Dave DK

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Halma 00:00 Tools
Whitehill feat. Piper Davis 00:00 Tools
Smukke Lyde 00:00 Tools
Immer Gut 00:00 Tools
We Mix At Six 07:12 Tools
Whitehill 07:12 Tools
Fade In 07:12 Tools
Palmaille 07:12 Tools
Nueva Cancion 07:12 Tools
Woolloomooloo 07:12 Tools
Naschi 07:12 Tools
Coolette 07:12 Tools
Veira 07:12 Tools
Jelly Legs 07:12 Tools
Kronsee 07:12 Tools
Kronsee - Ulrich Schnauss Mix 07:12 Tools
We Mix At Six - Isolee Mix 07:00 Tools
Saida 222 07:00 Tools
Kronsee (Ulrich Schnauss Mix) 06:28 Tools
Will Be Gone - Original 06:53 Tools
Crush The Bits 04:29 Tools
Byway - Original Mix 07:00 Tools
Veira - Leandro Fresco Mix 04:48 Tools
Sweet Yellow 08:48 Tools
Will Be Gone 06:49 Tools
Veira (Leandro Fresco Mix) 04:48 Tools
Whitehill (Feat. Piper Davis) 04:48 Tools
You Will Find Out - Original Mix 07:12 Tools
Prism 06:28 Tools
Rave Your Mind 04:48 Tools
Stargazer 07:03 Tools
Volar 06:25 Tools
Illuminated 07:07 Tools
Cinema Paraiso 07:47 Tools
Coimbra 06:39 Tools
Rays in the sky 06:52 Tools
We Mix at Six (Isolee Mix) 07:47 Tools
Hypnotize 07:43 Tools
Railway Station - Original Mix 06:51 Tools
Chicama 06:51 Tools
Nice to see you 06:51 Tools
Rave Your Mind (Dirt Crew Remix) 08:25 Tools
El Point (High Tide) 08:25 Tools
The Challenge - Original Mix 08:45 Tools
Nakai Pop (Ambient Version) 04:28 Tools
Smukke Lyde (Original Mix) 04:28 Tools
Sensory Overload - Original Mix 07:34 Tools
this is not a problem 07:40 Tools
Nueva Cancion - Portable Sunsets Mix 07:34 Tools
Woolloomooloo (Original Mix) 07:40 Tools
Will Be Gone - Original Mix 06:53 Tools
Continuous Dj Mix - Bonus Mix 19:18 Tools
Lemon Juice - Original Mix 07:24 Tools
Sweet Yellow - Original Mix 08:45 Tools
Coimbra (Russ Gabriel Remix) 07:24 Tools
Ocean Club 07:24 Tools
Whitehill (feat Piper Davis) 07:00 Tools
Byway 07:00 Tools
Fading Lights feat Ira 07:24 Tools
Fading Lights 07:24 Tools
Screenplay - Original Mix 07:12 Tools
Cinema Paraiso (Ada Remix) 07:34 Tools
Okinawa Dance 07:42 Tools
Deep Sensation - Original Mix 07:14 Tools
Byway (Original Mix) 06:59 Tools
Volar - Sascha Funke Remix 07:24 Tools
Freaky Stuff 07:24 Tools
Cinema Paraiso - Ada Remix 07:34 Tools
Clockwork - Original Mix 07:14 Tools
Halma (Original Mix) 01:32 Tools
Te Guardo Una Tarde De Sol 06:43 Tools
Volar (Sascha Funke remix) 01:32 Tools
Floating - Original Mix 07:01 Tools
Sugar Cane - Original Mix 07:14 Tools
Volar (Miss Jools & Renrew Remix) 01:32 Tools
Palmaille (Original Mix) 07:12 Tools
Home Again feat. Heiko Voss 07:14 Tools
Transmitted - Original Mix 01:32 Tools
Stargazer - Original 07:01 Tools
Nueva Cancion (Portable Sunsets Mix) 07:14 Tools
Okinawa Dance (Original Mix) 07:14 Tools
Spell (Original Mix) 07:14 Tools
jus' suckas 07:14 Tools
Veria (Leandro Fresco Mix) 07:47 Tools
Cincuenta - Original Mix 07:15 Tools
International Podcast #03 Dave DK 25.10.2007 07:14 Tools
Home Again feat. Heiko Voss (Dub Version) 07:15 Tools
Prism - Original Mix 06:26 Tools
Fresh Simple - Original Mix 07:47 Tools
Outer Limits 07:13 Tools
Spin that wheel 06:53 Tools
Hug For Japan (Original Mix) 06:46 Tools
Will Be Gone (Original Mix) 06:53 Tools
Nueva Cancion (Original Mix) 07:47 Tools
Volar (Smash TV remix) 01:32 Tools
Sweet Yellow - Original 07:13 Tools
Cinema Paraiso (Original Edit) 05:57 Tools
We Mix At Six (Original Mix) 07:47 Tools
Okinawa Dance - Original Mix 06:53 Tools
Ocean Club - Original Mix 07:13 Tools
Forty Winks 07:47 Tools
Jus Suckas 07:47 Tools
Whitehill ft. Piper Davis 07:47 Tools
Whitehill feat. Piper Davis (radio edit) 07:13 Tools
Detox 07:13 Tools
Wooloomooloo 07:47 Tools
Breakdown Original Mix 07:47 Tools
Kronse (Ulrich Schnauss Mix) 06:53 Tools
We Mix At Six (Isolée Mix) 07:14 Tools
Volar (Original) 07:47 Tools
This is not a Problem - Original 07:13 Tools
Breakdown Schaeben and Voss Remix 07:47 Tools
Home Again feat. Heiko Voss (Original Mix) 07:13 Tools
Breakdown (Schaeben & Voss Remix) 06:48 Tools
Immer Gut (Original Mix) 07:13 Tools
Rays In The Sky - Original 07:14 Tools
Alien Ballet 07:13 Tools
a1dave dk-hypnotize 07:13 Tools
High Heels 07:13 Tools
Fading Lights - Original 07:17 Tools
Veira / Leandro Fresco Mix 07:13 Tools
Illuminated - Original 07:13 Tools
Cinema Paraiso - Original Mix 07:13 Tools
Konnichi Wa Berlin Mix 07:13 Tools
Naschi-oma 07:13 Tools
Fading Lights Featuring Ira 07:13 Tools
Prism - Original 07:13 Tools
Stargazer - Original Mix 07:13 Tools
Coimbra - Original Mix 07:13 Tools
Home Again Dub feat. Heiko Voss 07:14 Tools
Whitehill feat Piper Davis (Original Mix) 07:14 Tools
b1-dave dk-freaky stuff 07:13 Tools
Jus Suckas - Original 07:13 Tools
Whitehill ft Piper Davis (Radio Edit) 06:53 Tools
Whitehill feat. Piper Davis (Original Mix) 07:14 Tools
Breakdown 06:53 Tools
Dave DK live at Output (New York City) 04/04/2014 07:17 Tools
Coimbra - Russ Gabriel Mix 07:17 Tools
Te Guardo Una Tarde De Sol (Undo remix) 07:13 Tools
Colts Foot 07:17 Tools
Whitehill Featuring Piper Davis 07:17 Tools
Home Again (feat. Heiko Voss) 07:13 Tools
Whitehill feat Piper Davis 07:13 Tools
Fading Lights feat. Ira 07:17 Tools
We Mix At Six / Isolée Mix (Preview) 06:53 Tools
Kronsee / Ulrich Schnauss Mix (Preview) 06:53 Tools
Nice To See You - Original 06:53 Tools
Jus Suckas - Original Mix 06:53 Tools
Cinema Paraiso - Original 05:57 Tools
Beautiful Vision Podcast 018 07:13 Tools
This Is Not A Problem - Original Mix 07:13 Tools
Kronsee (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) 06:53 Tools
Te Guardo Una Tarde De Sol (Metope remix) 07:13 Tools
Will Be Gone (Original) 06:53 Tools
Correct - Original Mix 07:13 Tools
Nakai Pop (Ambient Version) (Bonus Track) 07:13 Tools
Volar - Original 06:53 Tools
Impuls - Original Mix 06:53 Tools
You Will Find Out 06:53 Tools
Coolette (Original Mix) 06:53 Tools
Will Be Gone. Official Clip. 06:53 Tools
Muzikanova.pl Podcast 01 06:53 Tools
Fade In (Original Mix) 06:53 Tools
Fading Lights (feat. Ira) 06:53 Tools
Kronsee (Original Mix) 06:53 Tools
Hug For Japan 06:53 Tools
Okinava Dance 06:53 Tools
Volar - Original Mix 06:53 Tools
Coimbra - Original 06:53 Tools
Te Guardo Una Tarde De Sol (Shelby Grey remix) 06:53 Tools
Komplex - Original Mix 06:53 Tools
Influence 06:53 Tools
Rave Your Mind [A1] 06:53 Tools
Apart - Original Mix 06:53 Tools
Full Hearts 06:53 Tools
Medium - Original Mix 06:53 Tools
Mono Rain 06:53 Tools
Whitehill (ft. Piper Davis) 06:53 Tools
Will Be Gone - [vk.com/interesting_music] 06:53 Tools
Veira (Original Mix) 06:53 Tools
Veira [Leandro Fresco Mix] 06:53 Tools
Spell 06:53 Tools
Coimbra (Russ Gabriel Mix) 06:53 Tools
Home Again (Original Mix) 06:53 Tools
Detox - The Last Drag Remix 06:53 Tools
Sweetyellow 06:53 Tools
Nakai Pop - Ambient version 06:53 Tools
Fading Light - Original Mix 06:53 Tools
You Will Find Out (feat. Richard Davies) 06:53 Tools
Nakai Pop (Ambient Version) -Bonus Track- 06:53 Tools
Retake One (Mixed By Dave DK) 06:53 Tools
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DJ & producer Dave DK aka David Krasemann is making waves in the electronic music scene for a couple of years now. As a big Euro Dance-Disco lover since the early 90's he was fascinated by the upcoming techno movement eventually leading him to his own active initiation. 1995 has been the starting shot for the then 17 year old. Together with a longtime friend Dave produced his first tracks and was involved in the organization of underground techno and house partys constantly trying to spread and push electronic music. Searching for new electronic sounds every day and having honed his skills as a producer, the man with the chosen home of Berlin released his first record on Müller Records in 1998. His DJ activities had been highly pushed since that time. In 1999 he became a resident DJ at Tresor/Globus club in Berlin, later on also at the legendary Panorama Bar. Beside his remix productions for Beroshima and Skiebäck he released records on raum...musik., Decore, Lifetime Music and Cadeaux. As Dave is an open minded person that doesn’t like musical limits he doesn’t want to be reduced on one style. His sound simply is the result of different styles that have influenced him throughout the years. "I have a passion for the wide range between house and techno tunes as well as pop music and dancefloor stuff of the early 90's", says Dave. Though he’s juggling elegant among the varietys of electronic music to create his own style. In his tracks he often combines tragic merry melodies with kickin’ grooves that transorm your body into a twistin’ stampede of electricity. Another trademark in his tracks is the swing and warm funk which is simply unbeatable. The year 2000 can be marked as a first highlight in his career: his debut album "sensory overload“ had been released on Müller Records. After musical excursions on Cologne’s Television label as well as on the Barcelona based Regular label Dave is now recording for Moodmusic and currently also on Playhouse (a collaboration with Holger „Smash TV“ Zilske) which brings him even closer to his idea of electronic house tunes. . For Dave DK music is a model of living in which he’s able to enhance his skills in order to realize his vision of modern electronic club and home entertainment – great releases to be expected in soon future then. At the moment he’s working on his second album coming out on Moodmusic in spring 2007. Worldwide gigs: all over Germany, Japan, China, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Israel, Portugal, Greece, Ukraine, USA , UK, Russia, Finland, France Dave DK DISCOGRAPHY 1998 > Nerven (12"), Müller Records 1999 > Aquarell EP (12"), raum...musik. > Der Impuls (12"), Müller Records 2000 > Let me entertain you! (12"), raum...musik. > Feeling (12"), Decore > Sensory Overload (2x12"/CD), Müller Records 2001 > Sunrise (12"), raum...musik. 2002 > Dave & Sugar Ray EP (12"), Lifetime Music > Jaxson & DK - Wanted (12“), Cadeaux 2004 > DK Berlin - Swing (12“), Regular > Spin that wheel (12“), Television Records 2005 > Rave your Mind (12“), Television Records > Breakdown (12“), Television Records > This is not a Problem (12“), Moodmusic Limited 2006 > Hypnotize (12“), Television Records > Holger Zilske meets Dave DK - Rainshower EP (12“), Playhouse > Okinawa Dance (12“), Moodmusic Limited > exklusive tracks on raum...musik. präsentiert 2, 3 & 4 (CD label compilations) Remixes 1999 > Skiebäck - we speak of..., Dave Remix, raum...musik. 2001 > Beroshima_good morning Berlin, Dave Remix, Müller Records 2004 > James Flavour – Pornero, Dave DK’s pimpin’ is easy Remix, Highgrade > Filtrike – Daylight, Dave DK Remix (Japan only) 2005 > Fengari feat. Brotherhood - Tell me - Dave DK Club Mix Jackfruit/Discomania > Maral Salmassi feat. Ascii Disko - Banana Man, Dave DK Remix, Television Records > Sasse aka Freestyleman – Armored, Dave DK Remix, Moodmusic Limited > Morgan Page - Outside the City, Dave DK Remix, Sugarcane Recordings 2006 > Fanclub – Gladiator, Dave DK Paris Remix, Criminal Records > Manukan - Tide B, Dave DK Naha Love Remix, Deka Traxxx (Japan) > Bengoa - Flow Control, Dave DK Remix, Rhythmetic > Adaptor - The Pilgrims, Dave DK Remix, Moodmusic Limited > Eltron – Muse, Dave DK endless summer Remix, Festplatten > Hannes Teichmann – Jäger, Dave DK’s chase up the groove Remix Festplatten > Toxic Twin – Miami, Dave DK Remix, KG Beats (US) Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.