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It's Luxury 00:00 Tools
Memories of Skin and Snow 00:00 Tools
Under Glass 00:00 Tools
Instinct (Backtosense) 00:00 Tools
The Ghost Never Smiles 00:00 Tools
The Spirit Behind the Circus Dream 00:00 Tools
Everybody Is Christ 00:00 Tools
A Second Breath 00:00 Tools
Disintegrate... 00:00 Tools
On the Tip of My Tongue 00:00 Tools
In This World 00:00 Tools
How Soon Now 00:00 Tools
Janey's Love 00:00 Tools
In Dust to Delight 00:00 Tools
Circle of Shit 00:00 Tools
Gift of a Knife 00:00 Tools
Waking in the Snow 00:00 Tools
The Beginning of Wisdom 00:00 Tools
Time To Fall 00:00 Tools
Fly away over here 00:00 Tools
Touched 00:00 Tools
My Sun 00:00 Tools
The Room of Delight 00:00 Tools
A Song Of Changes 00:00 Tools
Angels or Ghosts 00:00 Tools
My Drift Is A Ghost 00:00 Tools
Empty Hand 00:00 Tools
Cherish 00:00 Tools
From Rokko-San 00:00 Tools
Sight After Sight 00:00 Tools
Hanging In The Air 00:00 Tools
No Serenade 00:00 Tools
Homeless 00:00 Tools
Signalling Through The Flames 00:00 Tools
Playtime 00:00 Tools
Through Water 00:00 Tools
Fallen Obi 00:00 Tools
Still Whisper 00:00 Tools
Interruptum 12:21 Tools
Those that Tremble as if They were Mad 00:00 Tools
Of Ghosts and Buildings 00:00 Tools
To A Dying Star 00:00 Tools
Disappear 00:00 Tools
I See You Uncovered 00:00 Tools
Secrets And Falling 00:00 Tools
Transgender Warrior 00:00 Tools
Floating Clouds 00:00 Tools
Snowkiss 00:00 Tools
Return To Pain 00:00 Tools
And Now In Sunshine 00:00 Tools
As If We Had Once Been 00:00 Tools
Prince Of Lies 00:00 Tools
Maglev 00:00 Tools
Our Shadow, Remembered 00:00 Tools
Wheesht 00:00 Tools
Troubled Aria 00:00 Tools
...Until We Disappear 00:00 Tools
In This World... 00:00 Tools
On A Pure Plane 00:00 Tools
Debris Of A Smile 00:00 Tools
One Hundred Years Tomorrow 00:00 Tools
Feathers Burn 00:00 Tools
I Walk Until I Fall 00:00 Tools
The First Time Ever... 00:00 Tools
If We Meet, We Meet In SIlence 00:00 Tools
Switched to Lunar 00:00 Tools
Sea of Lost Hopes 00:00 Tools
Guts Of London 00:00 Tools
Up Here In The Clouds 00:00 Tools
The Anarchist Window 00:00 Tools
Through Flowers 00:00 Tools
To the Room 00:00 Tools
we are without words 00:00 Tools
Firstsight 00:00 Tools
multiple landings 00:00 Tools
Through the Forest 00:00 Tools
In Search of New Realities 00:00 Tools
Dream Ritual 00:00 Tools
The Eighth Sea 00:00 Tools
Landing 00:00 Tools
Shifting Mirrors 00:00 Tools
Arrival 00:00 Tools
Waiting 00:00 Tools
Choked I 00:00 Tools
Angel Wings 00:00 Tools
Choked II 00:00 Tools
Is There a Room for Hire 00:00 Tools
On Snowmoor 00:00 Tools
I Myself Am an Absolute Abyss 00:00 Tools
Lost Unfound 00:00 Tools
hollow stare 00:00 Tools
Hush 00:00 Tools
A Wolf at the Door 00:00 Tools
Fuck You Mrs. Grimace 00:00 Tools
Trdumlose Nachte 00:00 Tools
Splinter and Move 00:00 Tools
The Labyrinth Of The Straight Line 00:00 Tools
Play Time 00:00 Tools
Sleight of Mind 00:00 Tools
Who Will Choose My Dress 00:00 Tools
Filthy Sun In Diminished Light 00:00 Tools
How Soon now... 00:00 Tools
The Moon Above Me 00:00 Tools
Traumlose Nachte 00:00 Tools
Miyamizu 00:00 Tools
Hush / Muster 00:00 Tools
Song Of Changes 00:00 Tools
In Sunshine 00:00 Tools
A Distant Kite 00:00 Tools
Shibuku 00:00 Tools
Muster 00:00 Tools
Surrounded by Sky 00:00 Tools
Splendid China Miniature Scenic Spot 08:20 Tools
Secondsight 00:00 Tools
Mouth Of My Sky (Open Up And Swallow Me) 00:00 Tools
Snowkisss 00:00 Tools
Cloud Symphony N. 3 00:00 Tools
TGW (VoiceMix) 06:01 Tools
Dancing On Ledges 00:00 Tools
Instinct 00:00 Tools
untitled 00:00 Tools
E Quindi Uscimmo A Riveder Le Stelle 00:00 Tools
Fire Recalling Its Nature 00:00 Tools
Reversing The Panopticon 00:00 Tools
Mystery Sings Out 00:00 Tools
The First Time Ever I Saw Your 00:00 Tools
Träumlose Nachte 00:00 Tools
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 00:00 Tools
Fuck You Mrs Grimace 00:00 Tools
Is There Room For Hire 00:00 Tools
01 - Surrounded By Sky 00:00 Tools
01 - Landing 00:00 Tools
02 - Shibuku 00:00 Tools
Silver Shoals of Light 00:00 Tools
Nanook Mit Uentshukumishiteu 00:00 Tools
A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing 00:00 Tools
03 - A Distant Kite 00:00 Tools
04 - Waiting 00:00 Tools
04 - Splendid China Miniature Scenic Spot 00:00 Tools
Haru-Ichiban 00:00 Tools
06 - Tgw (Voicemix) 00:00 Tools
08 - Arrival 00:00 Tools
Yūgao 00:00 Tools
11 - Untitled 00:00 Tools
10 - Choke I 00:00 Tools
10 - Cloud Symphony N. 3 00:00 Tools
My Drift Is a Ghost [Vivre sa vie] 00:00 Tools
Traumlose Nächte 00:00 Tools
Time to Fall [Exterminating Angel] 00:00 Tools
11 - Choke II 00:00 Tools
To a Dying Star [Nostalghia] 00:00 Tools
Interruptum [Hidden] 00:00 Tools
As If We Had Once Been [The End of Summer] 00:00 Tools
Yugao 00:00 Tools
Old Jack Must Die 00:00 Tools
On A Pure Plane [My Way Home] 00:00 Tools
Yūgao (edit) 00:00 Tools
Ecstasies and Angers 00:00 Tools
If We Meet 00:00 Tools
How Soon Now ... 00:00 Tools
untitled-x 00:00 Tools
Hollow 00:00 Tools
tgw (voicemix)-x 00:00 Tools
... until We Disappear 00:00 Tools
Canto 00:00 Tools
Instinct (back to sense) 00:00 Tools
Five Mountains Of Fire 00:00 Tools
Teach me to whisper 00:00 Tools
How Soon Now.. 00:00 Tools
Cindytalk - 1 - It's Luxury - Camouflage Heart LP '84 00:00 Tools
Cindytalk - 3 - Under Glass - Camouflage Heart LP '84 00:00 Tools
Cindytalk - 5 - The Spirit Behind the Circus Dream - Camouflage Heart LP '84 00:00 Tools
Empty hands 00:00 Tools
For the Benefit of All 00:00 Tools
Love comes in from 00:00 Tools
Lost In The Hum Of The World 00:00 Tools
We Are Without Woods 00:00 Tools
Surrounded by sky and the stillness of time 00:00 Tools
Cindytalk - 6 - The Ghost Never Smiles - Camouflage Heart LP '84 00:00 Tools
Cindytalk - 7 - A Second Breath - Camouflage Heart LP '84 00:00 Tools
Cindytalk - 2 - Instinct (Backtosense) - Camouflage Heart LP '84 00:00 Tools
cindytalk - camouflage heart - 03 - under glass 00:00 Tools
Sentinel 00:00 Tools
It's Luxury (demo) 00:00 Tools
after the fireflies (the 60th anniversary of the atomic attack on hiroshima) 00:00 Tools
Trainwrekz - As If We Had Once Been (Editions Mego) 00:00 Tools
the eight sea 00:00 Tools
Cindytalk - 4 - Memories of Skin and Snow - Camouflage Heart LP '84 00:00 Tools
Troubled Aris 00:00 Tools
Cindytalk - 8 - Everybody Is Christ - Camouflage Heart LP '84 00:00 Tools
Love comes in from nowhere 00:00 Tools
01-Surrounded By Sky 00:00 Tools
Camouflage heart 00:00 Tools
From RokkoЇ-San 00:00 Tools
This Salt Heals All My Wounds 00:00 Tools
A - Five Mountains of Fire 00:00 Tools
Of Ghosts Buildings 00:00 Tools
02-Shibuku 00:00 Tools
Signalling Through The Flame 00:00 Tools
After the Fireflies 00:00 Tools
Disintegration 00:00 Tools
demo 00:00 Tools
From Rokkō-San 00:00 Tools
05-I Wait Until I Fall 00:00 Tools
06-TGW (VoiceMix)-x 00:00 Tools
Beginning of Wisdom 00:00 Tools
Room of Delight 00:00 Tools
a life is everywhere preview) 00:00 Tools
Cindytalk - 9 - Disintegrate - Camouflage Heart LP '84 00:00 Tools
Second Sight 00:00 Tools
Interruptum (Hidden) 00:00 Tools
My Drift Is a Ghost (Vivre sa vie) 00:00 Tools
cindytalk 00:00 Tools
Time to Fall (Exterminating Angel) 00:00 Tools
…Until We Disappear 00:00 Tools
It's A Luxury (Original Improvisation) 00:00 Tools
08-Switched To Lunar 00:00 Tools
03-A Distant Kite 00:00 Tools
Surrounded By Sky & The Stillness of Time 00:00 Tools
Cloud Symphony No. 3 00:00 Tools
04-Splendid China Miniature Scenic Spot 00:00 Tools
Trough the forest 00:00 Tools
From Rökko-San 00:00 Tools
10-Cloud Symphony N. 3 00:00 Tools
I This World 00:00 Tools
11-Untitled-x 00:00 Tools
Fiery Planet Eyes 00:00 Tools
those that at a distance resemble flies pt1 00:00 Tools
To a Dying Star (Nostalghia) 00:00 Tools
As If We Once Had Been 00:00 Tools
On a Pure Plane (My Way Home) 00:00 Tools
As If We Had Once Been (The End of Summer) 00:00 Tools
Fly Aware Over Here 00:00 Tools
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Cindytalk was formed in 1982, by Gordon Sharp (vocals) & David Clancy (guitar, keyboards), from the punk / new wave ashes of Edinburgh, UK's The Freeze. Current line-up: Gordon Sharp (vocals), Paul Middleton (drums), Gary Jeff (bass), Sherrill Crosby (laptop) & Daniel Knowler (guitars). The Freeze (1976-1982) released two 7inch singles,recorded two John Peel sessions and played extensively around the UK supporting many big name bands of the time. After re-locating to London in 1982,Cindytalk began to work towards their debut album Camouflage Heart,with a newer,darker and more fractured sound that drew much from post-punk and early european industrial music.In 1983 Sharp and Clancy were joined by John Byrne who proved to be a crucial component in Cindytalk's deliberately disintegrating sound.Also in 1983 Sharp recorded a John Peel session with fellow Scots Cocteau Twins which led to a meeting with 4ad supremo Ivo Watts-Russell who invited him to appear on This Mortal Coil's 1983 debut EP "16 Days/Gathering Dust".He was also one of 3 featured singers on the debut This Mortal Coil album "It'll End In Tears" (1984), contributing vocals to Kangaroo (which was released as a single and became an instant indie hit), Fond Affections & A Single Wish. Simultaneous to that release,Camouflage Heart also appeared to some critical acclaim in the UK music press. Shortly after Camouflage Heart David Clancy left the band and was replaced by brother/sister team Alex and Debbie Wright.The collossal "In This World" was recorded over the next 3 years ... two albums of the same name released simultaneously,featuring cover art by Kathy Patterson.The first of the albums,a broken and noisy affair,the second,an album of creaky ambience featuring Sharps improvised piano experiments.In This World also featured an uncredited collaboration with feminist punk writer Kathy Acker (Janey's Love). During this period Cindytalk had begun working in tandem with performance artist and film maker Ivan Unwin,providing sound for some of his short pieces.This led Cindytalk to scoring Unwins' "Eclipse:An Amateur Enthusiasts Guide to Virus Deployment",the record of which was released on Midnight Music in 1990 under the title "The Wind Is Strong...",the album,following on from the second of the "In This World" albums,was based on piano improvisations and abstract/concrete experiments.At the time Sharp described it as "Ambi-dustrial" fusing his love of the early ambient releases on the EG label with the above-mentioned European Industrial music.Sharp was joined on this release by Ivan Unwin and long standing co-producer/engineer David Ros who became a more active member of the band at this time.Matt Kinnison and drummer/percussionist extraordinaire,Paul Middleton also provided sounds and ideas to this mix. "Secrets and Falling",a 4-track e.p. culled from the "Wappinschaw" sessions was released in 1991.At this point the band had become more of a collective,drawing on musicians from the current line-up as well as the past,John Byrne returned and was joined by Kevin Rich and Daryl Moore (Soul Static Sound).Midnight Music folded in 1992 and prevented the recently finished album "Wappinschaw" from being released until early 1995 (on Sharp's own label Touched,distributed through World Serpent).Wappinschaw Features a collaboration with Scottish artist and writer Alasdair Gray,who reads from his acclaimed novel "Lanark" (Wheesht).By 1993 Cindytalk had gone through more changes and were preparing to play live for the first time.Sharp,Middleton and Ros were joined by Paul Jones,Andie Brown,Mark Stephenson and Simon Carmichael to record and release 1994's Muster/Prince Of Lies 7inch (Touched/World Serpent).An electronic side-project,Bambule,was started in 1994 by Sharp and Carmicheal,inspired by underground techno parties such as Dead By Dawn and VFM.Carmichael left the band on the eve of Cindytalk's extensive US tour (1996) and by the time the first Bambule record was ready Carmichael had taken control of the project and it's connection to Cindytalk had receded.London's Praxis label released the 8-track vinyl double-pack (originally titled "Songs From The Motherbomb" ) as Cunning Meets Bambule (Praxis 19).Bambule followed this up in 2000 with a 4-track 12inch called "Vertical Invasion" (Praxis 29) which featured Sharp alongside new Cindytalk cohort Richie Young,Tymothi Loving and Dale Lloyd & Stuart Arentzen from Seattle band Lucid (both Sharp and Young would also collaborate with Lucid's alter-ego After The Flood on tracks for the ATF2 release).The Vertical Invasion 12inch also,included two remixes by Welsh electronic wizards Somatic Responses (as Photon Emissions). By this time Sharp had moved to the U.S. and had become involved with various techno collectives (Ele_mental in Columbus,Ohio and Candlelight in Los Angeles), whilst in LA Sharp co-founded the Darkmatter Soundsystem with dj/producers Monotek,Baseck,Diskore & others,helping to bring "extreme electronics and splintered beats" to California and beyond.Realising that his involvement in soundsystem culture took him away from Cindytalk,Sharp got down to recording new music which resulted in 2003's Klang Galerie 7" release Transgender Warrior / Guts Of London which saw Cindytalk move into even more abstract areas,taking a closer look at the rhythms,tones and melodies of noise.Sharp relocated to Japan in 2004 and has been working on various projects,including the forthcoming Cindytalk album "The Crackle Of My Soul" a work of noise-poetry which attempts to put the experiment at the centre of the idea,leaving any melodies to be found shimmering around the edges.In the Summer of 2005 Cindytalk was invited to use tracks from "The Crackle Of My Soul" as musical score for the upcoming UK independent film "Madrigal" (Rabblewise Films). In summer 2006 and again based in London, Cindytalk started working on a new (band) album provisionally entitled "In A World Without Hope", the current line-up for this album is also in rehearsal for future live shows in and around Europe. In January 2007 Cindytalk signed a licensing deal with Italian distributors Abraxas, and through a sub-label Wheesht, will shortly be re-issuing their entire back catalogue.[This deal appears to have gone awry with Abraxas releasing the first two Cindytalk albums "Camouflage Heart" and "In This World" but not complying with the contract.Legal action is being sought by Cindytalk.] Sharps' own label touched/RAW is in the process of releasing two albums ; Cindytalk's The Crackle Of My Soul and Matt Kinnison's Evenings Of Ordinary Sand. London independent label Isolation [1] will release another Cindytalk album Up Here In The Clouds (2008). The Indiana-based label BlueSanct will soon be releasing a Cindytalk 10 inch called Silver Shoals Of Light as part of their 10 year anniversary limited edition ART SINGLES club. Sadly, Matt Kinnison died from cancer on Wednesday 7th May 2008.[1] Sites: Discogs, Wikipedia & Of-Ghosts-and-Buildings.BlogSpot. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.