Corky and the Juice Pigs

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
I'm the Only Gay Eskimo 03:21 Tools
Eskimo 02:05 Tools
Remember 03:33 Tools
Dolphin Boy 02:16 Tools
Pandas 01:14 Tools
Janitor 03:45 Tools
Gay Eskimo 00:00 Tools
Americans 03:24 Tools
Circus Freaks 00:53 Tools
Only Gay Eskimo 00:00 Tools
Enviro-Girl 01:04 Tools
Pants 03:37 Tools
Rabies 01:04 Tools
The Grunge Song 00:00 Tools
Truckers 04:01 Tools
French Cowboys 02:14 Tools
666-6666 01:39 Tools
Psycho 00:50 Tools
Christmas Dreams 02:08 Tools
Skateboard 00:31 Tools
The Pandas Must Die 01:20 Tools
Too Fat to Rock and Roll 00:00 Tools
The Panda Song 01:15 Tools
Phone Sex Girl 00:00 Tools
Burn Victim Girl 00:00 Tools
The Reefer Song 00:00 Tools
Curly's Pants 02:11 Tools
Diet Riot 01:11 Tools
Midget Love Slave 02:11 Tools
The Church 01:27 Tools
Pandas Must Die 00:00 Tools
Bvg 01:07 Tools
Picnic Party 02:02 Tools
The Only Gay Eskimo 00:00 Tools
Grandma 00:00 Tools
Suzanne 04:49 Tools
Ben 00:33 Tools
Hot Squat Hombre 03:29 Tools
special olympics 01:38 Tools
Gay Eskimo (live MAD TV) 00:00 Tools
P.S.A. 00:54 Tools
Miners 01:42 Tools
Gameshow 1 00:54 Tools
When the Moon 01:55 Tools
Concierge 03:41 Tools
Gameshow 2 00:49 Tools
Rok Stedy 03:37 Tools
Im The Only Gay Eskimo 00:00 Tools
Love Affair 01:52 Tools
Captain Greg 00:37 Tools
Gameshow 3 00:43 Tools
Eskimo (live) 00:37 Tools
Skateboard (Mad TV) 00:37 Tools
The Gay Eskimo 00:37 Tools
'Twas the Scots (that built th 00:37 Tools
The Boot Cut 10:57 Tools
Torsos for Tots 01:08 Tools
Dyslexic Gameshow 00:43 Tools
Quinn the Gay Eskimo 01:42 Tools
Pants (Mad TV) 10:57 Tools
P.S.A (2) 00:00 Tools
The Boot Cut (Pants Trance Dance Mix) 00:00 Tools
East Indian Love Affair 01:53 Tools
Chicken In a Bucket 01:53 Tools
I'm the Only Gay Eskimo (Live) 00:00 Tools
Church Of The Well-Endowed Men 00:00 Tools
Pickle 02:44 Tools
Gameshow 00:48 Tools
'Twas the Scots (that built this country) 02:12 Tools
Jesus 02:16 Tools
Monks Song 00:00 Tools
Curly Pants 00:00 Tools
P.S.A. 2 01:07 Tools
The Food of Your Choice 00:00 Tools
Church of the Well Endowed Men 00:00 Tools
Corky And The Juice pigs - Pandas Must Die 00:48 Tools
My Biznitch is the Shiznit 02:38 Tools
corky and the juice pigs - The Grunge Song 01:07 Tools
Grandma (Live) 01:07 Tools
C. Gameshow 02:16 Tools
Corky and the Juice Pigs - Too Fat to Rock and Roll 01:07 Tools
D. Gameshow 02:16 Tools
Corky and the Juice Pigs - Americans 01:07 Tools
corky and the juice pigs - dyslexic gameshow 01:07 Tools
The Dolphin Boy 02:16 Tools
Corky and The Juice Pigs - I'm the Only Gay Eskimo 02:16 Tools
Killer Burp 02:16 Tools
Corky and the juice pigs - Phone sex girl 02:16 Tools
Phone Sex Girl (live Mad TV) 02:16 Tools
Grandma (Mad TV) 02:16 Tools
PSA 2 02:16 Tools
Enviro Girl 02:16 Tools
'Twas the Scots 02:16 Tools
PSA 02:16 Tools
P.S.A 1 02:16 Tools
3rd World Picnic Party 02:16 Tools
Corky And The Juice Pigs - Psycho 02:16 Tools
I'm the Only Gay Eskimo [Live] 02:16 Tools
Eskimo Live version 2 03:21 Tools
Gay Eskimo (live) 03:21 Tools
Corky and the Juice Pigs - Burn Victim Girl 02:16 Tools
Reefer Song 02:16 Tools
Dyslexic Gameshow Hosts 02:16 Tools
P.S.A.3 03:21 Tools
Environmental Girl 03:21 Tools
Marijuanaville 03:21 Tools
Eskimo (Studio Version) 03:21 Tools
Corky & The Juice Pigs - Im The Only Gay Eskimo 03:21 Tools
Grunge Song 03:21 Tools
I am the Only Gay Eskimo 03:21 Tools
P.S.A.2 03:21 Tools
Eskimo [Live] 03:21 Tools
P.S.A 3 03:21 Tools
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Corky and the Juice Pigs was a Canadian comedy musical group made up of Phil Nichol, Greg Neale, and Sean Cullen. Their output consisted mainly of original comedic songs, largely satirical and often parodying various musical styles. The group formed in 1987 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and disbanded in 1998 Skilled improvisers, they are best known in the United States for their performances on MADtv, including their most famous song "Eskimo", more commonly known as "Gay Eskimo", where the lyrics discussed the problems facing the sole homosexual in an isolated environment. The group also parodied specific performers, often by performing their own songs in the style of others (famously their MADtv performance of "Eskimo" ended with versions of the chorus in the styles of The Proclaimers, Bob Dylan, Ric Ocasek from the Cars, Oasis, and Van Morrison). Other songs dealt variously with the troubles to be faced with a possessed pair of pants ("Curly's Pants"), dating the Devil's daughter ("666-6666") and using your grandma as a skateboard ("Skateboard"). Even being the child of a moderately successful Bearded Lady and impressively unsuccessful Bearded Man were addressed, in the song "Circus Freaks". There was little considered too odd to become subject matter. The group also toured internationally, netting a Perrier Award nomination at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1993. They also attracted a small fan base in Australia thanks to performances at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival towards the end of their career. The group disbanded in the late 1990s after a career spanning over 11 years. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.