The Scourger

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Enslaved To Faith 03:16 Tools
Maximum Intensity 03:44 Tools
In The Hour Of Ruin 05:57 Tools
Hatehead 03:32 Tools
Dark Invitation To Armageddon 05:18 Tools
No Redemption 04:40 Tools
Never Bury The Hatchet 04:06 Tools
Pain Zone 04:53 Tools
The Oath & The Lie 03:18 Tools
To Tame A Life 04:37 Tools
Chapter Thirteen 04:58 Tools
Exodus Day 04:30 Tools
Deformed Reality 04:28 Tools
Reign In Bestial Sin 05:25 Tools
Feast Of The Carnivore 04:48 Tools
Beyond Judas 05:01 Tools
Cranium Crush 04:17 Tools
Last Nail To The Coffin 06:47 Tools
Intro 01:26 Tools
Decline Of Conformity / Grading:Deranged 05:52 Tools
Black Worms 06:08 Tools
Vicious Circle 04:13 Tools
Vicious Circle (Bonus) 04:16 Tools
The Greediness 05:29 Tools
Lex Talionis 01:26 Tools
Hatehead (Bonus, live at VR-Makasiini) 03:35 Tools
Slayground 05:43 Tools
Soul Seducer 04:22 Tools
Crossfire of lies 05:19 Tools
Malediction of Heredity 04:38 Tools
Decline Of Conformity / Grading Deranged 05:52 Tools
Decline of Conformity / Grading: Deranged 05:52 Tools
Maximum Intensity (Live) 03:41 Tools
Hatehead (Live) 03:35 Tools
Ghosts Of War 03:49 Tools
Hatehead (live at VR-Makasiini 03.12.2005) 03:35 Tools
Over The Wall 04:15 Tools
Decline Of Conformity Gradingderanged 04:15 Tools
Over the Wall (Testament Cover) 04:15 Tools
Hatehead (Live at VR-Makasiini) 03:35 Tools
Ghost Of War (Slayer Cover) 04:15 Tools
Grading Deranged (Live) 05:05 Tools
Ghosts Of War (bonus track) 03:48 Tools
The Greediness (bonus track) 05:29 Tools
Over The Wall (bonus track) 04:15 Tools
Black Worms (bonus track) 06:08 Tools
Decline of Conformity 05:52 Tools
Decline Of Conformity , Grading-Deranged 05:52 Tools
Grading Deranged (live) (bonus track) 05:05 Tools
Vicious Circle (Bonus Track) 04:15 Tools
Decline Of ConformityGrading : Deranged 05:53 Tools
The Oath and the Lie 05:53 Tools
The Oath And The Lie (live) (bonus track) 03:33 Tools
To Tama a Life 04:37 Tools
Decline Of Conformity/ Grading: Deranged 05:53 Tools
The Oath And The Lie (Live) 05:53 Tools
Hatehead - Live at VR-Makasiini 03:35 Tools
The Oath And The Lie (Live @ Tuska 2006) 03:35 Tools
Decline of conformity/grading:deranged 03:35 Tools
Over the Wall (cover) 03:35 Tools
Ghosts of War (cover) 03:35 Tools
Decline Of Conformity / Gradin 03:35 Tools
Hatehead (Live At Vr-Makasiin) 03:35 Tools
The Oath & The Lie (Live) (Bonus Track) 03:33 Tools
Decline Of Conformity/Grading: Deranged 03:35 Tools
Hatehead (Live At Vr-Makasiinit) (Bonus Track) 03:35 Tools
Vicious Circle (Previously Unr 03:35 Tools
Hatehead [live] 03:35 Tools
Decline Of Conformity/Grading Deranged 03:33 Tools
Decline Of Conformity / Grading : Deranged 05:54 Tools
Grading Deranged 05:54 Tools
Vicious Circle [Previously Unreleased] 05:54 Tools
Ghosts of War (Slayer Cover) 05:54 Tools
Kappale 12 05:54 Tools
Decline Of Conformity, Grading Deranged 05:54 Tools
carnium crush 05:54 Tools
Oath & The Lie 05:54 Tools
Hatehead (Live At VR-Makasiini 05:54 Tools
Hatehead - Live at VR-Makasiini 2006 10:37 Tools
Hatehead [Live][*] 05:54 Tools
Hatehead (bonus live at vr-makasiini) 03:35 Tools
Hatehead [*][Live] 03:35 Tools
Hatehead (Live at VR-Makasiini) (Bonus Track) 03:35 Tools
Bonus 03:35 Tools
Decline Of Conformity Gradingderanged 10:37 Tools
Bonus 2 10:37 Tools
deadline of conform 10:37 Tools
Decline Of Conformity (Grading): Deranged 10:37 Tools
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The Scourger is a Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band from Helsinki, Finland formed in 2003. Their first full-length album entitled "Blind Date With Violence" was released in early 2006. The current lineup of The Scourger has come to an end. The Scourger and its two founding members Jari Hurskainen and Seppo Tarvainen have decided to continue their musical careers apart. Vocalist Hurskainen will continue under the name of The Scourger by himself. All other ex-members Antti Wirman, Kimmo Kammonen, Jani Luttinen and Seppo Tarvainen will continue together. Their new projects will be announced at a later time. The Scourger has released two full length albums via Stay Heavy Records / Cyclone Empire worldwide to date. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.