Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Disco On the Dancefloor 00:00 Tools
Backflash 06:26 Tools
i know 06:31 Tools
Shakti Pan (feat. Sven) 06:31 Tools
your love 05:04 Tools
Jazz Café 03:25 Tools
Triple Distilled 07:23 Tools
Absinth Fairy 05:53 Tools
Shakti Pan 32:18 Tools
It's Like 05:53 Tools
Backflash (Original Mix) 06:26 Tools
Cosmic Dance 06:26 Tools
Move Me 06:31 Tools
Disco on the Dancefloor (Original Mix) 05:55 Tools
Play It Loud 06:16 Tools
Bollwerk 06:31 Tools
music is a miracle 06:24 Tools
It's 2 AM 06:53 Tools
don't you know it 06:36 Tools
Conjunct 05:46 Tools
Le Voyage 00:00 Tools
Tristesse 04:28 Tools
Missing You 06:32 Tools
Triple Distilled - Animal Trainer Remix 07:27 Tools
Disco On the Dancefloor - Original Mix 05:57 Tools
The Black Cat Gismo 03:49 Tools
Monologue (feat. Laura Wiesmann) 04:18 Tools
Sandlande 07:41 Tools
Give Me The Beat Back 06:26 Tools
Cache Cache 07:41 Tools
Projection 07:13 Tools
Natural Juice 06:56 Tools
Disco on the Dancefloor - Channel X Remix 05:46 Tools
feel it 06:27 Tools
Move Me - Joachim Pastor Remix 06:48 Tools
Thinking About You 05:42 Tools
I Know - Leftwing & Kody Remix 06:25 Tools
Heat Of The Night - Original Mix 04:27 Tools
take this higher 06:46 Tools
Backflash (Niko Schwind Remix) 06:30 Tools
it's like that 06:30 Tools
Backflash - Original Mix 06:26 Tools
Triple Distilled (Jon Donson Remix) 06:48 Tools
Playground 06:48 Tools
Disco on the Dancefloor (Channel X Remix) 05:46 Tools
Birds 07:20 Tools
Metropolis 04:27 Tools
itchy feet 03:30 Tools
Triple Distilled - Jon Donson Remix 06:48 Tools
Move Me (Joachim Pastor Remix) 04:27 Tools
That Sound 07:15 Tools
Triple Distilled (Animal Trainer Remix) 07:26 Tools
Backflash - Niko Schwind Remix 06:30 Tools
Lancer Is A Dancer 04:27 Tools
Go 06:47 Tools
Subzero 06:45 Tools
Faze DJ-Set 22 - Continuous DJ Mix 32:24 Tools
I Know (Original Mix) 06:31 Tools
Take Your Soul 06:45 Tools
Way Out 02:30 Tools
Viola - Original Mix 07:39 Tools
Disco Light 05:56 Tools
Breath Me In - Original Mix 06:57 Tools
Destiny 07:10 Tools
Jazz Cafe (Original Mix) 03:24 Tools
Coco 08:03 Tools
Slomo - Original Mix 05:53 Tools
Take Me Down 07:17 Tools
Maybe 00:00 Tools
Down To 06:32 Tools
Snupi 06:38 Tools
I Know (Leftwing & Kody Remix) 06:25 Tools
Believe in You 06:31 Tools
Rollacoasta 07:04 Tools
Heat Of The Night - Mixed 07:04 Tools
Lelelale 07:04 Tools
Triple Distilled (Original Mix) 07:23 Tools
Darina 06:57 Tools
Bergluft 03:46 Tools
Begging Me 06:12 Tools
It's Like (Original Mix) 05:53 Tools
All Access 00:00 Tools
Touch It 06:45 Tools
Sonnenallee - (Digital Only) 07:17 Tools
Backflash (Original Version) 01:30 Tools
Daylight - (Digital Only) 07:45 Tools
Go (Original Mix) 06:47 Tools
Play It Loud (Original Mix) 06:16 Tools
Bollwerk (Original Mix) 06:31 Tools
Don't Go Home 07:15 Tools
Missing You (Original Mix) 06:32 Tools
It's 2 AM (Original Mix) 06:53 Tools
The Black Cat Gismo (Original Mix) 03:49 Tools
Tristesse (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
Those Nights 00:00 Tools
Thinking About You (Original Mix) 05:42 Tools
Palipo 07:13 Tools
Meins 03:31 Tools
The Smooth Operator 03:31 Tools
Bergluft (Lars Sommerfeld Remix) 07:35 Tools
Backflash (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] 06:26 Tools
Shakti Pan (feat Sven) 06:37 Tools
I Believe 06:42 Tools
Sunday Morning Walk - (Digital Only) 07:39 Tools
Basement Funk 06:46 Tools
Altro Mondo (Kruse & Nürnberg Remix) 06:37 Tools
Altro Mondo 07:10 Tools
Bergluft - Leke Da Loco Remix 08:42 Tools
Decatune - Reto Ardour Remix 06:47 Tools
Alleine Tanzen 05:56 Tools
I Can't Get No 07:15 Tools
Natural Juice - Original Mix 07:39 Tools
Move Me - Jiggler Remix 06:32 Tools
Natural juice (original mix) 07:39 Tools
Cosmic Dance - Felipe Puertes Remix 02:59 Tools
Disco Light (Original Mix) 05:56 Tools
Helden 02:39 Tools
Feeling Better 06:38 Tools
Altro Mondo - Kruse & Nürnberg Remix 06:37 Tools
Monologue 06:19 Tools
Decatune - Anthik Remix 07:23 Tools
Groovebox 07:22 Tools
Absinth Fairy (Original Mix) 06:32 Tools
Bergluft (Modunique Remix) 06:37 Tools
Down to (Original Mix) 06:32 Tools
projection (kk & jake the rapper) 07:13 Tools
Move Me (Jiggler Remix) 06:32 Tools
Just Me 00:00 Tools
Coco - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
zwischen den stühlen 02:59 Tools
und dann 02:30 Tools
mittendrin 02:24 Tools
monoloque (feat. laura wiesmann) 04:18 Tools
Disco on the Dancefloor (official) 04:31 Tools
Hidden Carneval 06:44 Tools
Decatune - Original Mix 07:44 Tools
ordinary dreams 03:36 Tools
Move Me (Original Mix) 04:27 Tools
I Believer 06:43 Tools
Le Voyage (Original Mix) 06:26 Tools
Läncer is a Dancer 04:27 Tools
Sonnenallee (Digital Only) 02:30 Tools
su 03:38 Tools
Das selbe Lied 04:00 Tools
Silence Is The Enemy 03:06 Tools
Interessiert mich nicht 03:19 Tools
Touch It - Original Mix 06:26 Tools
Charly Braun 06:43 Tools
Sandlande (Original Mix) 06:39 Tools
Snupi (Original Version) 06:38 Tools
Viola 06:47 Tools
Nacht Am See (Original Mix) 07:10 Tools
Snupi - Original Version 06:39 Tools
Daylight (Digital Only) 07:44 Tools
Oh 06:44 Tools
I Want You 03:22 Tools
Cosmic Dance (Felipe Puertes Remix) 06:47 Tools
Altro Mondo (Original) 06:39 Tools
Bergluft - Modunique Remix 08:11 Tools
I Know (Original Mix) deep house 00:00 Tools
Läncer Is a Dancer (Original Version) 07:23 Tools
Up and Down (Original Mix) 06:12 Tools
Up And Down 06:12 Tools
Heat Of The Night 07:44 Tools
Tristesse - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
mrs melancholie 10:11 Tools
I Know - Oliver Koletzki Remix 06:30 Tools
Bergluft - Lars Sommerfeld Remix 07:36 Tools
I Know (Oliver Koletzki Remix) 06:30 Tools
Destiny (Original Mix) 06:47 Tools
Decatune 06:47 Tools
Go - Original Version 06:47 Tools
Viola (Original Mix) 06:19 Tools
Go (Original Version) 06:47 Tools
At The Audioteque 07:21 Tools
Sunday Morning Walk (Digital Only) 10:11 Tools
Disco Light - Original Version 03:17 Tools
Way Out (feat. mo_yoors) 06:19 Tools
Freiheit 06:19 Tools
Zeit:Raum 03:24 Tools
Kellerkind - I Know (Original Mix) 06:19 Tools
Backflash (Niko Schwind Remix) [Stil Vor Talent] 06:30 Tools
Reflections 06:19 Tools
It's Just a Word (Kellerkind Remix) 06:37 Tools
Auf und ab 03:32 Tools
Disco Light (Original Version) 06:37 Tools
Raus 07:44 Tools
Rollacoasta (Original) 07:04 Tools
I Know - Murat Kilic Remix 07:44 Tools
Cache Cache (Original Mix) 07:41 Tools
Daylight 07:44 Tools
Oh (Original Mix) 06:44 Tools
Altro Mondo (Original Mix) 06:44 Tools
Shakti Pan feat. Sven (Original Mix) 06:19 Tools
Subzero (Original Mix) 06:19 Tools
Klangkarussell - Sonnentanz Kellerkind Remix 06:43 Tools
Way Out - Christian Nielsen Remix 32:18 Tools
I Know (Murat Kilic Remix) 06:25 Tools
Toll 06:19 Tools
I Believe - Original Version 07:44 Tools
I Know (Original Mix) | 04:21 Tools
Lieblingsmädchen 05:58 Tools
Altro Mondo (Kellerkind & Vol-Tek Original Mix) 07:44 Tools
I Know [Stil vor Talent] 03:17 Tools
Disco Light (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] 05:56 Tools
Kellerkind- Snupi 03:52 Tools
Dont You Know It (Original Mix) 03:17 Tools
I Can't Get No - Original Version 06:19 Tools
Oh - Original Mix 03:17 Tools
Basement Funk - Original Mix 03:17 Tools
Take Your Soul (Original Mix) 07:39 Tools
Oliver Koletzki feat. Nörd - After All (Kellerkind Remix) 05:58 Tools
Down To (Original Version) 06:19 Tools
Breath Me In 06:19 Tools
Music Is A Miracle (Original Mix) 06:19 Tools
Bergluft (Original Mix) 06:19 Tools
Tomtom (Original Mix) 06:19 Tools
Slomo 06:19 Tools
Faze DJ Set 22 (Continuous DJ Mix) 32:18 Tools
Down To (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] 06:19 Tools
Schritt zum mic 06:19 Tools
Disco on the Dance Floor 06:19 Tools
All We Need - Kellerkind Remix 06:19 Tools
Sunday Morning Walk 07:39 Tools
The Man Who Couldn't Cry 05:58 Tools
Sonnenallee 07:17 Tools
Faze DJ-Set 22 (Continuous DJ Mix) 32:18 Tools
Heat Of The Night (Original Mix) 07:17 Tools
komA 06:19 Tools
Reflection 32:18 Tools
"Tristesse EP" (Le Voyage & Tristesse) 05:55 Tools
Cosmic Dance (Original Mix) "FULL VERSION" 05:58 Tools
Shakti Pan Feat. Sven 05:55 Tools
Kotzen 05:55 Tools
Always Like This (Andhim Remix) 05:58 Tools
Down To (feat. Dear Prudence) 05:58 Tools
Cosmic Dance (Original Mix) 05:58 Tools
That Sound (Original Mix) 05:58 Tools
Monologue (feat Laura Wiesmann) 05:58 Tools
Bergluft - Original Mix 05:58 Tools
Altro Mondo (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) 05:58 Tools
Backflash (Original Version) [Stil Vor Talent Records] 05:58 Tools
Playground (Original Mix) 05:58 Tools
Cache Cache - Original Mix 05:58 Tools
Backflash (Original Mix) - (www.Grizzlis.LT) 05:58 Tools
Kellerkind - Destiny **OUT NOW** 05:55 Tools
Sandlande (Original Version) 05:55 Tools
Kellerkind - Your Love (Original Mix) 05:55 Tools
Kellerkind - Sandlande 05:58 Tools
Shaktipan (feat. Sven) 05:58 Tools
Move Me (Jiggler Remix) (Snippet) 00:30 Tools
FULL VERSION 05:55 Tools
Cosmic Dance - Extended Mix 05:55 Tools
Live Today 05:55 Tools
Don't You Know It (Original Mix) 06:37 Tools
300 Sekunden 06:37 Tools
Rennen 05:55 Tools
Deichkind - "Der Mond" Kellerkind's Out Of Space Remix 06:37 Tools
Disco On The Dancefloor (Original Mix) [Deep] 05:55 Tools
I Believe (Original Version) 05:55 Tools
Kellerkind DJ-MIX "Kapitel Podcast" 05:55 Tools
Dont You Know It 05:55 Tools
Get Down (Niko Schwind Remix) 05:55 Tools
Die Sonne 00:30 Tools
I Cant Get No (Stil Vor Talent 039) 05:55 Tools
Hunger 05:55 Tools
Slomo (Mixed) 05:55 Tools
"Basement Funk" 06:47 Tools
Birds ( Original Mix ) 00:30 Tools
G Duu nicht 00:30 Tools
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The musically gifted Producer and DJ from Switzerland manages to add a personal touch to all of his sets by adding songs he produces himself as well as his own remixes. Only if you’ve been to any of his parties can you comprehend the magnitude of his aura! Kellerkind has produced many of his own songs for example "Bergluft" that eaven reached the Top5 in the genre Minimal on Beatport. He has rocked the turntables at numerous well-known clubs in Switzerland for example Rohstofflager, Club Q, Kaufleuten, OXA, Labitzke, Hidden, Legend, Prestige... Thanks to the amazing feedback and the huge crowds he attracts he is regularly booked by the mentioned clubs. Furthermore he has continuously been invited to dj at huge events as for example the Street Parade, Energy 2006, Infected-Music, DirtyDanzing… Due to these gigs he has had the opportunity to work together with international as well as national top-acts such as PIER BUCCI, OLIVER HUNTEMAN, ALEX KENJI, TOCADISCO, DANNY FREAKAZOID, SHE DJ PAULETTE, MANON, ANDREW etc. Even outside of Switzerland for example in Germany, Ukraine, Spain as well as the UK he’s been able to rock the dance floors as well as energize the crowd to the limit! We are all on edge about what Kellerkind has to offer in the future… Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.