Free Moral Agents

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Sound At Sea 04:17 Tools
Gem From A Broken Rock 06:03 Tools
When I Smile 04:21 Tools
North Is Red 04:52 Tools
Dragon Prow 02:34 Tools
Everybody's Favorite Weapon 05:31 Tools
Underwater Reverb 03:50 Tools
Omar on a Swing 02:55 Tools
Six Degrees 05:30 Tools
Lay Down 03:41 Tools
What's Your Bloodgauge? 02:51 Tools
I Travel 04:52 Tools
Talk Show Host 02:23 Tools
Systole 05:01 Tools
Aravand 07:27 Tools
Disjointed Love Song 04:33 Tools
The Piano Has Been Drinking 03:27 Tools
Little Trouble Girl Sonic Youth 06:03 Tools
Girls With Glasses Only Please 05:33 Tools
I Travel (remix) 08:21 Tools
Ageless 07:42 Tools
Cherry Cove 01:49 Tools
If You can't say Love 04:03 Tools
Ladies Prefer High Hats 03:02 Tools
Black Is the New Black 07:56 Tools
Dre's Lament 01:38 Tools
IOLITE (Live At the Low End Theory) 02:49 Tools
Eve 04:47 Tools
Drugs and Drink (FMA Remix) 04:23 Tools
Six Degrees (Coaxial Remix) 05:06 Tools
The Way I Really Feel 03:09 Tools
Lay Down (Instrumental) 03:41 Tools
Instinctively Intact 03:34 Tools
The Mortage Banker Vs. The Savage (feat. Subtitle) 03:45 Tools
Six Degrees (Acapella) 03:59 Tools
Instinctively Intact (Instrumental) 03:59 Tools
Leave Home 04:26 Tools
Leave Home (Instrumental) 04:27 Tools
Aravand Live 03:17 Tools
Drugs and Drink-FMA Remix 04:23 Tools
Sounds at The 04:17 Tools
I Travel - Remix 05:50 Tools
Six Degrees - Coaxial Remix 05:06 Tools
Dead Hearts 00:00 Tools
Ageless (Hud Mo Remix) 00:00 Tools
Little Trouble Girl (Intro) 02:14 Tools
710 Stomp 03:03 Tools
What I Really Think 03:11 Tools
Impressions in G Minor 03:11 Tools
Let's Stay Together 03:09 Tools
North Is Red (Tony Allen Remix) 05:51 Tools
Six Degrees - Acapella 04:00 Tools
Moonchild 00:40 Tools
Sound at Sea (studio) 00:40 Tools
C Jam 04:12 Tools
Everybodys Favorite Weapon 00:00 Tools
Requiem For My Dancehall Queen 00:40 Tools
The Mortgage Banker Vs. The Savage 03:49 Tools
Chaine Infinie 00:40 Tools
aravand (live) 03:15 Tools
Six Degrees-Coaxial Remix 05:06 Tools
Deadhearts 04:36 Tools
Six Degrees-Acapella 03:59 Tools
Ageless (Live at Open) 00:40 Tools
ageless (hudson mohawke remix) 02:35 Tools
IOLITE - Live at Low End Theory 04:22 Tools
c jam @ open 04:12 Tools
north is red (live at the prospector) 03:51 Tools
gem from a broken rock {open} books 05:50 Tools
Dragon Prow Final Final 05:50 Tools
systole (live at the prospector) 06:23 Tools
tradere {open} books 04:00 Tools
ageless {open} books 10:22 Tools
Southern Girl (95%er remix) 02:17 Tools
North Is Red (The Heavy Petting Remix) 05:56 Tools
sound at sea (live at the prospector) 05:56 Tools
Sound At Sea (Jimmy Figurine Remix) 06:00 Tools
smile prow {open} books 06:00 Tools
Ageless (Clavinet Remix) 00:40 Tools
aravand (live at the prospector) 03:41 Tools
oh come now you forces of night {open} books 00:40 Tools
Omaronaswing 00:40 Tools
Ageless (Simple Remix) 00:40 Tools
little trouble girl (live at the prospector) 00:40 Tools
deadhearts {open} books 00:40 Tools
IOLITE (live at the low end theory) - Free Moral Agents 02:51 Tools
Instinctively Intact (Vocal) 02:51 Tools
Graphical 02:51 Tools
looking for lauryn hill in laklewood 02:51 Tools
north is red {open} books 02:51 Tools
By The Way 04:22 Tools
Impressions In GM 02:51 Tools
Looking for Laren Hill in Lakewood 04:12 Tools
chaine infini 04:12 Tools
04 - When I Smile 04:22 Tools
Systole Outtake 04:22 Tools
Lament 04:22 Tools
Drugs and Drink - FMA Remix 04:22 Tools
systole (alt. version) 04:22 Tools
ageless mix (wav) 04:22 Tools
north is red (live at open books) 04:22 Tools
If You Can't Say Love (Mona's Mix) 04:22 Tools
Disjointed Lovesong 04:22 Tools
Brandon Will Be Okay 04:22 Tools
Arrival And Confusion 04:22 Tools
Sound at sea (studio version) 04:22 Tools
Dragon Prow Cuts the Air 04:22 Tools
dragon prow final final (mp3) 04:22 Tools
Iolite 04:22 Tools
The Piano Has Been Drinking (Tom Waits) 04:22 Tools
aravand final 04:22 Tools
Little Trouble Girl (radio edit) 04:22 Tools
Everybodys Fave Weapon 04:22 Tools
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Free Moral Agents is a collective of musicians brought together by Isaiah "Ikey" Owens (keyboardist from The Mars Volta as a means to expand the sounds of what started as a solo recording project. In the spring of 06' the band in its present and permanent line up: (Mendee Ichikawa (Words and Vocals, Dennis Owens- Bass, Ryan Reiff - Drums, Jesse Carzello - Guitar, Reid Kinnett - Keys) started playing shows in and around Long Beach, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. Upon the exit of spoken word artist J, Mendee Ichikawa took control of the mic and a more electric noise based sound took over. The group is currently finishing its 2nd full length entitled "Honey in the Carcass of the Lion" to be released on Chocolate Industries. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.