katie dey

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Only to Trip and Fall Down Again 02:39 Tools
Fear O The Light 02:55 Tools
All 01:30 Tools
Stuck 00:00 Tools
Fleas 02:03 Tools
Frailty 02:32 Tools
(f2) 00:48 Tools
Fake Health 02:01 Tools
fear o the dark 02:21 Tools
Waves 00:00 Tools
(f3) 00:39 Tools
(f4) 01:16 Tools
So You Pick Yourself Up 02:21 Tools
don't be scared 04:19 Tools
unkillable 01:20 Tools
(f5) 01:48 Tools
(f6) 01:13 Tools
Debt 03:08 Tools
all on you 03:07 Tools
(f7) 01:19 Tools
(f8) 03:10 Tools
Solipsisting 00:00 Tools
Dissolving 00:00 Tools
(At Least For Now) 00:00 Tools
It's Simpler To Make Home On The Ground 00:00 Tools
h o e 03:15 Tools
y o y o 03:07 Tools
you gotta get up to get up 02:57 Tools
Shell 00:00 Tools
Reflection 00:00 Tools
Escaping 00:00 Tools
Unforming 00:00 Tools
Sieve 00:00 Tools
Few Hours Later 00:00 Tools
Fear O' The Light 02:55 Tools
Hope Reset 00:00 Tools
(f1) 00:26 Tools
Darkness 00:00 Tools
Data 00:00 Tools
Contact 00:00 Tools
consequence 00:00 Tools
It’s Simpler To Make Home On The Ground 00:00 Tools
(F8) Debt Outro 03:10 Tools
treat me like a doll (girls rituals) 00:00 Tools
(F7) FOTI Reprise 00:00 Tools
magic doors (portishead) 00:00 Tools
Its Simpler To Make Home On The Ground 02:14 Tools
consequence (the notwist) 00:00 Tools
sad world (coma cinema) 00:00 Tools
Frality 00:00 Tools
fear pts 1 & 2 00:00 Tools
Battery (Demo) 00:00 Tools
dr. strangeluv (blonde redhead) 00:00 Tools
memory 00:00 Tools
Unfurl 00:00 Tools
Fear O' The Dark 00:00 Tools
F8 00:00 Tools
the dresses song (lisa germano) 00:00 Tools
All / (f1) 00:00 Tools
Sad World (Coma Cinema cover) 00:00 Tools
Yoyo 00:00 Tools
battery 00:00 Tools
f2 00:48 Tools
Only to Trip and Fall Down Again / (f7) 00:00 Tools
f4 00:00 Tools
f3 00:00 Tools
f5 00:00 Tools
f7 00:00 Tools
f6 00:00 Tools
go captain and pinlighter (emperor x) 00:00 Tools
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Katie Dey is a kid from Melbourne; an Australian singer/songwriter known for her inventive, unconventionally arranged home-recorded pop tunes. She often twists and distorts her voice into an abrasive croak, lending an extra sense of fragility to her lyrics about fear and isolation. Dey had been playing various instruments since her preteen years, and eventually she posted some of her songs on her blog. One of these songs caught the attention of Mat Cothran of Elvis Depressedly, who brought Dey's music to the attention of Warren Hildebrand (Foxes in Fiction), co-owner of Orchid Tapes. Dey had long been a fan of the label, so she jumped at the chance to work with them. She released a short album titled asdfasdf for free on her Bandcamp page in 2015, and when Orchid Tapes issued a cassette version, it sold out its first pressing in a day. She then signed to Joy Void for her second release, the full-length Flood Network, which was released in August of 2016. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.