May I Cry

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Angels Cry 04:30 Tools
Ashes 03:02 Tools
Poison 03:15 Tools
Make Me Complete 03:41 Tools
I Want You 03:45 Tools
Beauty Sleep 03:48 Tools
Memory Remains 00:00 Tools
Weak With You 00:00 Tools
River of Tears 00:00 Tools
Make_me_complete 00:00 Tools
Living in a Lie 00:00 Tools
For Love 00:00 Tools
As We All 00:00 Tools
Track 3 00:00 Tools
Broken illusion 03:15 Tools
Track 4 03:15 Tools
Memory Remains (Acoustic Live) 05:50 Tools
May i cry - Poison 03:15 Tools
May I Cry - Make Me Complete 03:15 Tools
May i cry - Weak With You 05:50 Tools
May i cry - Ashes 05:50 Tools
!Poison 05:50 Tools
!Memory Remains 05:50 Tools
_Ashes 05:50 Tools
_poison 05:50 Tools
May i cry - Angels cry 05:50 Tools
May_i_cry__Make_me_Complete 05:50 Tools
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May I Cry is a pure beautiful and cruel dirty metal band. Combination of melancholy and melodies is easy to fall into but hard to get out. What you hear from the album is exponential on stage. May I Cry is a becoming influence. May I Cry has a long history playing together but also in other projects. Formation began in fall 2000 when Pepe, Tuomas and Make performed some covers in school graduation. Even one own punk song was in the set. It was a confusing time for all. Pepe and Tuomas grew writing lyrics and composing songs. Soon the times demanded to leave covers behind and start focusin in own productions. It was the time when line-up was known as The Cramp. This time keyboards came along for the first time played by Jussi H. In 2001 The Cramp collected the first prize with their first own song 'The world will never let you go' in a band competition held in Locka Rock. Soon Ville was recruited in and the band was even closer to it's final form. In 2002 it was time to change the name again and May I Cry was formed. This was because the musical style changed even darker and melancholic. Living in a lie was made along with Memory Remains, River of Tears and For Love. song were praised from every direction. This was a kick to a right direction. After a short break May I Cry wrote songs like Angels Cry and Beauty Sleep. The band was even more popular than ever before. In 2003 May I Cry tried a different style. More guitar-based rock, but it was a clear mistake. The third demo 'Simply Beautiful' was a flop. So back to the melodic, emotional rock. Just before the year 2003 was about to end May I Cry took their promo photographer Tero to play keyboards for one gig, and he was to stay. May I Cry had reached its final form. In 2004 May I Cry lifted heads and released their fourth demo 'Scenery of a Heart'. Techically the best demo so far collected great reviews and made the fan base even stronger. Now in the end of 2005 May I Cry has new material for another release. Because of personal issues May I Cry decided going to studio in the beginning of 2006. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.