Matthau Mikojan

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Epitaph 00:30 Tools
Too fortunate to cry 03:36 Tools
Stiletto heels 03:29 Tools
Chasing Ghosts 03:11 Tools
April song 02:22 Tools
No hard feelings 03:51 Tools
Bring you back 03:50 Tools
Ditch 02:55 Tools
A girl on her own 03:28 Tools
Come clean 03:20 Tools
Welcome & goodbye 04:11 Tools
Elegantly Wasted 03:00 Tools
Gypsy Eye 03:16 Tools
Then she cried 03:27 Tools
Mania For Life 03:09 Tools
Shine A Light 04:01 Tools
Hearsay Factory 02:46 Tools
From My Mouth To Me And You 03:20 Tools
Times To Be Remembered 03:53 Tools
What Would You Do 03:29 Tools
Threw Time Away 03:58 Tools
Candy Wraps 03:55 Tools
Cruel Mistress 06:10 Tools
Slow Down 03:59 Tools
Print lies 02:40 Tools
Mama Kin 04:05 Tools
Plastic Trays 03:48 Tools
You Got It 03:03 Tools
Gambling Girl 04:05 Tools
Hell or High Water 03:27 Tools
My Way 03:33 Tools
What A Day 02:28 Tools
Blind Arrows 03:21 Tools
Goldmine 04:28 Tools
Sweating Tears 03:54 Tools
Orange Moon 04:09 Tools
Got No Face 03:34 Tools
Find N'Lose 03:42 Tools
No Hard Feelings (Remix) 03:42 Tools
Wrapped 04:14 Tools
You 04:14 Tools
Plastic Trays (Album Edit) 04:14 Tools
No Preference 04:14 Tools
Things You Can't Handle 04:14 Tools
Another Snake In Paradise 00:30 Tools
Lobotomy Blues 00:30 Tools
Presence 00:30 Tools
Candy Wraps (Radio Mix) 00:30 Tools
Good Nights, Bad Mornings 00:30 Tools
Life Can Suprise 00:30 Tools
John Holmes 00:30 Tools
Hours Overdue 00:30 Tools
Gold & Silver 00:30 Tools
Epitaph 00:30 Tools
Maquerade 00:30 Tools
Thoughts Of Glass 00:30 Tools
No Hard Feelings [remix] 00:30 Tools
The She Cried 03:27 Tools
Find N' Lose 03:49 Tools
Platitude 03:27 Tools
No Hard Feelings - Remix 03:49 Tools
You Got It (Roy Orbison cover) 03:05 Tools
welcome goodbyes 03:49 Tools
John Holmes (feat. Sir Christus) 01:55 Tools
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Matthau Mikojan is a rock musician. He used to be Bloodpit's lead singer and guitarist but these days he is a solo artist. He released his first solo album through Poko Rekords on March 12th 2008 in Finland. Mikojan shows on his first solo album that he really knows how to write catchy guitar riffs. The vocals are also done with care and his voice goes well on both more calm and heavier parts. The first single ”Stiletto Heels” surprised many with its echo drum sounds and twanging guitar. Mikojan has played all the instruments on the album apart from the drums which were played by Simo Stenman. Mikojan, Stenman and producer Antti Suomalainen (a.k.a Lex Luthor) started recording the album in September 2007 in Cosmic-studios in Tampere, Finland. Matthau Mikojan has also put up a live band in which plays the studio drummer Stenman, bassist Teemu Broman and Mikojan’s brother, ex-Negative Sir Christus on guitar. The band starts to tour Finland in February so the album material can also be heard live. This is something that you just CAN’T miss! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.