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345 00:00 Tools
We Like To Dance And Steal Things 00:00 Tools
Young People! All Together 00:00 Tools
3,4,5 00:00 Tools
We Can Make It Out 00:00 Tools
Everyone I Ever Met 00:00 Tools
Torn Up In Praise 00:00 Tools
Give It Up To The Night 00:00 Tools
Precursor 00:00 Tools
Sometimes Words Are Too Slow 00:00 Tools
Sun It Never Comes 01:47 Tools
End Credits / Loveletter 07:38 Tools
Happy Needs Colour 05:11 Tools
Peace Racket 06:26 Tools
Canon Grant 01:45 Tools
Forever The Bridge 06:01 Tools
When I Was A Daisy, When I Was A Tree 04:15 Tools
Scatter : I Miss You 02:53 Tools
Scatter: I Miss You 02:53 Tools
We Can Make It Out - Yppah Remix 03:35 Tools
We Like To Dance and Steal 03:39 Tools
3 4 5 04:23 Tools
We Can Make It Out (Yppah Remix) 03:36 Tools
We Can Make It Out - Radio Edit 03:43 Tools
Pigs Riddim 04:16 Tools
Flight - Marks Remix 05:12 Tools
3, 4, 5 (Hiatus Remix) 04:42 Tools
Lo Pan Strikes 04:42 Tools
Where Do I Sleep 05:12 Tools
Tragedy In The Jasmine Garden 05:12 Tools
Mutations 05:12 Tools
Failed State 04:30 Tools
Ritalin 05:12 Tools
Ritalin (E.M.M.A Remix) 05:12 Tools
Mercurial 04:30 Tools
Hard Road 03:38 Tools
Gassed Up 04:44 Tools
Flight 03:39 Tools
We Can Make It Out (Tides Remix) 04:44 Tools
Daisy (Demo Version) 03:32 Tools
3 4 5 - Grasscut Remix 04:30 Tools
End Credits 04:30 Tools
We Can Make It Out (Radio Edit) 03:45 Tools
3 4 5 - Radio Edit 03:37 Tools
3,4,5 (Radio Edit) 03:39 Tools
Where Do I Sleep? 05:12 Tools
We Can Make It Out (Album Version) 04:40 Tools
Heartheart 04:40 Tools
'We Can Make It Out' (Yppah Remix) 04:40 Tools
Educated Heart 01:00 Tools
Freedom 01:00 Tools
3,4,5 (2011) 03:36 Tools
Boots 02:20 Tools
Ritalin - E.M.M.A Remix 03:36 Tools
pSuedonym 03:36 Tools
Drive 03:36 Tools
3 4 5 - Capac Remix 05:08 Tools
3 4 5 - Hiatus Remix 04:40 Tools
Sleep It Off 03:36 Tools
Flight (Marks Remix) 04:40 Tools
Just Anotha Day 02:33 Tools
Freakthaprison 02:33 Tools
Stay Level 02:33 Tools
Battle Cry 04:40 Tools
Give It Up To The Night (Fieldhead Remix) 03:11 Tools
Normal Rap Song 04:23 Tools
3, 4, 5 04:23 Tools
Thumbtax 04:23 Tools
3 4 5 - Director's Cut 06:46 Tools
Cold Logic 04:23 Tools
Spokes - 3,4,5 04:23 Tools
3, 4, 5 (Radio Edit) 03:39 Tools
3,4,5 (Grasscut Remix) 04:23 Tools
Mission Park 04:40 Tools
Ethereal 04:23 Tools
3 4 5 (Hiatus Remix) 04:40 Tools
Brother Moore 04:40 Tools
3 4 5 (radio edit) 04:40 Tools
Ritalin (E.M.M.A. remix) 04:40 Tools
01-3_4_5 04:40 Tools
3,4,5 (Capac Remix) 04:40 Tools
Deeper Deepest 04:40 Tools
Stay Level Feat Illucid 04:40 Tools
3 4 5 (Capac Remix) 04:40 Tools
Scatter I Miss You 04:40 Tools
step it up (worriedaboutsatan remix) 04:40 Tools
Tradegy In The Jasmine Garden 04:40 Tools
3 4 5-Radio Edit 04:40 Tools
Drive Feat Lil Precious 04:40 Tools
Pseuedonym 04:40 Tools
Sway 04:40 Tools
End Credits Loveletter 04:40 Tools
Play To Grey 04:57 Tools
05-give_it_up_to_the_night 04:57 Tools
Clove Smoker 04:57 Tools
'We Can Make It Out (Tides Remix)' 04:57 Tools
Ritalin (EMMA Remix) 04:57 Tools
Heart Heart Feat Laurie 04:57 Tools
Freak Tha Prison 04:57 Tools
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Spokes are a band based in Manchester and Newcastle (UK), brought together in 2006 by a combination of boyhood friendships, family ties and a relentless love of recording and touring. Critics have praised them for their grand sound, buoyed by bittersweet joy and devastating lows. While sounding like a band with much more than 5 members they go from euphoric noise to moments of intense stillness. While drawing upon folk, shoegaze, slowcore and post-rock their music is always distilled down into something distinctly their own. In 2007 they recorded their debut EP People Like People Like You which combined their off-kilter indie with more flowing structures influenced by post-rock and classical music. And it sold out quickly. The release also lead to an appearance on the main stage at the Big Chill festival where People Like People Like You quickly sold out at the Rough Trade stall. They also won the Sound 2008 competition and played at Rockness. This frenzied activity eventually caught the attention of Ninja Tune (and XFM who had them as a new band of the year) and their indie imprint Counter Records, who re-released People Like People Like You in the spring of 2009. Having played at the End Of The Road festival in the summer Spokes then returned to their countryside residence somewhere in the North-East of England to finish work on their first album proper. This time introducing intricate vocal harmonies and more complex arrangements. Spokes' meticulous attention to detail and feel lends their songs a lush sound that has a clear respect for the classics, taking inspiration from artists such as Neil Young and Kate Bush. The song 'Torn Up In Praise' was taken from early recordings for the album and included in the Counter Records sampler, it was warmly received by Clash magazine for it's grand take on indie-rock. Similarly, when NME chose to run a feature on the Ninja Tune label a Spokes demo entitled simply as 'Daisy' was included as a featured download alongside label-mates Jaga Jazzist and Andeya Triana. 'We Can Make It Out' is the first single to be lifted from the upcoming album 'Everyone I Ever Met', and it's unique choral vocals typify the energy of the record as a whole. It comes with a video by director Dan Lowe who himself has already achieved notoriety with a promo for Field Music which was nominated by RADAR for best budget video last year alongside luminaries such as Spike Jonze. The single is expected to be released in November this year with launch dates in London, Newcastle and across the UK. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.