Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Platitude 03:59 Tools
Out to Find You 03:01 Tools
Bad-ass Blues 04:10 Tools
Autumn 03:09 Tools
Bad Echo 03:29 Tools
Wise Men Don't Cry 03:25 Tools
For the Time Being 03:59 Tools
In a Furnace 04:09 Tools
One More Time 03:50 Tools
For You To Be Safe 03:30 Tools
The Juvenile Hell 03:47 Tools
For the Days of the End 03:31 Tools
February Day's Draught 06:14 Tools
Play Your Role 04:12 Tools
Rotten To The Core 03:10 Tools
Born A Whore 03:09 Tools
Blue In The Face 03:55 Tools
Jealousy 03:20 Tools
Hurts Like Hell 04:04 Tools
Leave Me Dead 03:37 Tools
Only Our Name 03:34 Tools
I Remember 05:02 Tools
One Life 04:33 Tools
The Price To Pay 03:32 Tools
Balls 03:22 Tools
Bloodcurdling Dome 04:16 Tools
Free To Scream 03:57 Tools
The Beginning of A Fire 03:31 Tools
Off The Hooks 03:15 Tools
Sulfur On My Skin 04:55 Tools
Torn You Within 04:39 Tools
My escape 04:13 Tools
Rewired 03:19 Tools
In Your Play 03:30 Tools
Heal 04:30 Tools
Ode for the Killswitch 02:37 Tools
Torpid 05:21 Tools
Where've The Good Days Gone? 04:29 Tools
Triangular (Live) 04:22 Tools
Nancy Boy 03:52 Tools
Coma White 04:34 Tools
Pink Turns to Blue 01:59 Tools
In A Furnace (Live) 04:23 Tools
Inside 03:31 Tools
Bad Echo (Live) 05:02 Tools
Triangular 04:32 Tools
Ace of Dominion 04:33 Tools
February Day's Drought 04:33 Tools
Atmosphere 04:52 Tools
Indolence & Defeat 03:24 Tools
For Days of the End 03:52 Tools
Geminaries 04:01 Tools
One More Time - live 04:01 Tools
Irresponsible Rage 03:53 Tools
Bright Figment 03:53 Tools
Out to find you (acoustic version) 03:50 Tools
February day´s draught 06:15 Tools
Platitude-clip 06:15 Tools
Platitude [Acoustic Version] 04:36 Tools
Wise Men Don't Cry (acoustic) 03:56 Tools
Wise Men Don't Cry [Acoustic Version] 03:56 Tools
Coma White (Marliyn Manson) 04:35 Tools
Bad Echo -clip 04:35 Tools
Out to Find You (Acoustic) 04:35 Tools
Bad-ass Blues -clip 04:35 Tools
Platitude (NHL 07) 03:58 Tools
Coma White (Marliyn Manson Cover) 04:35 Tools
Platitude (acoustic) 04:35 Tools
Wise men don´t cry 03:58 Tools
Bad - ass blues 03:58 Tools
Wise man don´t cry 03:58 Tools
One More Time -clip 03:58 Tools
Bloodpit - Platitude 03:58 Tools
Pink Turns To Blue (Hüsker Dü) 01:59 Tools
For The Days Of The End -clip 03:58 Tools
Only Your Name 03:36 Tools
OUT TO Find YOU(acoustic Version) 03:36 Tools
February Day`s Draught 03:36 Tools
February Day's Draught -clip 03:36 Tools
Bloodpit - Out To Find You 03:36 Tools
bloodpit: platitude 03:36 Tools
Triangular [Live] 04:22 Tools
Bad Echo [Live] 04:22 Tools
One more time (live) 04:22 Tools
11 Balls 03:24 Tools
Bao-Ass Blues 03:24 Tools
Platitude (demo) 03:24 Tools
Bloodpit - Autumn 03:24 Tools
Irresponssible 03:53 Tools
Platitude (Acoustic Version) 03:53 Tools
Juvenile Hell 03:53 Tools
Platitude (NHL 2007) 04:18 Tools
Nancy Boy (Placebo) 03:52 Tools
Coma White (Marylin Manson) 03:52 Tools
In A Furnace [Live] 04:18 Tools
Wise Men Don't Cry (Live) 03:23 Tools
Bloodpit - Wise Men Don't Cry 03:27 Tools
I remember (acoustic) 03:52 Tools
Out to Find You (Acoustic Ve.. 03:26 Tools
Bad-Ass-Blues 03:52 Tools
Ace of Dominion (Exclusive T.. 03:26 Tools
Bloodpit - Wise men don't cry (Buusteri) 03:52 Tools
Out to find you [Acoustic Version] 03:52 Tools
Blood Pit - Platitude 03:52 Tools
Wise Men Don't Cry (Acoustic Version) 03:52 Tools
Wise men don't cry (Buusteri) 03:52 Tools
Wise Men Don`t Cry 03:26 Tools
Plattitude 03:26 Tools
Bad-a*s Blues 03:26 Tools
Inside (Stiltskin) 03:26 Tools
Out To Find You (acustic) 03:26 Tools
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Bloodpit is a hard rock band from Tampere, Finland. Bloodpit are Antti Ravín (vocals), Pietu Hiltunen (guitar), Paavo Pekkonen (guitar), Aleksi Keränen (bass guitar) and Alarik Valamo (drums). Matthau Mikojan (ex-vocalist) and Paavo have known each other since childhood and have played together with various other people and under different names. Aleksi and Alarik joined the band in 2002. In July 2007 they announced that they are taking a break. In January 2008, after the break that lasted six months, Bloodpit announced that they're searching for a new singer. A brand new Bloodpit EP, “Recovered”, was released on 1st of October 2008. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.