Vigilantes of Love

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Freight Train to Nowhere 03:54 Tools
Odious 02:33 Tools
Galaxy 04:08 Tools
S.O.S. 03:40 Tools
She Walks on Roses 03:02 Tools
Resplendent 05:03 Tools
Goes Without Saying 03:14 Tools
Starry Eyed 05:10 Tools
Real Down Town 03:53 Tools
Blister Soul 04:02 Tools
Skin 05:00 Tools
Nothing Like A Train 05:06 Tools
Extreme North Of The Compass 02:45 Tools
Solar System 00:00 Tools
Now as the Train Pulls Away 03:37 Tools
Good Luck Charm 03:43 Tools
Could Be A Lot Worse 03:25 Tools
Black Cloud O'er Me 00:00 Tools
Tempest 02:15 Tools
You Know That 03:52 Tools
But Not For Long 02:53 Tools
Willingly 03:51 Tools
She Is Fading 04:08 Tools
Glory and the Dream 03:47 Tools
It's Not Bothering Me 04:29 Tools
River of Love 02:59 Tools
Double Cure 05:40 Tools
Undertow 03:03 Tools
Making It Up as We Go Along 02:56 Tools
Hard Luck & Heart Attack 04:21 Tools
Welcome to Struggleville 04:20 Tools
Offer 04:52 Tools
Points of My Departure 03:35 Tools
Black Crow 04:11 Tools
Locust Years 03:28 Tools
Happy Being Lonely, Lonely Being Happy 04:03 Tools
Along for the Ride 03:14 Tools
America 05:58 Tools
Parting Shot 05:37 Tools
5 Miles Outside Monroe 03:05 Tools
Tokyo Rose 04:01 Tools
Struggleville 05:10 Tools
Green Summer Lawn 04:02 Tools
Certain Slant of Light 05:02 Tools
Bethlehem Steel 04:00 Tools
Baalam's Ass 03:45 Tools
Love Cocoon 03:42 Tools
Paralyzed 04:29 Tools
Who Knows When the Sunrise Will Be 04:51 Tools
Run Through My Veins 03:46 Tools
To the Roof of the Sky 04:31 Tools
Hang On Every Word 04:22 Tools
Bolt Action 04:20 Tools
You Know That (Is Nothing New) 00:00 Tools
Unsuccessful 03:19 Tools
And You Drown 03:47 Tools
Blister Soul (Reprise) 04:25 Tools
Losin' It 04:44 Tools
Taking on Water 04:11 Tools
Sick of It All 03:51 Tools
Galaxy (Gonna Be Alright) 00:00 Tools
Aftermath 02:25 Tools
Version of the Truth 02:50 Tools
Wondering Where the Lions Are 03:30 Tools
Avalanche 06:07 Tools
This Time Isn't One of Them 04:09 Tools
Doin' Time 03:39 Tools
All the Mercy We Have Found 03:54 Tools
Sitting 04:07 Tools
Resume 03:37 Tools
Opposite's True 04:18 Tools
Earth Has No Sorrow 04:29 Tools
Any Side of Anywhere 04:40 Tools
Judas Skin 06:35 Tools
Hopeless Is as Hopeless Does 04:06 Tools
Anybody's Guess 03:12 Tools
S.O.S. (The Crush Of Velvet Glove Starlight) 00:00 Tools
Only a Scratch 06:03 Tools
Puttin' Out Fires (With Gasoline) 00:00 Tools
Vet 04:26 Tools
Facsimile 04:12 Tools
Babylon 03:58 Tools
When I'm Broken (See What Happens) 04:00 Tools
Motel Room 03:20 Tools
Cold Ground 03:43 Tools
I Can't Remember 05:10 Tools
Earth Has No Sorrow, Heaven Can't Heal 04:29 Tools
I Can Explain Everything 03:46 Tools
All Messed Up 04:13 Tools
I Could Be Wrong (But I Don't Think I Am) 00:00 Tools
Strike While The Iron Is Hot 03:52 Tools
Bitter Price to Pay 02:26 Tools
Last to Know 03:20 Tools
Deep End 02:43 Tools
I Could Be Wrong 03:24 Tools
Sympathy 05:26 Tools
Andersonville 03:45 Tools
Hip Train 03:26 Tools
Runaway Train 03:01 Tools
Sweet Fire of Love 02:13 Tools
Perishable Goods 03:39 Tools
Eleanor 05:42 Tools
Stand Beside Me (You've Got To) 00:00 Tools
Farther Up the Road 05:42 Tools
Keep Out the Chill 03:45 Tools
On the Verge 04:56 Tools
Isadora Duncan 04:39 Tools
When You're Blinded by the Light 04:49 Tools
Filigree 04:00 Tools
Proving Ground 04:38 Tools
Sailors (The Reddest Rose) 00:00 Tools
In the Box 03:42 Tools
Stand Beside Me 02:48 Tools
Cloth of Life 03:30 Tools
(Please) Leave Me the Bones 04:47 Tools
Port of Entry 03:55 Tools
Puttin' Out Fires 02:45 Tools
Go and Ask Her 04:26 Tools
Sailors 05:08 Tools
On to Bethlehem 05:12 Tools
Where My Seed Might Find Purchase 05:16 Tools
Going South 06:29 Tools
Back to Its Source 03:23 Tools
Weak One Now 03:23 Tools
Songs on the Radio 04:02 Tools
Driving the Nails 04:59 Tools
Drunk on the Tears 05:32 Tools
Watching the Moonlight 03:53 Tools
Bearing The Load 03:45 Tools
Dreamcoat 04:35 Tools
Sanctuary 03:36 Tools
Thorn in Your Flesh 02:14 Tools
Something to Hold on To 04:13 Tools
Your Part of the Story 04:55 Tools
As Big as Christ 04:44 Tools
Just Going Blind 03:14 Tools
Lady Luck 03:34 Tools
I'm Not There 03:56 Tools
Casualty 04:25 Tools
Running Scared 04:27 Tools
Already Gone 04:41 Tools
Words of Love Spoken 04:00 Tools
Don't Lose Your Guns 02:10 Tools
In the Morning 06:33 Tools
Flames of Hell 04:30 Tools
Pleasure 04:38 Tools
The Glory and the Dream 04:07 Tools
Shadowlands 02:56 Tools
The Opposite's True 04:31 Tools
Brenda 03:27 Tools
Take No Prisoners 04:17 Tools
It Could Be a Lot Worse 04:41 Tools
The Ballad of Russell Perry 05:47 Tools
One Foot in the Grave 04:42 Tools
Amber Waves (Golden) 05:47 Tools
To the Nines 04:41 Tools
Keep It Simple 04:41 Tools
Hat In Hand 03:47 Tools
It's Alright, Doctor 04:23 Tools
Resplendant 03:47 Tools
On To Bethlehem (My Heart's Electric) 04:23 Tools
Tapping Out the Signal 03:05 Tools
My Back Pages 04:45 Tools
Faith (Comes Soaked in Gasoline) 04:23 Tools
Hand On Every Word 04:46 Tools
One Kiss at a Time 04:45 Tools
tek-after dark (patrick zigon remix) 03:05 Tools
Weight of Glory 03:38 Tools
Hard Luck And Heart Attack 04:23 Tools
Long Since Gone 03:38 Tools
Blinded By The Light 04:23 Tools
Your Bright Future 03:52 Tools
Devil Left to Pay 04:23 Tools
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Faith Like a Butterfly's Wings) 04:23 Tools
Half Mast 00:00 Tools
Once Your Heart Gets Broken (It Just Keeps on Breaking) 00:00 Tools
Locket Full of Moonlight 03:14 Tools
Break in the Clouds 00:00 Tools
Sing Angel Choirs 03:14 Tools
Get In, Get Out 04:05 Tools
What You Take (And What You Leave Behind) 04:05 Tools
Northern Soul 03:46 Tools
Walking Disaster (Pale Light of the New Dark Age) 04:05 Tools
Pillow of Stars 04:05 Tools
Could Be Alot Worse 03:46 Tools
It Was Always Autumn in My Heart 04:05 Tools
Who Know When The Sunrise Will Be 04:46 Tools
Into God Knows What 03:46 Tools
Losing It 04:46 Tools
putting out fires 04:46 Tools
Odious (live) 04:46 Tools
Love Cacoon 04:46 Tools
Welcome to Strugglesville 00:00 Tools
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Alternate Mix) 04:46 Tools
Dirty Job 04:46 Tools
Earth Has No Sorrow (live) 00:32 Tools
Cold Ground (demo) 04:26 Tools
Real Downtown 03:44 Tools
Hopeless Is as Hopeless Does [#] 04:08 Tools
Point of Entry 04:26 Tools
It's Alright Doctor 04:24 Tools
(Blank) 00:32 Tools
Solar System - Live 03:03 Tools
When I'm Broken (See What Happens) [#] 00:00 Tools
But Not for Long... 00:00 Tools
Resplendent And Solar System 13:30 Tools
Skin - Live 06:36 Tools
Opposite's True - Live 06:36 Tools
The Mercy We Have Found 03:01 Tools
Bethlehem 13:30 Tools
Undertow (live) 03:01 Tools
Breathe 03:27 Tools
Whatever You Need From Me 03:27 Tools
Always The Same Medicine 13:30 Tools
Version of the Truth - Live 06:36 Tools
All We Left Unsaid 13:30 Tools
Blister Soul - Live 05:10 Tools
Flowers 04:52 Tools
Berlin in '53 13:30 Tools
The Mercy We Have Found - Live 03:33 Tools
Doin' Time - Live 03:33 Tools
string of pearls 06:36 Tools
Black Cloud Over Me 13:30 Tools
The Tempest 13:30 Tools
how it all happened 03:03 Tools
Shellshocked 13:30 Tools
Welcome to Struggleville - Live 03:38 Tools
To Tell the Truth 13:30 Tools
Goes Without Saying - Live 00:00 Tools
Could Be a Lot Worse - Live 03:33 Tools
You Give It All Your Heart 05:23 Tools
My Year In Review 13:30 Tools
S.O.S. (Smallville Soundtrack) 13:30 Tools
black cloud 03:56 Tools
She Walks on Roses - Live 03:35 Tools
Walks on Roses (acoustic) 03:37 Tools
The Tempest - Live 05:09 Tools
Jaws of Life 03:37 Tools
Whatever You Need from Me - Live 02:53 Tools
Angels From The Realms Of Glory 06:36 Tools
Locust Years (live) 03:37 Tools
Stand Up And Be Counted 03:17 Tools
Black Cloud O’er Me 05:23 Tools
News Feed 05:23 Tools
All Messed Up (Nowhere to Go) 03:03 Tools
Parting Shot - Live 05:48 Tools
Farther up the Road - Live 00:00 Tools
Starry Eyed. 05:23 Tools
Judas Skin - Live 03:35 Tools
(God Shows His Face) Farther up the Road 06:36 Tools
Sweetness and Light 06:36 Tools
Your Part Of The Story (Acoustic) 06:36 Tools
Audible Sigh (Acoustic) 06:36 Tools
Interlude II 00:57 Tools
Moonlight Dripping (Acoustic) 00:57 Tools
When God Made the Heavens 00:57 Tools
Untitled 05:10 Tools
Where My Seed Might Find Purchase - Live 03:03 Tools
Solar System (Live) 03:35 Tools
After The Glow 03:56 Tools
Black Cloud O'er Me - Live 05:09 Tools
Table For Two 03:56 Tools
It's Not Bothering Me (March 2000 demo) 05:10 Tools
You've still got the devil left to pay 05:10 Tools
Replendent 05:10 Tools
The Heart, The Final Frontier 03:03 Tools
Dream coat 03:03 Tools
could be a lot worse (live) 03:25 Tools
Overflow 03:03 Tools
Summer's Here 03:03 Tools
Life On Other Planets 03:03 Tools
Never Let Go 02:53 Tools
Going South (March 2000 demo) 02:53 Tools
Your Presence Felt 02:53 Tools
The Moon Is Always Singing 02:53 Tools
Interlude 02:53 Tools
Where the Light Does Fall 02:53 Tools
Hidden Track 03:33 Tools
Halogen Glow 03:33 Tools
Locket Full of Moonlight (Casual Reprise) 03:33 Tools
blister soul (live) 04:02 Tools
Version of the Truth (live) 05:47 Tools Me 02:53 Tools
Rising, Although Slow 03:33 Tools
Rearview Mirror 03:33 Tools
Five Miles Outside Monroe 03:38 Tools
Exteme North of the Compass 03:33 Tools
Psalm For A Countdown 03:33 Tools
Take Me to Your Leader 03:33 Tools
God Of War 03:33 Tools
Splashdown 03:33 Tools
Jet Pack Blues 03:33 Tools
After All the Dust Settles Down 03:33 Tools
SOS 03:33 Tools
(Please) - Leave Me The Bones 03:33 Tools
High and Lonesome 03:33 Tools
MINIA2DAY.COM-Lose Yourself 03:33 Tools
Run Through My Veins (live) 03:38 Tools
Where My Seed Might Find Purchse 00:00 Tools
After All You've Done for Me 03:38 Tools
Double Cure [#] 05:09 Tools
Galaxy (Smallville Soundtrack) 03:25 Tools
Postscript 05:09 Tools
Ode For A Forgotten Astronaut 03:25 Tools
Bearing the Load (March 2000 demo) 03:25 Tools
Houston, We Have A Problem 03:25 Tools
Untethered (Space Junk) 05:48 Tools
Reaching Out 03:25 Tools
Friendly Fire (no more fight left in me) 05:48 Tools
crescent moon 05:48 Tools
MINIA2DAY.COM-The Double 05:48 Tools
Parting Shot (live) 05:48 Tools
Summershine 03:39 Tools
Whatever You Need From Me (live) 04:02 Tools
MINIA2DAY.COM-Power, Seduction 03:39 Tools
MINIA2DAY.COM-A New Swan Queen 03:39 Tools
Minia2Day.Com-Nina's Dream 03:39 Tools
Rising Although Slow 00:00 Tools
All or Nothing 00:00 Tools
MINIA2DAY.COM-A Swan Is Born 00:00 Tools
Hit "Send" 03:35 Tools
The Ballad of Russell Perry [*] 05:47 Tools
Double Cure (Early Solo-Acoustic Version) 03:35 Tools
Not for long 05:09 Tools
Intro 04:02 Tools
Stand By Me 05:09 Tools
She Walks On Water 05:09 Tools
Five Miles Outside Of Monroe 04:02 Tools
Just got back from the northeast 05:47 Tools
Credits 05:47 Tools
patter/flowers 05:43 Tools
patter/resplendent 05:43 Tools
Welcome to Struggleville (live) 05:43 Tools
Opposite's True (live) 05:43 Tools
MINIA2DAY.COM-Perfection 05:43 Tools
out on the weekend (neil young) 06:52 Tools
Skin (live) 06:52 Tools
Give It All Your Heart 06:52 Tools
Maggie's Farm 06:52 Tools
Van Gogh/skin 06:52 Tools
Farther Up the Road (live) 06:52 Tools
goes without saying (live) 06:52 Tools
Doin' Time (live) 06:52 Tools
The Tempest (live) 06:52 Tools
She's So Liquid 06:52 Tools
MINIA2DAY.COM -Cruel Mistress 06:52 Tools
MINIA2DAY.COM-A Room Of Her Ow 06:52 Tools
Summer in Our Veins 06:52 Tools
Out On The Weekend 06:52 Tools
Could be a whole lot worse 04:02 Tools
It Could Be A Whole Lot Worse 04:02 Tools
SITTING (Under the Blue Sky of Deception) 04:02 Tools
Gun control 04:02 Tools
MINIA2DAY.COM-Opposites Attrac 04:02 Tools
Any Side of Nowhere 04:02 Tools
5 Miles Outside of Monroe 04:02 Tools
Happy Being Lonely, Lonely Bei 04:02 Tools
Intro to dream coat 04:02 Tools
All about VoL 04:02 Tools
Half-Mast 04:02 Tools
Who Knows When the Sunrise Wil 04:02 Tools
Dreamcoat (March 2000 demo) 04:02 Tools
19 04:02 Tools
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Vigilantes of Love was a rock band fronted by Bill Mallonee and formed in Athens, Georgia, United States. Mallonee sang, played lead and rhythm guitar and harmonica, and from time to time also played drums. The band takes its name from the New Order song "Love Vigilantes," although their sound tends more to folk, Americana, and country rock than New Wave. Their 2001 album Summershine also showed some movement toward Brit-pop and R.E.M.-style college rock, which would be more fully explored in Mallonee's solo career. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.