Vanessa Bell Armstrong

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So Good to Me 04:27 Tools
Just Hold On 04:34 Tools
Wait 04:53 Tools
Never Alone 06:31 Tools
It's Over Now 04:05 Tools
You Alone Are Worthy 06:31 Tools
You Bring Out The Best In Me 04:25 Tools
What Shall I Render 05:24 Tools
Walking Miracle 03:43 Tools
I Just Love You 03:56 Tools
Pressing On 04:45 Tools
We Sing Glory 05:11 Tools
The Secret Is Out 03:02 Tools
Desire of My Heart 06:01 Tools
Good News 06:17 Tools
Something Inside So Strong 04:50 Tools
Yes He Loves Me 06:04 Tools
Mary Did You Know 03:54 Tools
The Classics 08:49 Tools
Help 06:29 Tools
Good News Blues 04:49 Tools
Seasons () 04:49 Tools
He Looked Beyond My Faults 05:24 Tools
Peace Be Still 06:31 Tools
Thank Ya 04:27 Tools
What He's Done For Me 03:45 Tools
Labor In Vain 03:53 Tools
The Denied Stone 05:37 Tools
Nobody But Jesus 04:28 Tools
Love Lifted Me 04:37 Tools
Living For You 04:23 Tools
Father, I Stretch 05:52 Tools
The Secret Is Out (Interlude) 01:35 Tools
Fall In Love Again 03:57 Tools
Shine On Me 02:01 Tools
You Can't Take My Faith Away 04:56 Tools
Grab Hold 04:18 Tools
Til The Victory's Won 03:51 Tools
Free 06:55 Tools
Story Of Calvary 05:27 Tools
Any Way You Bless Me 04:04 Tools
Oil Of God 10:17 Tools
I Am Determined 05:18 Tools
Ounce Of Your Love 04:37 Tools
I'm Encouraged 03:46 Tools
He Is Lord 06:10 Tools
Count On Your Love 04:53 Tools
It's Over Now () 06:10 Tools
Watch Me 04:29 Tools
Little Sister 04:57 Tools
I Really Love You 05:48 Tools
Walk With Me 07:02 Tools
Hand Of The Lord 05:16 Tools
He's Real 06:42 Tools
Intro 00:46 Tools
9th Month 05:17 Tools
I Will Praise You 03:41 Tools
Greater 06:59 Tools
The Blood 05:18 Tools
The Greatest Power 07:01 Tools
Father I Stretch 05:53 Tools
The Greatest Power (Intro) 01:02 Tools
Wonderful One 04:33 Tools
Love Lifted Me (Remix) 07:25 Tools
Vanessa's Medley 06:02 Tools
Seasons 03:36 Tools
Don't You Give Up 06:55 Tools
There Is Nothing 03:36 Tools
Something On The Inside 04:54 Tools
He Looked Beyond My Faults (And Saw My Needs) 05:26 Tools
I Will Praise You (Reprise) 01:26 Tools
For God So Loved The World 05:03 Tools
It's Over Now (Album Version) 05:26 Tools
I'm Going Through 04:28 Tools
Always 04:14 Tools
Tear 04:35 Tools
Everlasting Love 05:54 Tools
Learn To Love 04:13 Tools
O Holy Night 05:54 Tools
Don't Turn Your Back 04:37 Tools
I Wanna Be Ready 04:34 Tools
Desire Of My Heart (Live) 03:56 Tools
Somebody prayed 04:53 Tools
He's My Everything 04:52 Tools
I Have Surrendered 03:19 Tools
Real Soon 04:02 Tools
Searching 03:50 Tools
Following Jesus 03:58 Tools
The Truth About Christmas 04:40 Tools
There's A Brighter Day 03:39 Tools
God, My God 06:00 Tools
We Sing Glory (Live) 03:19 Tools
God My God 06:01 Tools
Seasons (Album Version) 06:00 Tools
Faith That Conquers 03:43 Tools
The Inn Keeper 02:45 Tools
Jesus I'll never forget 03:54 Tools
New Day 02:45 Tools
Without You 04:49 Tools
He Looked Beyond My Faults ( And Saw My Needs) 06:23 Tools
Joy to the World 02:45 Tools
Tell the World 04:36 Tools
I'm Coming Back 04:34 Tools
Shall not be moved 04:33 Tools
Good News (Live) 02:45 Tools
Choose Again (Duet With John P. Kee) 07:28 Tools
Teach Me Oh Lord 00:00 Tools
Holding on 04:23 Tools
No failure 04:25 Tools
He Looked Beyond My Faults(And Saw My Needs) 04:25 Tools
The Innkeeper 01:27 Tools
Somebody prayed (Remix) 02:21 Tools
Say goodbye 03:53 Tools
Go Tell It on the Mountain 04:34 Tools
Teach Me O Lord 05:01 Tools
Promise 04:34 Tools
Help [Live] 06:27 Tools
Comfort Ye My People (feat. Daryl Coley) 05:47 Tools
I Feel Jesus 04:05 Tools
Peace Be Still (Single Version) 05:47 Tools
Comfort Ye My People 04:34 Tools
Do what He said 04:34 Tools
I Will Praise You - Reprise 01:27 Tools
Deliver Us from Evil 06:23 Tools
Make a way 06:23 Tools
The Greatest Power - Intro 01:03 Tools
Faith That Conquerors 03:43 Tools
Waitin' 07:28 Tools
Don't Give Up on Jesus 06:23 Tools
Yes He Loves Me (Live) 06:23 Tools
Nobody But Jesus, Real, Peace Be Still 06:23 Tools
The Classics: Nobody But Jesus/Real/Peace Be Still 06:23 Tools
Waitin' (with Earl Buffington) 00:30 Tools
Something On The Inside (with John P. Kee) 00:30 Tools
Suddenly 06:23 Tools
The Classics: Nobody But Jesus/Real/Peace Be Still [Medley] 06:23 Tools
Never Alone (Live) 03:59 Tools
Then Came You 05:23 Tools
You Make Me Wanna Love Again 04:51 Tools
Pressing On (Extended Remix) 04:51 Tools
You've been good 03:59 Tools
Love Lifted Me - Remix 07:28 Tools
It's Over Now (Radio Version w/intro) 03:59 Tools
True Love Never Fails 07:28 Tools
Nobody But Jesus (Because) - He's Real 03:59 Tools
Christ The Lord (with Margaret Bell and Charlene Bell) 03:59 Tools
True Love Never Fails (with Jonathan Butler) 03:59 Tools
Something Inside So Strong (with The Rosa Parks Tribute Singers) 03:59 Tools
You Alone Are Worthy (Live) 04:51 Tools
Anyway You Bless Me 04:51 Tools
No failure (interlude) 04:51 Tools
Christmas Medley: Away in a Manger/Silent Night/O Come All Ye Faithful 04:51 Tools
Yes, He Loves Me 04:51 Tools
The Classics (Nobody But Jesus, Real, Peace Be Still) 07:28 Tools
He Was There All the Time 07:28 Tools
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Vanessa Bell Armstrong made her solo debut on Onyx/Muscle Shoals Sound Records in 1983 with the album Peace Be Still. The title track has since became one of Armstrong's signature songs. Armstrong's second album Chosen hit number one on the US Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart. Bell Armstrong performed on the 1st Annual Soul Train Awards ceremony. Her 1986 album Following Jesus won a Soul Train Music Award for Best Gospel Album - Solo in 1988. She is also a seven time Grammy Award-nominee. The cover of Armstrong's 1987 Billboard-charting mainstream 7" single "You Bring Out The Best In Me."Vanessa enjoyed a slice of mainstream success in the late 80's. Her self-titled 1987 Jive Records debut yielded the Billboard-charting hit "You Bring Out The Best In Me," as well as the club favorite "Pressing On." [1][3] The next year's follow-up album Wonderful One featured a cover of the Labi Siffre anti-Apartheid anthem "Something Inside So Strong." The song was later remade in 1995 by Armstrong along with Shirley Caesar, Fred Hammond, Tramaine Hawkins, Yolanda Adams, and a host of other gospel artists as a tribute to Rosa Parks. The song was serviced to radio stations to play on the 40th anniversary of the civil rights icon's arrest. Armstrong appeared on Broadway in 1991 in a production of Don't Get God Started. "Always," a Marvin Winans composition that anchors the play, also appears on Armstrong's 1987 self-titled album. Her Broadway role lead to a cameo appearance in the Oprah Winfrey TV special The Women of Brewster Place. Armstrong was also chosen to record the theme to the popular 80's NBC sitcom Amen. Vanessa Bell Armstrong took a 3 year self-imposed hiatus from recording before releasing A Brand New Day under a new deal with Tommy Boy Gospel in 2001. Vanessa was presented with a lifetime achievement award during 2004's Gospel Superfest. Armstrong's 2007 album, Walking Miracle, is her first release in 6 years, and blends traditional gospel fare like "So Good To Me" (produced by Smokie Norful) with contemporary songs like "Til The Victory's Won" (produced by Fred Jerkins III) and the title track (produced by Rodney Jerkins). The latter song was inspired by Armstrong's son who was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.