the derevolutions

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
now you know my name 00:00 Tools
When The Radio's Gone 02:01 Tools
Automate Your Soul 00:00 Tools
Bad King Kong 02:01 Tools
We Got a Problem 03:38 Tools
Just One Look 02:01 Tools
Yell It Out 02:01 Tools
disappoint your teacher 00:00 Tools
Something Good 02:01 Tools
Take It To The Hoop 03:38 Tools
Order and Progress 03:38 Tools
Music 00:00 Tools
yell it out! 03:38 Tools
pascualita 02:01 Tools
Dangerous Lies 02:01 Tools
Don't Get Me Wrong 02:01 Tools
mandy 02:01 Tools
We Found That Beat 02:01 Tools
Mystery Fantasy 02:01 Tools
Pascualita' 02:01 Tools
#hashbags 00:00 Tools
Different 02:01 Tools
Gimme Bubblegum 01:43 Tools
living in the not world 00:00 Tools
Turning Electric 00:00 Tools
Purple, Gold & White 00:00 Tools
waste our love away 01:43 Tools
Another Day In Paradise 00:00 Tools
Sweat 00:00 Tools
Agua De Beber 00:00 Tools
The Monster Mash 00:00 Tools
Have You Ever Been to Washington 00:00 Tools
Get 'em Up 03:04 Tools
The One 00:00 Tools
Half American 02:05 Tools
Band from America 02:05 Tools
It's a Derevolution Baby 03:04 Tools
I Feel A Goo World 00:00 Tools
Animate Your Life 03:04 Tools
Jamaica (feat. Obama) 03:04 Tools
California Dreams Never Called 03:04 Tools
My Miserlou 00:00 Tools
We All Fall Down Again 03:04 Tools
If You Love Me Forever 03:04 Tools
Research Cognitivity 03:04 Tools
Payback 02:05 Tools
Death by Misery 03:04 Tools
Learning to Fly 03:04 Tools
Order and Progress (Remix) 03:04 Tools
Stand by Me 00:00 Tools
Weird Girl 03:04 Tools
About a Girl 00:00 Tools
Silent Night 02:56 Tools
Bottled Up 02:56 Tools
Spinning Twister Sound 02:56 Tools
Have You Ever Been to Washington? 00:00 Tools
Superlove 00:00 Tools
Monster Mash 03:04 Tools
whats with the future 03:04 Tools
One Way Ticket Out 02:56 Tools
Perpetual Motion 02:56 Tools
Now You Know My Name (Swimming Pool Mix) 03:04 Tools
Banana Split 03:04 Tools
It's the Love 03:04 Tools
Crazy Janey 03:04 Tools
2012 derevolution 02:56 Tools
Get em' Up 02:56 Tools
Turning Electric. 02:56 Tools
Another Day In Paradise ( Phil Collins cover) 02:56 Tools
Just One Look (Radio Edit) 02:56 Tools
whats with the future? 02:56 Tools
Another Day In Paradise (Phil Collins cover) 03:04 Tools
Jamaica ft. Obama 02:05 Tools
the derevolutions - Now You Know My Name 02:05 Tools
What's With The Future 03:04 Tools
"Mandy" 02:05 Tools
Derevolution 02:05 Tools
35 - Yell It Out! - The Derevolutions 02:05 Tools
31 - Disappoint Your Teacher - The Derevolutions 02:05 Tools
Learning to Fly (Tom Petty Cover) 07:02 Tools
Bottled Up (Devo Cover) 04:13 Tools
Living In The Pop World 07:02 Tools
The Derevolutions - Yell It Out! 04:13 Tools
Yell It Out! (alt version) 07:02 Tools
Outtakes 04:13 Tools
the derevolutions - Automate Your Soul 04:13 Tools
Jamaica (ft. Obama) 04:13 Tools
Now You Know My Name (Official Video) 04:13 Tools
the derevolutions - Sweat 04:13 Tools
the derevolutions - Something Good 04:13 Tools
Life During Wartime 04:13 Tools
the derevolutions - Pascualita 04:13 Tools
the derevolutions - Another Day In Paradise (Phil Collins cover) 04:13 Tools
the derevolutions - When The Radio's Gone 04:13 Tools
the derevolutions - One Way Ticket Out 04:13 Tools
Jamaica feat. Obama 04:13 Tools
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The Derevolutions is a solo project based out of Northampton, MA. With influences steeped in exotic psych-pop from the '60s and '70s, The Derevolutions' new album Living in the Pop World showcases a broad range of styles, from the infectious dance-pop of "Disappoint Your Teacher" to tropical pop refreshments like "Living in the Not World". Natural instrumentation meshes with obscure samples to create a wholly memorable sound. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.