Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
333 08:03 Tools
Pedestal of Infamy 03:12 Tools
A Little Bit of Sanity 01:30 Tools
Helen Burns 03:02 Tools
Lovelovelove 03:33 Tools
333 Revisited 07:32 Tools
Mini-Me (Bonus) 07:31 Tools
L'angelo Timido 05:50 Tools
Sono Un Pesce 06:26 Tools
I've Been Down 04:37 Tools
Topi o uomini 20:14 Tools
You Were Meant For Me (Live) 03:40 Tools
Amazzone A Piedi 04:07 Tools
Pokerface EP (Original) 04:07 Tools
Pea 00:00 Tools
Media Blitz 00:00 Tools
Bass Solo Jam 00:00 Tools
You Were Meant For Me - Live 03:41 Tools
Time For Me To Go 01:25 Tools
Love Will Keep Us Together 04:15 Tools
Fiberoptics 01:25 Tools
Ouch 01:38 Tools
No Words 04:12 Tools
I`ve Been Down 04:35 Tools
Bass Solo 00:00 Tools
Minx 07:55 Tools
You got Stuck with Me 01:44 Tools
Super Rare Bass Solo 02:50 Tools
Amazonne a piedi 04:08 Tools
28 Days... 06:28 Tools
Pokerface 01:26 Tools
Mini-Me 06:40 Tools
Too Many Bugs 06:53 Tools
You Were Meant for Me 03:41 Tools
Slap Bass Solo 00:00 Tools
Love Them So 02:41 Tools
How Could I Love Myself 03:52 Tools
It Could have Been 02:41 Tools
Helen Burns (feat. Patti Smith) 03:01 Tools
You Got Stuck With Me (demo) 03:01 Tools
Pokerface - Original Mix 08:08 Tools
Love Is Good 03:22 Tools
Daily Battles 03:22 Tools
Demo 1 01:27 Tools
How Could I Love Myself (Live) 03:52 Tools
National Anthem Lakers vs. Jazz 26:53 Tools
Fleabass Theme 03:09 Tools
Demo 2 01:40 Tools
Chemical Energy (feat. Flea) 04:45 Tools
It Could Have Been (Live) 03:52 Tools
Love Them So (Live) 03:52 Tools
Demo 4 01:25 Tools
Demo 3 01:46 Tools
Blues For Meister 02:54 Tools
National Anthem (4/13/14) LA Lakers 03:02 Tools
Sunset 02:54 Tools
Where the Streets Have No Name 05:08 Tools
How Could I Love Myself? 03:04 Tools
Helen Burns EP 26:53 Tools
Bass - Flea - Peanuts' Theme (Solo) 26:53 Tools
The Next Election 04:31 Tools
I Make My Own Rules 03:38 Tools
Californication (bass demo) 26:53 Tools
Loosener 26:53 Tools
Pea lyrics 00:30 Tools
Paper Bag 06:38 Tools
Rare Bass Solo 00:30 Tools
Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Bass Master Tracks) 00:30 Tools
A Woman Of Distinction 02:54 Tools
The Best Solo 02:40 Tools
Happy Killer 03:54 Tools
Peanuts' Theme (Solo) 00:30 Tools
Life Is Good 03:44 Tools
Devistate 04:07 Tools
Let The Flags Fly High 02:40 Tools
Mother Mary 07:26 Tools
#1 Da Woman 02:40 Tools
Hello People [live at Green Fest 2007] 01:12 Tools
Face To The Sun 03:37 Tools
Pokerface - Baby Chris Remix 06:38 Tools
My Girl's Sick 02:03 Tools
Onna Square 02:40 Tools
Flea & Chad solo bass/ drums 02:40 Tools
King's Thoughts 03:39 Tools
Flea Bass Solo 07:26 Tools
Bass Solo (rare) 07:26 Tools
Ive Been Down 07:26 Tools
Words That Mean Nothing 03:36 Tools
Get A Life 03:36 Tools
Don't You Ever Feel Glad 03:02 Tools
28 Days… 02:40 Tools
333 - Helen Burns 00:00 Tools
A Little Bit Of Sanity - Helen Burns 02:03 Tools
Washington Bullets 00:00 Tools
Jezus! 02:40 Tools
Ca Plane Pour Moi 02:40 Tools
Youve Got Stuck With Me 01:43 Tools
Alice In My Fantasies 00:00 Tools
Alice in My Fantasies (feat. Brad Wilk, Tom Morello, Pete Yorn & Serj Tankian) 00:00 Tools
Bar Brawl 00:00 Tools
Change 05:06 Tools
Flea Rare Bass Solo 02:50 Tools
Sunny [Live in Tokyo, 06.06.07] 00:00 Tools
Pokerface - Joe Simon Remix 06:08 Tools
Peanuts' Theme 02:03 Tools
01 333 08:07 Tools
Adventures In Spontaneous Jamming And Techniques DVD 00:00 Tools
Free Jam (feat. Brad Wilk & Serj Tankian) 00:00 Tools
Needle And The Damage Done 00:00 Tools
Sunny 03:39 Tools
The Fleabass Theme 03:10 Tools
Bass solo studio lesson 00:00 Tools
Fat Man Feat. His Daughter 00:00 Tools
Love Love Love (Helen Burns) 00:30 Tools
Bar Brawl (Panacea Remix) 00:00 Tools
Sunny [Live at Coachella Festival, 28.04.2007] 00:00 Tools
Fleabass 03:09 Tools
Pam pam para pam pam... 00:00 Tools
Helen Burns [FULL EP] 2012 03:38 Tools
National Anthem 04:33 Tools
Louise (My Little Ship) 02:44 Tools
Bass Jam 00:00 Tools
Bar Brawl (Identity Remix) 00:00 Tools
02 AMAZZONE A PIEDI 00:00 Tools
I'm Jumping! 00:00 Tools
The Statement 04:33 Tools
Flea Bass Solo (rare) 00:00 Tools
Bar Brawl (Purple Unit Remix) 00:00 Tools
Alice in My Fantasies (feat. B 00:00 Tools
Moon Park Woman 03:38 Tools
Louise(my little ship) 03:38 Tools
Flow 00:00 Tools
Solo 00:30 Tools
Fiberoptics [The Germs] 00:30 Tools
Moon Park Woman 03:38 Tools
Helenburns 03:06 Tools
The Christmas Song 03:38 Tools
I've Been Down (River Phoenix Tribute) 04:33 Tools
Where the Streets Have No Name (feat. Brad Wilk, Tom Morello, Pete Yorn, Tim Walker, Serj Tankian, Maynard James Keenan & Johnny Polonsky) 04:33 Tools
Golf Show 04:33 Tools
(Free Jam) 04:33 Tools
Headshrinker 04:33 Tools
Where the Streets Have No Name (feat. Brad Wilk, Tom Morello, Pete Yorn, Tim Walker, Serj Tankian, Maynard James Keenan & Jonny Polonsky) 03:38 Tools
Too Much 03:38 Tools
Panic Button 03:38 Tools
My Life (Produced by MKC) 04:33 Tools
03 Sono Un Pesce 04:33 Tools
Get Up, Stand Up (Performed By Serj Tankian, Tom Morello, Wayne Kramer, Flea, John Dolmayan) 04:33 Tools
If We Were Just Babies [Live] 01:17 Tools
Solo Bass 01:17 Tools
Flea solo 03:06 Tools
Your Words Mean Nothing To Me 03:06 Tools
We Here Now (feat. Mik3) 03:38 Tools
01 - Topi O Uomini 03:38 Tools
Flea - Peanuts' Theme (Solo) 03:38 Tools
333 (Revisited) 03:38 Tools
Black and Yellow 03:38 Tools
Bass Solo (Live And Rare) 03:38 Tools
Helen Burns (Patti Smith's Voice) 03:38 Tools
You've Got Stuck With Me 03:38 Tools
Lovelovelove - Helen Burns 03:38 Tools
Mega Bass Jam Solo 03:38 Tools
I`ve Been Down (OST The Basketball Diaries 1995) 03:38 Tools
Everyone Dreams Of Money 03:38 Tools
Baby Roni 03:38 Tools
Pedestal Of Infamy (Helen Burns) 03:38 Tools
Flea Bass Solo Intro (Live at Woodstock) 03:38 Tools
Chemical Energy (Original Mix) (Feat. Flea) 03:38 Tools
I'm a little pea 03:38 Tools
Dani California 03:38 Tools
Pokerface (Joe Simon Remix) 03:38 Tools
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There are two artists with this name: 1) Flea was an early 70s Italian progressive rock band that released in fact three albums with different names, the first as 'Flea in the Honey', with the members only identified with English nicknames, then as 'Flea', and later as 'Etna'. 2) Michael Peter Balzary (born October 16, 1962), better known as Flea, is an Australian-born American musician and actor. He is best known as the bassist, co-founding member, and one of the composers of the rock band and 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Flea is also the co-founder of Silverlake Conservatory of Music, a non-profit music education organization founded in 2001 for underprivileged children. Flea also briefly appeared as the bassist for such bands as What Is This?, Fear and Jane's Addiction. More recently he has appeared as member of the rock supergroups Atoms for Peace and Rocketjuice and The Moon. Originally a jazz trumpet player, Flea learned to play bass in high school from close friend and future Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Hillel Slovak, who required a bassist for his band Anthym. Flea soon developed his own style and joined the group, but quit several months later in order to play for the punk rock outfit Fear. He then rejoined Slovak to form an intended one-off band Tony Flow and the Majestic Masters of Mayhem along with fellow high school alumni Anthony Kiedis and Jack Irons; the impromptu collaboration would ultimately give birth to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Highly regarded as one of the best rock bass players of all time, his work as a bassist incorporates several musical styles, ranging from aggressive slap bass to more subdued and melodic techniques. Drawing influences from funk music and punk rock, Flea centers his playing on simplicity and minimalism while viewing complexity as a device that should be used in moderation. Aside from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, he has collaborated with many artists, including The Mars Volta, Alanis Morissette, Johnny Cash, Young MC and P. Flea is ranked #2 on Rolling Stone's "Readers Pick the Top Ten Bassists of All Time." Occasionally, Flea has made a few forays into acting, appearing in films that span many genres such as Suburbia (1983), Dudes (1987), Back to the Future Part II (1989) and Part III (1990), My Own Private Idaho (1991), Motorama (1991) The Chase (1994), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) and The Big Lebowski (1998). He is also known for voicing the character Donnie Thornberry in the hit cartoon series and spin-off films, The Wild Thornberrys. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.