Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Bezerk 06:04 Tools
Do It Up 03:32 Tools
I Believe 05:26 Tools
One Beat Of Your Heart 04:06 Tools
Dirty Needlez 04:09 Tools
Sugar Fever 03:24 Tools
Get Real 03:21 Tools
Make Me Bleed 05:03 Tools
Falling Down 03:48 Tools
Annie'z Gone 04:34 Tools
For Hate'z Sake 05:38 Tools
Love Bomb Baby 03:06 Tools
TVOD 03:30 Tools
Call of the Wild 08:14 Tools
Livin' Without You 04:17 Tools
Sick Sex 00:00 Tools
Noise Level Critical 00:00 Tools
I Can Fight Dirty Too 00:00 Tools
Star Attraction 00:00 Tools
Love Overload 03:53 Tools
Heaven 06:04 Tools
Twist and Shake 00:00 Tools
Action City 00:00 Tools
Hollywood Killer 03:39 Tools
Squeeze It Dry 00:00 Tools
Shoot to Kill 00:00 Tools
She'z Too Hot 03:12 Tools
Young and Crazy 00:00 Tools
Fall in Love Again 00:00 Tools
Turn Me On 00:00 Tools
Ballerina 00:51 Tools
Shameless 04:20 Tools
City Kidz 03:56 Tools
Creeping Death 00:00 Tools
Murderess 00:00 Tools
Peace Sellz 00:00 Tools
Living Without You 00:00 Tools
Love Junkie 03:39 Tools
Million Dollar Smile 00:00 Tools
For a Few Dollarz More 00:00 Tools
She'z Too Hot (live) 00:00 Tools
Taking the Pain 00:00 Tools
Tyfho 03:46 Tools
Nine Livez 03:24 Tools
Wazbones 03:40 Tools
Belly of the Beast 00:00 Tools
Love Can Kill 04:26 Tools
Dirty Needles 00:00 Tools
Brain The Sucker 04:11 Tools
The Final Solution 04:45 Tools
Show Me 03:15 Tools
(Bonus Track) Interview 11:58 Tools
Twisted 03:06 Tools
Pigface 00:00 Tools
Long Live The New Flesh 03:54 Tools
I Want You to Want Me 00:00 Tools
Only You 03:42 Tools
Thrill Pistol 05:09 Tools
Milez Away 04:20 Tools
Natural Born Animal 04:00 Tools
Serpent Queen 04:03 Tools
Let Your Flesh Instruct Your Mind 00:00 Tools
Perish 00:00 Tools
Hanging By The Heelz 03:21 Tools
Tear Your Fucking Heart Out 00:00 Tools
Tongwynlais Fly 01:22 Tools
In the Name of the Gun 00:00 Tools
Now You're on Your Own 00:00 Tools
The Future Is a Drug 00:00 Tools
Cat Got Ya Tongue 00:00 Tools
Take Me to the Limit 00:00 Tools
TYFHO (Version #1) 03:50 Tools
Too Cool For School 03:34 Tools
One Life 04:20 Tools
Nine Lives 00:00 Tools
Cheap Talk 03:07 Tools
Pigface (edit) 00:00 Tools
Love Overload '95 00:00 Tools
Six Shoot Shuffle 03:36 Tools
Bite The Hand 03:59 Tools
Heaven (radio edit) 00:00 Tools
Eastern promise 03:45 Tools
Shoe Collector 05:12 Tools
All the Girls in the World 03:20 Tools
Just For One Night 03:20 Tools
Spit It Out 03:20 Tools
Heaven (extended mix) 00:00 Tools
Rambo 03:30 Tools
Action City (Version 2) 03:23 Tools
Punched In The Gutz 04:33 Tools
Pipped It Popped It 03:20 Tools
King of the World 03:25 Tools
Bop Bop You 04:26 Tools
Love Overload (Live) 00:00 Tools
Peace Sells (megadeth Cover) 03:49 Tools
In the Arms of Mary 03:49 Tools
Call Of The Wild (Live) 03:51 Tools
Bloodsuckers 04:26 Tools
Dynamite 04:33 Tools
Bring It On 04:33 Tools
God's Country 04:33 Tools
Crime Against Rock and Roll 04:33 Tools
Wazbonez [#][*] 03:39 Tools
Love Junkie [#][*] 03:38 Tools
I Believe [#][*] 05:19 Tools
Tyfho [#][*] 03:50 Tools
Bezerk - 02 - Love Bomb Baby 03:04 Tools
Show Me [#][*] 03:14 Tools
Bezerk - 01 - Sick Sex 04:26 Tools
Welsh National Anthem 03:38 Tools
Ace Of Spades 03:49 Tools
Crazy Horses 03:34 Tools
Bezerk - 03 - I Can Fight Dir 04:26 Tools
Call of the Wild - Live 04:29 Tools
Love Bomb Baby (Live) 04:33 Tools
Bezerk - 05 - Heaven 06:04 Tools
Noise Level Critical (Live) 04:02 Tools
Bezerk - 08 - Twist And Shake 04:29 Tools
Bezerk - 04 - Noise Level Cri 05:23 Tools
Bezerk - 06 - Love Overload 05:23 Tools
Sick Sex (Live) 03:17 Tools
Bezerk - 07 - Action City 04:02 Tools
Bezerk - 09 - Squeeze It Dry 03:17 Tools
Love Junkie (bonus track) 03:32 Tools
Dirty Needles (Live) 03:38 Tools
Those Who Have And Those Who Have Not 02:53 Tools
Daggers 03:49 Tools
Tigerfeet 03:38 Tools
Bezerk - 10 - Call Of The Wil 03:38 Tools
Squeeze It Dry (Live) 03:28 Tools
Pigface (Live) 03:28 Tools
I want you to want me (Cheap Trick Cover) 03:28 Tools
Belly Of The Beast (Live) 03:28 Tools
Love Junkie (Live) 03:28 Tools
TYFHO (Live) 00:00 Tools
Mean It 02:53 Tools
Long Live The New Flesh (Ethnic Mix) 03:45 Tools
FNA 03:28 Tools
Kill the Clown 04:13 Tools
Peace Sells (Megadeth) 03:49 Tools
Tigertailz Livin' Without You 00:00 Tools
Creeping Death (Metallica) 06:09 Tools
Hold Your Horses 02:53 Tools
Tyfho(Version #1) 03:50 Tools
Shoot To Kill - Original Sin 03:52 Tools
Love Can Kill (bonus track) 06:09 Tools
Peace Sellz (But Who'z Buying?) 03:50 Tools
Holding The Baby 03:57 Tools
In For the Kill 04:00 Tools
Funny Little Mind 03:28 Tools
Turn Me On - Original Sin 02:53 Tools
Is That Your Idea Of Fun? 04:00 Tools
Everything's Broken 03:09 Tools
Now You're On You're Own - Original Sin 03:45 Tools
Interview (US Bonus Track) 11:58 Tools
Take It To The Limit - Original Sin 03:57 Tools
Fall In Love Again - Original Sin 04:29 Tools
I Want You To Want Me - Original Sin 03:28 Tools
Star Attraction - Original Sin 03:09 Tools
She'z Too Hot - Live 04:37 Tools
Livin' Without You - Original Sin 04:19 Tools
Young And Crazy - Original Sin 03:19 Tools
She'z So Wild 04:00 Tools
Love Can Kill [*] 04:49 Tools
Tear Your Fucking Heart Out (Version #1) 00:00 Tools
Cry Tough 04:49 Tools
Cat Got Ya Tongue - Original Sin 04:07 Tools
I Want You To Want Me (bonus track) 03:31 Tools
(bonus track) Love Can Kill 04:17 Tools
Tear Your F**king Heart Out 03:46 Tools
Creeping Death (Metallica cover) 00:00 Tools
Tongwynais Fly 01:22 Tools
Peace Sellz (Megadeth cover) 00:00 Tools
She Ain't the Girl 03:32 Tools
Fall in Love Again (Jules Millis Edit) 03:46 Tools
Tigertailz - Love Bomb Baby 03:31 Tools
For a Few Dollarz More (live) 03:31 Tools
She Aint The Girl 03:46 Tools
T.Y.F.H.O. 03:44 Tools
[Untitled Track] 03:44 Tools
Love Bomb Baby - Live 03:53 Tools
She'z Too Hot (live version) 04:37 Tools
Living Without You '86 04:37 Tools
Tearyourfuckingheartout 03:46 Tools
Sweet 'N EZ 03:01 Tools
Twist`n`Shake 03:32 Tools
No Surprize 03:32 Tools
Love Junk II 03:32 Tools
Tear Your Fuckin' Heart Out 03:46 Tools
01 SickSex! 03:46 Tools
Tear Your F--King Heart Out 03:46 Tools
Living Without You '87 03:46 Tools
Walking On Air 03:46 Tools
Heaven (Bezerk extended mix) 04:13 Tools
I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick) 03:51 Tools
Love Overload - Tigerttailz 03:46 Tools
Action City (alt. version) 03:46 Tools
02 Love Bomb Baby 03:46 Tools
Sick Sex - Live 03:51 Tools
She's Too Hot '87 03:46 Tools
I Want You To Want Me '88 03:46 Tools
Shoot To Kill '87 03:46 Tools
Cat Got Your Tongue 04:13 Tools
Tigertailz - Banzai - 05 - Tigertailz - Creeping Death 04:13 Tools
Sweet 'N EZ '87 04:13 Tools
The Name of the Gun 05:52 Tools
06 Love Overload 05:52 Tools
Now You're On Your Own '87 05:52 Tools
Turn Me On '87 05:52 Tools
Goodbye 05:52 Tools
Peace Sellz (But Who's Buying?) 03:53 Tools
Walking On Air '86 05:52 Tools
Tigertailz - Sick Sex 05:52 Tools
Peace Sells ... But Who's Buying? (cover Megadeth) 03:51 Tools
Love Ovetlead 03:53 Tools
Livin' Without You (single version) 03:53 Tools
Sick Sex! 03:51 Tools
03 I Can Fight Dirty Too 03:53 Tools
She´z Too Hot 03:53 Tools
She`z Too Hot 03:53 Tools
Squeeze It Dry (9) 03:53 Tools
The Shoe Collector 03:53 Tools
Fall in Love Again (feat. Suzi Chunk) 03:51 Tools
T.Y.F.H.O. (Version #1) 03:51 Tools
Take Me To The Limit '88 03:53 Tools
Just For One Night '87 03:51 Tools
Trapped like Ratz 03:51 Tools
T.V.O.D. 03:51 Tools
Tigertailz - Living Without You 03:51 Tools
Takin' The Pain 03:51 Tools
05 Heaven 03:51 Tools
04 Noise Level Critical 03:51 Tools
Love_Bomb_Baby 03:51 Tools
08 Twist 'N' Shake 03:51 Tools
b Love Bomb Baby 192k. 03:51 Tools
In The Heat Of The Night 03:51 Tools
TYFHO (Version 1) 03:51 Tools
No Surprize '88 03:51 Tools
Crazy Horses (Live) 03:51 Tools
Shoot To Kill (Original Sin) 03:51 Tools
Livin´_Without_You 00:00 Tools
Sick Sex *[Requested by loafy666]* 11:06 Tools
Love Junkie #1 11:06 Tools
09 Squeeze It Dry 11:06 Tools
Brain the Sucker *[Requested by loafy666]* 04:06 Tools
Tigertailz ~ Sick Sex 04:06 Tools
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Tigertailz are a glam metal band hailing from Cardiff, Wales. Known as one of the most flamboyantly sleazy groups of their era, they are most famous for their 1990 album 'Bezerk', which made the U.K. Top 40 and spawned three successful singles including the metal anthem "Love Bomb Baby". Early years (1986-1990) Part of the nascent glam metal scene in the late 1980s, Tigertailz first line-up issued their debut album, Young And Crazy, in 1987. The album featured vocalist Steevi Jaimz, guitarist Jay Pepper, bassist Pepsi Tate (Huw Justin Smith (1965-2007)) and drummer Ace Finchum. The debut created interest in the band and spawned the anthemic single "Livin' Without You." As the band toured playing said album, it became clear that vocalist Steevi Jaimz was not as committed to the band as might be hoped, and several instances of fighting due to the influence of drink were recorded. The band felt they had no choice but to part company with Jaimz in order to progress. They recruited flamboyant hard rock vocalist Kim Hooker to replace Jaimz in time for follow-up album 'Bezerk', which was eventually released to great critical acclaim in 1990 on the Music For Nations label. Commercial success (1990-1995) Hooker's vocals and stage presence took the band to a new commercial level. Prior to the release of Bezerk, the band re-recorded "Livin Without' You" with Hooker and released it as a single. Bezerk saw the band breakthrough as a headline act, selling out medium sized venues and delivering three singles: "Love Bomb Baby", "Noise Level Critical", and "Heaven". The album itself made it into the U.K. Top 40 and Tigertailz frequently found themselves on the cover of leading rock magazines. The group's sleazy public image and rambunctious escapades became as well known as their music. Even though the song "Love Bomb Baby" broke the band through into a real international audience for the fist time, with there being major airplay in the U.S., Tigertailz's commercial peak would be short. Due to a series of deals gone wrong and the onset of grunge alongside Britpop, musical movements that captured the zeitgeist away from the band's brand of party-ready metal, Tigertailz were effectively on ice for many years. They did, however, release Banzai!, a collection of B-sides and re-recorded tracks, in 1991 in Japan. They also put out Wazbones in 1995, by which time the classic Hooker-Pepper-Tate-Finchum line-up had fragmented. Touring proved successful, but there was insufficient long term record company interest to sustain the band. Reunion (2005-Present) In 2005, the band reformed their classic line-up, with the addition of former City Kidds drummer Matt Blakout who replaced Ace Finchum. The band won a court order winning ownership of the Tigertailz name from a spin-off band fronted by Steevi Jaimz, with Finchum on drums. Some fans had been confused by the appearance of the Jaimz-fronted Tigertailz, a band that in no way represented the classic Bezerk era. This problem resolved, the real Tigertailz were able to work on the long awaited Bezerk 2.0, recapturing the larger-than-life style that originally made them famous, and their release featuring a suitably over-the-top, bombastic production. They then completed a short reunion tour of the U.K., culminating in some festival dates in Sweden and Spain, playing to over 70,000 people with bands of the caliber of Whitesnake and Twisted Sister. Kerrang! magazine wrote in praise of the reunion - journalist Steve Beebee describing it as "persistently entertaining, with monstrous melodies that reach delirious peaks". Bezerk 2.0 was released through Demolition Records on 7 August 2006. In recent times, bass player Pepsi Tate had been fighting pancreatic cancer. The band signed a new record deal with Sanctuary Records and released new album Thrill Pistol on 27 August 2007, barely a year after their previous album release. This release is in fact a double CD packaged with the original 1992 version of the Wazbones album that was never officially released. Music commentator Steve Beebee again wrote in praise of the new album in Kerrang!, calling on fans to "kindly hail this rejuvenated band for the time-defying devils they are." The album release was overshadowed though, as Pepsi Tate lost his cancer battle and died September 18, 2007, less than a month after its release. He continues to be greatly missed by the band's fans. The group continued to fulfill their show commitments with a replacement bassist, with some uncertainty as to whether they would continue for much longer. It was only months later that they decided to continue with a new bassist.. Future plans are to finish and release a DVD started by Pepsi before his death, and they are contemplating a new album. http://tigertailz.co.uk Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.