Cosmic Force

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Ghetto Down 04:46 Tools
Trinidad Bump 08:19 Tools
Optical rape 04:44 Tools
Masterblaster 03:41 Tools
Waiting Gives the Devil Time 05:58 Tools
Control Room 05:47 Tools
Tekno Cop 04:30 Tools
Otomatic 04:23 Tools
System Malfunction 01:50 Tools
V-8 Return to Bass 07:08 Tools
Elevator 04:01 Tools
Choclate Starfish [mix de la old school by dimitri from paris] 00:00 Tools
Chocolate Starfish (Mix De la Old School By Dimitri From Paris) 05:50 Tools
Zulu Nation Throwdown Volume 1 07:09 Tools
Resynthesize 03:49 Tools
Static Scheme 03:10 Tools
Blacksheep Rip-Off 03:12 Tools
Eternal Settings 03:38 Tools
Under the Cover 06:02 Tools
Mel Divine 03:35 Tools
Melancholie 02:53 Tools
Uncompromised 02:21 Tools
Who can you Trust 05:24 Tools
Zulu Nation Throwdown (Instrumental) 05:57 Tools
Ghetto Down - Cosmic Force 04:49 Tools
Chocolate Starfish (Mix De La 05:56 Tools
Harlem Underground Band Volume 1 (Instrumental) 05:57 Tools
Chocolate Starfish 00:00 Tools
You Don't Know Why 03:05 Tools
bass drum kix 03:40 Tools
Mighty Envy 04:32 Tools
Zulu Nation Throwdon Volume 1 07:11 Tools
Wolf In Sheep's Clothing 05:22 Tools
Robot Poetry 00:00 Tools
The Big Revenge 00:00 Tools
break it all down 02:27 Tools
Chocolate Starfish [Mix De La Old School by Dimitri From Paris] 00:00 Tools
the electric vision 02:27 Tools
Final Approach 02:27 Tools
Haunted By My Past 04:32 Tools
Ghetto Down (Kenny Dope Remix- Long Version) 06:27 Tools
Your Choice Of Course 05:32 Tools
hooligan 03:46 Tools
C-Force Homebass 00:00 Tools
Master Blaster 00:00 Tools
u know wassup 03:38 Tools
rage 03:06 Tools
Area 51 03:38 Tools
Ghetto Down (Kenny Dope Remix - Short Version 04:09 Tools
Moog Memoires 04:34 Tools
Transmitting Illicit Logic 04:20 Tools
Buttergeil - Original Mix 04:32 Tools
Elastic 03:16 Tools
Transmitting Illicit Logic - Silicon Scally Remix 04:20 Tools
Under The Cover (with Jones) 03:16 Tools
Old Habbits - Original Mix 04:20 Tools
Ghetto Down (Kenny Dope remix - long version) 04:32 Tools
Ghetto Down (Kenny Dope Remix - Short Version) 04:32 Tools
Choclate Starfish [mix de la o 04:20 Tools
Choclate Starfish (Mix De La Old School By Dimitri From Paris) 04:20 Tools
Particle 2 04:20 Tools
Cosmic Force - Optical Rape 04:20 Tools
Who can you thrust 04:20 Tools
Night & Day (Radio Mix) 00:00 Tools
Chocolate Starfish [Mix de la 00:00 Tools
a2 - V-8 Return To Bass 00:00 Tools
Otomatic_BPM140 04:25 Tools
Harlem Underground Volume 1 (Instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Old Habbits 04:20 Tools
Night & Day (Eternal Space Mix 04:20 Tools
Ghetto Down (Kenny Dope Mix) 04:59 Tools
C.35-lp Masterblaster 04:59 Tools
Waiting Is Giving The Devil More Time 04:59 Tools
Trinidad Bump (Chris Luck edit) 04:59 Tools
Walk Of Life 04:59 Tools
Resynthesize (Feat. K-1) 04:59 Tools
Trinidad Bumb 04:59 Tools
Cosmic Force - Static Scheme 04:59 Tools
Come To Me (feat. Electric Barbarella) 04:59 Tools
Zulu Nation Throw Down 04:59 Tools
Chocolate Starfish (Dimitri From Paris re-edit) 04:59 Tools
Zulu Nation Throwdown, Vol.1 04:59 Tools
a2 - Master Blaster 04:59 Tools
a2 - Control Room 04:59 Tools
b2 - Elevator 04:59 Tools
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Cosmic Force is a long time player in the worldwide Electro scene. Not an artist who transformed from one sound to another, he's one of Electro's originals ! Like so many kids of the 80's, Cosmic Force was influenced by the emergent street culture of New York, especially the Electrofunk movement of Hip Hop. Cosmic Force expanded his musical tastes with the more experimental music of Pierre Henri, Oscar Sala and Kraftwerk. After playing around with tape recorders and borrowed turntables, CF started his musical experimentation for real when he started buying modular systems and really morphing the sounds he had. Once alerted to music making potential and an immersion in Synthesized music, He then started his collection of original analog synths and along with his 808, created his own brand of street tuff Electro. Picked up by CLONE RECORDS when they first launched after hearing just a couple of his tunes, Cosmic Force released many classic trax on this world renowned label before setting up his own much celebrated label, MARGUERITA RECORDINGS and releasing his own material alongside the likes of DETROIT IN EFFECT and E8. Not just a solo artist, Cosmic Force has collaborated with the likes of Dexter, E8, Random XS and AUX88's Keith Tucker to expand his brand of Electro and morph his style with that of others to create original recordings from a shared mind space. With regular live gigs in his home country of The Netherlands and his own monthly Club Marguerita in Utrecht, Cosmic Force continues to rock sound systems around the globe in such places as Belgium, Germany, England, Scotland, Sweden, Spain, Miami and a prestigious appearance at Detroit's FUSE-IN festival. With a growing roster of Artists joining MARGUERITA and continued output including a new and continuing ACID project with Club 030303, COSMIC FORCE continues to deliver quality recordings of his own no nonsense Electro, Ass kickin live sets and a rammed club night. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.