Soma Sema

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Artificial Heart 04:14 Tools
Dream Baby Dream 03:45 Tools
Frenzy 04:40 Tools
Under Waves 04:29 Tools
Soma Sema - artificial heart 03:58 Tools
Makina Girgir - Alpha 04:00 Tools
Vita Noctis - Expose 04:00 Tools
Soma Sema — Artificial Heart 04:00 Tools
Blitzkrieg Baby - Your Happy Place 04:00 Tools
Xiu - Something 04:00 Tools
Club Amour - Disconnected 04:00 Tools
Television Set - Staveley Shed 04:00 Tools
Kord - Running Through The Night 04:00 Tools
Nimam Spregleda - Fire 04:00 Tools
Lust For Youth - Gehenna 04:00 Tools
Soma Sema - Frenzy 04:00 Tools
Estroscorpio - Slugs 04:00 Tools
Soma Sema - Dream Baby Dream 04:00 Tools
Soma Sema - Under Waves 04:00 Tools
Goz Mongo Alliance - So Please Go Away 04:00 Tools
Dream Baby Dream (from A Somatic Response Comp Tape) 04:00 Tools
Under Waves (from Forward+Rewind Comp Tape) 04:00 Tools
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Taking its inspiration from the minimal synth and coldwave genres of the 1980s, Soma Sema exists as the musical collaboration of Clara Hall -voice- (her other side project Daybed) and Th. Tot -music-. With interest and experience in working with other forms of music, including pop, drone and noise, Soma Sema seeks to simultaneously transcend and pay homage the wave genre. The project's music experiments with ambient interludes while nevertheless embracing pop structures. In the process, it creates music that sounds polished yet also rough around the edges at the same time. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.