Jet Black

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Tanzen 02:32 Tools
Ich Dazwischen 02:59 Tools
(Bonjour) Tristesse 02:59 Tools
The Dead End 03:41 Tools
Atmen, nicht pressen 05:04 Tools
48 stunden 02:39 Tools
Und Wir Wussten Es Besser 03:38 Tools
november 02:25 Tools
indifferent 03:08 Tools
zeit 02:18 Tools
...und wir wussten es besser 03:37 Tools
Deep Space 04:47 Tools
Running in Circles 02:34 Tools
Smothering 05:14 Tools
Go Shoot Yourself (Extended Mix) 02:34 Tools
Blank Note 03:53 Tools
Air Deprivation 03:53 Tools
Star Cluster 03:32 Tools
Let Me In 03:53 Tools
Go Shoot Yourself 09:03 Tools
P. Report 03:25 Tools
6AM 02:41 Tools
L'Ère Du Vide 02:41 Tools
In a Rut 02:41 Tools
Pull 04:51 Tools
Good Night Bad Guy 05:48 Tools
Price to Pay 04:51 Tools
Monolith 04:51 Tools
In Paradox 05:39 Tools
Settle the Score 04:51 Tools
Daydreamer 02:59 Tools
River of Deceit 04:51 Tools
Dissonant Echoes 03:56 Tools
48h 02:48 Tools
All is Wrong 02:48 Tools
Engine Up 03:00 Tools
Signals 02:59 Tools
Still the One 02:59 Tools
To Hell and Back 02:59 Tools
Constant Midnight 03:37 Tools
Low Flying Plane 02:54 Tools
Like Gravity Wells 03:56 Tools
Slow My Ride 03:00 Tools
Control 02:54 Tools
Surface 03:30 Tools
Sedative Shot 02:47 Tools
Little Did We Know 02:40 Tools
Elevator 02:50 Tools
Iceblasted 01:10 Tools
Strange Surroundings 02:40 Tools
Roadburn 03:30 Tools
Temporary State 02:40 Tools
48 H 02:39 Tools
Archives 03:00 Tools
No Direction 03:56 Tools
Go Shoot Yourself (Original Mix) 03:56 Tools
Try This Beat (club mix) 03:56 Tools
... Und Wir Wussten Es Besser 03:37 Tools
pc anarchy 02:35 Tools
talking is over 04:47 Tools
Try This Beat (original mix) 04:47 Tools
Try This Beat (dub mix) 04:47 Tools
IV. 48 Stunden 02:40 Tools
Do You Feel the Same Way Too 02:39 Tools
Fuer Den Traum 02:40 Tools
Leben 02:46 Tools
Buddy's Songs 01:55 Tools
L’Ère du Vide 03:00 Tools
Manhunt 02:14 Tools
Wall of Ice 02:14 Tools
Jet black 01:55 Tools
Hunted 01:55 Tools
Black Widow 04:05 Tools
Little Miss Tina 04:03 Tools
Stunden 02:40 Tools
This Love Is Nearing Completition 02:40 Tools
Electric 02:40 Tools
Black 03:00 Tools
Trigger 04:03 Tools
Intro 04:03 Tools
Will You Be My Girl 02:01 Tools
Indiffernt 04:03 Tools
Guns 04:03 Tools
Python 04:03 Tools
Introduction 02:01 Tools
I Think I've Fallen in Love 04:31 Tools
jet black - the dead end 04:03 Tools
bonjourtristesse 03:00 Tools
Old Kings 04:31 Tools
Wolves 03:00 Tools
40 04:31 Tools
jet black - ich dazwischen 03:00 Tools
No 3 03:00 Tools
It's Gonna Take Magic 02:01 Tools
Cauldron 02:01 Tools
Dynamite 02:01 Tools
March of the Eagles 02:01 Tools
jet black - atmen nicht pressen 04:31 Tools
This Love Is Nearing Completit 04:31 Tools
World of my dreams 04:31 Tools
El Dorado 04:31 Tools
Never Mind 04:31 Tools
Try This Beat 04:31 Tools
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There are four artists with this name: 1) Jet Black was a German screamo band, existing from 2001 - 2006. Released a self titled 7 inch and a 12 inch record entitled "The Dead End" on UNterm Durchschnitt Records. Three members afterwards founded a band named "The town of Machine". 2) Rapper out the bay area called JET Black. CEO of Hard Earned Records. Is well known by his debut cd called Hard Earned with feats by fellow bay area rappers. 3) Jet Black (born Brian John Duffy; 26 August 1938 in Ilford, Essex, United Kingdom) is an English drummer with the veteran punk rock / new wave band The Stranglers. Black was a successful businessman up until the mid 1970s, owning a fleet of ice cream vans, and an off-licence in Guildford, UK called 'The Jackpot'. This establishment was the base for the early Stranglers. He became a full-time professional musician in the mid 1970s and is still currently drumming for The Stranglers, despite his advancing years. His style is usually simplistic and jazz-influenced, although "Duchess", and "Down in the Sewer", are frantic drumming songs live. In the mid 1980s, Black elected to cease playing acoustic drums in the recording studio and used a Simmons kit triggered by pick-ups , most notably on the Feline and Aural Sculpture albums. During a long career in music, Black, like many other drummers, became aware of certain practical limitations inherent in the basic kit design and set about addressing the issue in the form of the now patented 'Jet Black Power Bass Drum Pedal'. This has brought new freedoms of comfort and technical feasibility to drummers. The 'Jet Black Power Bass Drum Pedal' enables the bass drum to be placed anywhere and yet remain playable. Black is of Irish ancestry and currently lives in Gloucestershire. 4) Jet Black is a post-hardcore/shoegaze/alternative rock band from Quebec City. Playing together since 2008, Francis Berthelot, Jean-Philippe Laforge, Philippe St-Laurent and Stéphanie Vézina founded Jet Black to push ahead their artistic vision of what they always wished to accomplish in terms of musical achievement. The first criterion of their new association would be to build this project in a strong DIY ethic. Intensively listening to influent ‘90s alternative rock music like Jawbox, Failure and Swervedriver just to name a few, they shared their love for noise rock, post-hardcore and shoegaze to fuel their musical inspiration. Jet Black’s first effort entitled ‘’Escape Measures’’ ends up being a self-produced record and an honest debut full length that clearly expresses the identity of the band. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.