Aidan O'Rourke

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Sea 00:00 Tools
An Tobar 00:00 Tools
Eas Fors 00:00 Tools
Bah Hamburg 00:00 Tools
Mangersta Beach 00:00 Tools
Lochaber Drive 00:00 Tools
One for Martyn 00:00 Tools
Tobar Nan Ealain 00:00 Tools
Hotline 00:00 Tools
Falun Fine (Outbound) 00:00 Tools
Hinba 00:00 Tools
People's Park (Part 2) 00:00 Tools
The Santa Cruz Redwoods 00:00 Tools
Alyth 00:00 Tools
Falun Fine (Return) 00:00 Tools
People's Park 00:00 Tools
Gallanach Bay 00:00 Tools
TAT-1 00:00 Tools
Nobody Could Be One Hundred Percent Sure About the Last Tiger 00:00 Tools
Immersion 00:00 Tools
Do People Still Do This? 00:00 Tools
Clarenville 00:00 Tools
Tumadh 00:00 Tools
Now, You Know About Clootie Wells, Do You? 00:00 Tools
For About a Month 00:00 Tools
A Fox and a Hound Met Early One Morning on a Hillside 00:00 Tools
Feel the Pulse of This Place 00:00 Tools
Hms Monarch 00:00 Tools
Her Feet Padding Back 00:00 Tools
He Looked at His Right Hand 00:00 Tools
Infuse My Eyes with Molten Grey Skies 00:00 Tools
It Was the Savage Boys Watching from the Cliffs 00:00 Tools
The Film Was Preceded by a Warning That It Contained Some Moderate Violence 00:00 Tools
The Bell that Never Rang 00:00 Tools
Falun Fine 00:00 Tools
It Was An Afternoon Of Possible Magic 00:00 Tools
I Met Him Only Once 00:00 Tools
I Had Been Walking a Long Time 00:00 Tools
I Was an Experiment 00:00 Tools
You Forget More Than You Retain, and That's the Truth 00:00 Tools
Every Morning She Steps Out the Front Door 00:00 Tools
Some Stories Are so Good That They Deserve Repeating in Every Generation 00:00 Tools
Awake Isn't Good 00:00 Tools
Lying Awake in the Middle of the Night 00:00 Tools
Falun Fine - Outbound 00:00 Tools
That Braggart Has It Coming to Him 00:00 Tools
Sometimes He Felt He Could Live Permanently in a Hotel 00:00 Tools
I Used Not to Be Able to Read on Buses 00:00 Tools
I Don't Know Beforehand How I Will Appear to Anyone 00:00 Tools
'That Place,' Mick Said. 'Christ, What a Hole.' 00:00 Tools
We Drove Down the Road, Saddened By My Father's Decline 00:00 Tools
Jack Is Leaning Out of His Window One Night, Admiring the Full Moon 00:00 Tools
The Girl Climbed the Stairs to Bed 00:00 Tools
The Phone Rang Just as She'd Got the Children to the Table 00:00 Tools
They Were Passing the End of a Particular Street 00:00 Tools
There Was Once a Man so Old That Most of His Family, and All of His Friends, Had Left the World Long Before Him 00:00 Tools
"Jack", His Mother Says One Day, "That Auld Dug Has Had It" 00:00 Tools
She Picked Up the Letter Again 00:00 Tools
Bill Was Already at His Window 00:00 Tools
There's a Rumour Going Round, We Don't Know What It Is, but We All Get in Line 00:00 Tools
The Opening Shot Is of a Flat, Cold, Grey Expanse of Water with the Dawn Coming Up 00:00 Tools
They'd Start Their Calling Around Midnight 00:00 Tools
"Now", the Old Woman Said, "Before You Go Up There I Want to Introduce You to Someone" 00:00 Tools
The Room Is Darkness 00:00 Tools
It Was the Day of the Great Unveiling 00:00 Tools
When I Was Still Some Distance from the Village 00:00 Tools
At the Interval, as the Applause Dies Away and People Begin to Make for the Exits 00:00 Tools
Every Morning She Steps Out the Back Door 00:00 Tools
I Was Riding on a Greyhound Bus, Seeking Some Place to Hide 00:00 Tools
'Right, William, Trolley Duty,' Kev Said 00:00 Tools
The Burn of the Shelter 00:00 Tools
Douglas and Aileen Stood in Front of the Blue Plaque 00:00 Tools
People's Park, Pt. 1 00:00 Tools
Off the Motorway and Onto the Short Cut, Over the Hill 00:00 Tools
The Room Is in Darkness 00:00 Tools
My Father and I Are Reading the Papers 00:00 Tools
Wolf Monk 00:00 Tools
Bah Humburg - Dare To Diddle Mix 00:00 Tools
One Day She Decided to Open Her Own Library 00:00 Tools
On This Day, the First Recorded Total Eclipse of Scotland Took Place 00:00 Tools
George McHardy / Miller o' Drone / The Rejected Lover / Hazy Hill 00:00 Tools
The Ardlair Tuning Fork 00:00 Tools
Falun Fine - Return 00:00 Tools
Rhynie 00:00 Tools
The Cabrach 00:00 Tools
HMTS Monarch 00:00 Tools
Gallanbach Bay 00:00 Tools
Bah Hamburg: Dare To Diddle Mix (Vertical Variations) 00:00 Tools
Now, You Know About Clootie Wells, Do You? (feat. Kit Downes) 00:00 Tools
People's Park (Pt. 2) 00:00 Tools
Every morning she steps out of the back door 00:00 Tools
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Aidan is a fiddle player and composer from the Isle of Seil on the West Coast of Scotland. He has toured extensively in Europe and North America from the age of 15 and has made his name as one of Scotland’s most expressive and dynamic musicians. At 19, Aidan formed Tabache with Claire Mann and went on to record the internationally acclaimed album ‘Waves of Rush’. Aidan now performs with the hugely successful BLAZIN' FIDDLES (Live Act of the Year 2004) and in an exiting new trio called LAU with KRIS DREVER and MARTIN GREEN. Aidan is much sought after as a session musician, having performed on over 60 albums, ranging from Runrig to Michael McGoldrick and Karen Mathieson, and as a composer with his tunes being performed and recorded by Flook and Wolfstone amongst many others. Recently he was nominated as ‘Instrumentalist of the year’ at the Scots Traditional Music Awards and has been touring with Blazin’ Fiddles, who appeared at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Proms and also headlined Cambridge Folk Festival. In August the Blazers released their third album, ‘Magnificent Seven’ (Album of the year 2005) which celebrates the band’s seventh year together. Recent commissions have included a piece entitled ‘MANTRA ALBA’ which welcomed the Dalai Lama to Scotland in June last year and FORWARD!, a work inspired by the life and times of Thomas Johnston of Kirkintiloch. Currently Aidan is musician in residence at the Tolbooth in Stirling. ‘SIRIUS’ is Aidan’s first ‘solo’ album and has evolved from a commission by Celtic Connections festival in 2003. This is a vast piece of work, which incorporates a wide variety of musical styles from ultra-traditional folk to jazz, roots and groove, all of which have had an influence on Aidan’s musical style and expression. He has written for a thirteen-piece band incorporates some of Europe's top folk and jazz musicians including Brian Finnegan, Charlie McKerron, Luke Daniels, Harald Haugaard, Colin Steele and Phil Bancroft. The live performances of this piece received much critical acclaim and in April 2004 the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, Odense, Denmark chose perform ‘Sirius’ with their final year students as an example of how different musical genres can successfully work together. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.