Now 03:51 Tools
Easy 05:08 Tools
Banjos & Brimstone 05:23 Tools
Exit Strategy 04:25 Tools
The Life You Waste May Be Your Own 05:07 Tools
Quitter 04:34 Tools
Bubastis 04:54 Tools
Warding 04:15 Tools
The End Is Near (Remix by uRAD) 05:39 Tools
Raindelay 04:40 Tools
Fashion Victim 03:15 Tools
Monster zero 04:14 Tools
Giftshop 05:31 Tools
Refuse 04:25 Tools
Redline Version 04:17 Tools
Warding (Enduser Remix) 04:44 Tools
Heavy 06:47 Tools
I Owe You 05:27 Tools
Dead Beat 04:32 Tools
Dischord 04:16 Tools
Kelvin (Genetic Mix) 04:23 Tools
Megalon 04:02 Tools
Gigan and the Mysterians 04:09 Tools
Airplanes (featuring Hope For Agoldensummer) 04:42 Tools
The Voice Collapse 03:59 Tools
The Logical End 04:12 Tools
Oxygen destroyer 04:02 Tools
Philistine 06:02 Tools
Crazyeye 04:30 Tools
Unbranded 05:01 Tools
Telecast (featuring Jessica Bailiff) 04:52 Tools
Airplanes 04:41 Tools
Tonystark 04:11 Tools
Thanks for playing (featuring Jessica Bailiff) 04:34 Tools
Nation of Bling (featuring Non of Shadowhuntaz) 04:16 Tools
Empire 04:45 Tools
Airplanes Version 05:04 Tools
Solo Shoots First 04:23 Tools
snowday 04:57 Tools
Art of War (featuring Scalper) 03:54 Tools
Polemic Dub 04:46 Tools
164 Spin 04:29 Tools
Sith Witch 04:25 Tools
Hayden's Ghost 04:50 Tools
Mecha 05:10 Tools
How To Disintegrate 03:47 Tools
Telecast 04:55 Tools
Mothra 05:07 Tools
Ghidrah 04:48 Tools
Nation of Bling 04:30 Tools
Empire (Enduser mix) 00:00 Tools
Thanks for Playing 04:34 Tools
Art of War 03:56 Tools
Hayden's Ghost (Bong-Ra mix) 04:34 Tools
Mothra (remix) 05:20 Tools
All Thumps 04:31 Tools
Nothing Ends 05:37 Tools
polemic 05:27 Tools
Grave Descent 04:12 Tools
Fallen, Left To Die 06:07 Tools
Staesis 04:00 Tools
Bubastis (Dharmatronix Broken Mix) 04:12 Tools
Archaic Circles 08:51 Tools
Shogun 03:24 Tools
Haydens Ghost (Bong-Ra RMX) 07:03 Tools
The Lost Await 07:03 Tools
Loss Eternal 07:03 Tools
Ghost Serenade 07:03 Tools
Hayden's Ghost (Remix by Bong-Ra) 04:36 Tools
Auto Loader 05:05 Tools
Cold Dead Faces 04:36 Tools
Warding (remix by Enduser) 04:45 Tools
Becoming 04:57 Tools
Empire (Remix by Enduser) 03:58 Tools
Cold Dead Face 05:00 Tools
Blunt Force Trauma 03:56 Tools
Warding - Enduser Remix 04:47 Tools
Vostok 04:19 Tools
The Darkest Hour 04:31 Tools
Larvae 04:31 Tools
Red Line 04:37 Tools
Variables 03:49 Tools
fashion victim (remix by censor) 06:01 Tools
Wreckline (rmx by Ben Trickey) 04:04 Tools
Tony Stark 04:14 Tools
hayden's ghost [remix by bong-ra] 03:49 Tools
Empire (enduser remix) 03:58 Tools
Who's Got Control? 04:37 Tools
I Just Don't Care 00:00 Tools
empire [remix by enduser] 03:58 Tools
The Life You Waste 05:05 Tools
Final Straw 04:21 Tools
Mothra (remix by Mothboy and The Dustmite) 05:20 Tools
Birmingham 05:20 Tools
Philistine (excerpt) 05:20 Tools
Autoloader 00:00 Tools
Inundated 00:00 Tools
Sigh Your Last Sigh 05:03 Tools
Vostok (Jack West remix) 05:03 Tools
The Many Armed Beast 05:03 Tools
Craftchuk 00:00 Tools
Circles and Scapegoats 00:00 Tools
Aborting Beats 00:00 Tools
Seclusion (Mothboy Remix) 04:01 Tools
Motrah remix (excerpt) 00:00 Tools
MOTHRA REMIX 00:00 Tools
Selfish Greedy Bastard 03:10 Tools
Hayden's Ghost Bong-Ra Remix 00:00 Tools
I've Tried Everything 00:00 Tools
Larvae DVD trailer 02:14 Tools
Motrah (excerpt) 00:00 Tools
A Juvenile 00:00 Tools
Wrecked 05:30 Tools
Rain Delay 00:00 Tools
excerpt from Sith Witch 00:00 Tools
Find the Key 00:00 Tools
A Thousand Years 03:49 Tools
Whats left of starting over 03:49 Tools
Dead Beat (excerpt) 03:10 Tools
larvae/01 - refuse 00:00 Tools
The Black Cat 03:49 Tools
larvae - 03 - fashion victim 03:49 Tools
larvae - 05 - redline version 03:49 Tools
larvae - 04 - i owe you 03:49 Tools
excerpt from Solo Shoots First 03:49 Tools
larvae - 08 - unbranded 03:49 Tools
Thanks for Playing (feat. Jessica Bailiff) 03:49 Tools
What's Left of Starting Over - Larvae 03:49 Tools
Oni 03:49 Tools
At The Gates 04:00 Tools
larvae - 02 - kelvin [genetical mix] 03:49 Tools
Stuck In a Moment (feat. Larvae) 03:49 Tools
larvae / 10 - crazyeye 03:49 Tools
larvae - 06 - the voice collapse 03:49 Tools
larvae - 07 - philistine 03:49 Tools
larvae - 09 - tonystark 03:49 Tools
fashion victim (remix by censo 03:49 Tools
Thanks For Playing (excerpt) 03:49 Tools
Woman of the Snow 03:49 Tools
Telecast (feat. Jessica Bailiff) 03:49 Tools
Warding (Enduser rmx) 03:49 Tools
larvae / 03 - fashion victim 03:49 Tools
Larvae - Snowday 03:49 Tools
the voice of collapse 04:00 Tools
Warding (Enduser Remix) - Larvae 04:00 Tools
Airplanes (feat. Hope For Agoldensummer) 04:43 Tools
larvae - 01 - refuse 04:43 Tools
spin 04:29 Tools
A2 Hayden's Ghost [Remix by Bong-Ra] 03:49 Tools
larvae / 02 - kelvin [genetical mix] 04:29 Tools
A3 Empire [Remix by Enduser] 04:00 Tools
Art of War (feat. Scalper) 04:29 Tools
Hayden's Ghost (bong-ra remix) 04:36 Tools
More Distant Than You Think 04:36 Tools
Redline 04:37 Tools
CRAZYEYE (twilight mix) 00:00 Tools
Vows Promises 04:37 Tools
larvae / 03 - mecha 04:37 Tools
180 Months 00:00 Tools
Warding [Enduser remix] 00:00 Tools
Ruled By The State 00:00 Tools
larvae / 01 - mothra 00:00 Tools
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There are at least two artists that have used the name Larvae: 1) Larvae is the brainchild of Atlanta, Georgia resident Matthew Jeanes. The project began in 1998 as Jeanes' attempt to break away from traditional songwriting and music-making with bands. As he left the world of lyrical songwriting and traditional performance behind, Larvae emerged as a mixed media project that incorporated Super 8 films, toy video cameras, music, and graphic design. Larvae quickly expanded to include Jeanes' longtime friend and collaborator Bryan Meng, who focused on the film and video aspect of Larvae live shows. After successful projects involving short films that the group shot themselves, Larvae honored their namesake by producing a musical performance homage to the Toho films of Godzilla. The result caught the attention of Berlin-based music label Ad Noiseam and Larvae's first EP, Monster Music was released in 2003. The EP was followed closely by the full length album, Fashion Victim, and the addition of musician and sound designer Chris Burnett. With Fashion Victim, Larvae attacked consumerism through a set of songs and culture jamming videos that poked fun at product placement, globalization, and the fashion industry. After tours of the United States and Europe in 2004 and 2005, Larvae returned to the studio to produce yet another film-related homage, this time in the form of a love letter to the Star Wars universe. The Empire EP spawned another set of videos in which the group paid tribute to the far-reaching cultural impact of the Star Wars films while also taking shots at the consumerist nature of the marketing machine behind the saga. With a break from touring, Jeanes set out to reconnect with the emotional side of music that had sometimes been lacking in the more dance-oriented tracks produced under the Larvae name. After a year of writing and recording, the result was Larvae's most personal and most diverse release to date, Dead Weight. While Larvae had begun as an attempt to move away from voices and traditional instruments, Dead Weight saw the group experimenting with guitars, lap steel, and organs, while inviting a range of guest vocalists to contribute to the album. As the group set out to make videos for a new live show centered around the new album, they returned to home-shot videos and films to capture the more intimate nature of the music. In 2008, after a long break, Larvae returned with a set of EPs collected on a single album called Loss Leader. Clearly heading in two directions at once, Jeanes combined the emotive songwriting and guitar-based composition style from Dead Weight with the more electronic and playful style of Empire and Monster Music to produce an album in two parts. Monster Music 2 allowed Jeanes to further explore his love of Kaiju films with tributes to the Toho monsters, while the more subtle Turning Around tracks traced a difficult path of personal ups and downs. With Loss Leader and a new set of videos featuring Lego Animation, Godzilla mashups, and more Super 8 footage, Larvae continues to evolve into an act that is at once playful and serious. Through it all, Jeanes refuses to be pinned down to a single sound or style, but listeners and concert attendees can be sure that the music will always reach out and the videos will always entertain. 2) Larvae is a Black/Doom Metal band from Oakland, California. Features ex-members of Elk, Beercraft. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.