Look What I Did

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Minuteman for the Moment 03:07 Tools
Cupid Full of Eros 03:06 Tools
Ultimate Complete Home Fitness Machine 03:18 Tools
The Soiree 05:13 Tools
Fade To Daft 03:23 Tools
The FOX Eats TV Ishmael 04:39 Tools
Appomattox Whorehouse 03:35 Tools
Is, Was, and Will Be 04:49 Tools
Six Flags Over Jesus 03:03 Tools
Raining Pleasantries 03:53 Tools
Benevolesaurus Lex 04:09 Tools
Chest Is a Ribcage 04:27 Tools
Lightningbugs 04:21 Tools
Jekyll Island Fiat Scratch 03:22 Tools
Zanzibar II: Sasha and Sebastian 07:24 Tools
Holding Pattern 02:20 Tools
I'm Majoring in Psychology 02:24 Tools
Serf Song 03:20 Tools
My Girlfriend, Leo Strauss 03:04 Tools
Sh*t $ 03:17 Tools
quit it 03:20 Tools
Pussy Comitatus 04:42 Tools
Shadowboxing (To Stay Fit) 03:49 Tools
Haematospermia 03:18 Tools
Baby Darwins 06:52 Tools
House of Cards 05:15 Tools
Last Call For Rufenol 03:31 Tools
Mirror, Mirror 04:25 Tools
I Beat God at Tae Kwon Do 03:33 Tools
My Biggest Fan 03:13 Tools
Lipstick Liasons 04:26 Tools
Feast Of Breath and Teeth 04:42 Tools
Zanzibar 1: The Dry Mouth Horse That Died At The Watering Hole 04:27 Tools
Zanzibar 1: The Dry Mouth Hors 04:27 Tools
I Kill Everything I Fuck 02:33 Tools
Unwrite The Old Songs 00:00 Tools
The Soiree (Demo) 04:49 Tools
Minuteman For The Moment (Demo) 00:00 Tools
Brigham Young And David Koresh Rally The Troops On The Moon 00:00 Tools
David Koresh Has a Message (For You) 02:56 Tools
Wait, Don't Jump 00:00 Tools
One Out of Four 01:54 Tools
The Trial 02:56 Tools
Sebastian's Analog Prison 04:10 Tools
Hands Off My Snacks 04:10 Tools
The Book of Daniel 04:10 Tools
Pinkies Up That Poison Cup 04:10 Tools
An Organized Insurrection 04:10 Tools
Clearing the Temple 04:10 Tools
Safe With Me 04:10 Tools
Just Anything 04:15 Tools
The Final Battle, Pt. 1 00:00 Tools
It's Inevitable 00:00 Tools
Sympathy Porn 00:00 Tools
You Know What It Takes (To Win) 00:00 Tools
The Final Battle, Part 1 00:00 Tools
lightningbugsfin 00:00 Tools
Burn Down the Federal Reserve 00:00 Tools
Is Was and Will Be 00:00 Tools
Leo Strauss 00:00 Tools
My First Time 00:00 Tools
Cupid Full of Eros (MFT version) 03:10 Tools
Look What I Did - My First Tim 00:00 Tools
Zanzibar III: Sebastian's Analog Prison (New!) 00:00 Tools
Zanzibar I - The Dry Mouthed Horse that Died at the Watering Hole 04:27 Tools
Cupid Full of Eros_copy 03:10 Tools
Appomattox W***e House 03:10 Tools
Jekyll Island Flat Scratch 03:22 Tools
The Fox Eats TV Ishmeal 03:22 Tools
If, Was, and Will Be 03:22 Tools
Mirror Mirror 03:22 Tools
Minuteman_for_the_Moment 03:07 Tools
01 Cupid Full Of Eros 03:11 Tools
Is, Was, And Will Be (feat. Denise Weeks) 03:11 Tools
Sh_t $ 03:11 Tools
Holding Pattern [Explicit] 03:32 Tools
Bring Down The Federal Reserve 03:11 Tools
Minutemen For The Moment 03:11 Tools
Fox Eats TV Ishmael 03:11 Tools
Zanzibar I The Dry Mouth Horse that Died at the Watering Hole 03:11 Tools
If I Were You I Wouldn't 03:11 Tools
05 Last Call For Rufenol 03:32 Tools
Serf Song [Explicit] 03:32 Tools
Sh*t $ [Explicit] 03:32 Tools
Minute Man For The Moment 03:32 Tools
Feat T.I (Prod By Sean Momberger) 03:32 Tools
01-Minuteman For The Moment 03:32 Tools
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Free Look What I Did music, news, frequent updates and blogs are available at www.melodicnoise.com, the band's official online portal. Look What I Did are a self-described info punk band formed in 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee by singer, Barry Donegan and guitarist, Colby Shea. Miles McPherson (drums, currently playing with Kelly Clarkson) and Chris Bradley (bass) were added before the bands first public live performance in January 2002. The band live performances during that era often ended in animal thongs, a fistfight between members, and in some cases, a hospital trip for its vocalist. In 2003, the band added a second guitar player, Aaron "Skeet" Childress, formerly of National Green, and relocated to Los Angeles, California. At this time they also released their first recording, an independently recorded, financed, and released LP, My First Time, on their own Clockrock Recordings. Despite its limited pressing, the record received many features from ezines such as theprp.com, loudside.com, Opuszine.com. Miles McPherson was not able to join the band in L.A., and Eli Green, now of HORSE the band filled in for some time. McPherson returned to the group in 2004. In 2005, newly reformed Combat Records and producer, Brian Virtue (Jane's Addiction, theSTART) worked with the band to release Minuteman for the Moment on October 4, 2005. The band then relocated to Nashville, TN, and began heavy national touring with bands such as Ion Dissonance, Animosity, At All Cost, Dog Fashion Disco, Tub Ring and The Classic Struggle, Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Folly, and The Human Abstract. In October of 2006, Jake Omen(drums, ex Year of Desolation) and Ty Coughlin(bass) joined the band, replacing McPherson and Shea. Chris Bradley took over the duties on guitar. In early 2008 the band signed a deal with new label Modernist Movement. The album Atlas Drugged was released on February 9, 2010 via Modernist Movement Recordings. Atlas Drugged was also produced by Brian Virtue. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.