Private Line

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Broken Promised Land 03:35 Tools
1-800-Out-Of-Nowhere 03:17 Tools
Already Dead 03:30 Tools
Forever And A Day 04:04 Tools
Little Sister 02:50 Tools
While God Saves I Destroy 03:33 Tools
Live Wire 03:16 Tools
White-Collar Crime 03:05 Tools
Cheerleaders & Dopedealers 04:03 Tools
Uniform 03:37 Tools
Selflove-Sick 03:57 Tools
Last Night on Earth 05:46 Tools
Bleed 03:51 Tools
Dead Decade 04:58 Tools
Sound Advice 03:56 Tools
Evel Knievel Factor 03:34 Tools
Alive 03:51 Tools
Prozac Nation 02:58 Tools
Billion star hotel 05:05 Tools
Gods of rewind 04:08 Tools
The SINdicate 03:46 Tools
Anyway 04:18 Tools
(Prelude) For The Daredevils 01:08 Tools
Deathbedtime Stories 04:03 Tools
Virgin Suicide 04:10 Tools
Black Swan 03:17 Tools
Grown Like Others 03:34 Tools
Ghost Dance 03:53 Tools
13th Step from the Grave 03:29 Tools
Deathroll Casino 03:43 Tools
Downstairs Upstairs 00:00 Tools
Superstar IQ 02:39 Tools
Heroes 03:01 Tools
Makin' A Mess Since '77 03:07 Tools
Meltdown Town 03:43 Tools
Down Came The Rain 03:42 Tools
Crack In Reality 02:56 Tools
Wake Up 03:55 Tools
Live, learn and grow apart 05:20 Tools
Sleep Tight 04:04 Tools
Poison Heart 04:20 Tools
Drive-In Salvation USA 04:31 Tools
TOKYO 03:55 Tools
NEW CHURCH 00:30 Tools
While-Collar Crime 03:05 Tools
Criminal 03:19 Tools
Castaway holiday 03:31 Tools
Sleep Tight (bonus track) 00:00 Tools
Junkies Love 03:10 Tools
Sweet & Sour Desire 04:01 Tools
More 02:54 Tools
Shiny eye 03:27 Tools
Larry 'n Ben 03:30 Tools
Big ideas 04:51 Tools
Junkies Love (Narkkarirakkautta) 03:10 Tools
He's A Whore 02:50 Tools
Question #9 03:31 Tools
Near-Sex-Experience 04:43 Tools
Poison Heart (Ramones Cover) 04:20 Tools
Live Wire (Mötley Crüe Cover) 03:15 Tools
Junkies love (Narkkarirakkautt 03:10 Tools
Live Wire (Motley Crue) 03:16 Tools
Live Wire (Motley Crew cover) 03:21 Tools
Drive-In Salavation (Unreleased Track) 04:29 Tools
Castaway Holiday (Unreleased Track) 03:30 Tools
Dont Go Breaking My Heart Now 03:16 Tools
Private Line 03:16 Tools
Out Of Nowhere 03:16 Tools
PEPSI More (BEP cover) 02:54 Tools
1 800 Out Of Nowhere 03:17 Tools
Everybody Told Us 03:37 Tools
Pepsi more 03:37 Tools
Sleep tight (the restless 3 soundtrack) 04:04 Tools
Tokyo (Japan Edit Bonus) 03:54 Tools
New York At Night 03:35 Tools
Live Wire (Motley Crue Cover) 03:15 Tools
cheerleaders & dopeleaders 03:15 Tools
Perfect Love 03:17 Tools
Isnt It Magic 03:17 Tools
Private line - 1-800-Out-Of-Nowhere 03:17 Tools
Sound Active 03:15 Tools
Broken Promise Land 03:17 Tools
Cheerleaders&Dopedealers 03:17 Tools
Life Wire 03:17 Tools
Larry 'n' Ben 02:26 Tools
Over 8 Over Again 02:26 Tools
On Radio 04:10 Tools
Question#9 02:55 Tools
Same Old Story 02:55 Tools
Rio 02:55 Tools
Pepsi Remix 02:55 Tools
1800-out-of-nowhere 02:55 Tools
Already Dead (demo version) 02:55 Tools
Makin' A Mess Since 77 02:55 Tools
Criminal (SMACK cover) 02:55 Tools
Last night on heart 02:55 Tools
Turn Out The Light 02:55 Tools
Evil Knievel Factor 02:55 Tools
Evel Knivel Factor 03:34 Tools
Private Line - Forever And A Day 03:34 Tools
New Church (The Lords Of The New Church) 03:40 Tools
Castaway Holiday (Bonus Track) 03:34 Tools
Drive-In Salavation USA 04:29 Tools
New Church (The Lords Of The New Church Cover) 03:40 Tools
Private Line - Broken Promised Land 04:29 Tools
Levoton Tuhkimo 04:34 Tools
Drive-In Salvation USA (Bonus Track) 03:40 Tools
Live_Wire_(Motley_Crew_cover) 03:40 Tools
Last_Night_On_Earth 03:40 Tools
Drive-In Salvation USA [*] 04:31 Tools
Sleep Tight [*] 04:05 Tools
Already Dead (demo) 04:05 Tools
Already gone 04:05 Tools
Sindicate 04:05 Tools
Live Wire (orig.Motley Crue) 03:16 Tools
Don't Go Breaking My Heart 03:40 Tools
Private Line-Junkies love (Narkkarirakkautt 04:34 Tools
Castaway Holiday [*] 03:31 Tools
Dead Decade (Single 2011) 03:31 Tools
1-800- Out-of-Nowhere 03:31 Tools
Alredy Dead 03:31 Tools
Adam's Apple 03:31 Tools
Cheerleaders Dopedealers 03:31 Tools
Junkies Love (Narkkarirakkautta) (feat. Sir. Christus) (feat. Antti Anatomia) 03:31 Tools
Private Line - Last Night On Earth 03:31 Tools
Private Line - Makin a mess since '77 03:31 Tools
castaway holidays 03:31 Tools
Cheerleaders_&_Dopedealers 03:31 Tools
Slut! 03:31 Tools
07 Cheerleaders & Dopedealers 03:31 Tools
Makin A Mess Since 77 03:31 Tools
03 Broken Promised Land 03:31 Tools
Lower than what? 03:31 Tools
selflove- sick 03:31 Tools
02 - Little Sister 03:31 Tools
White 03:31 Tools
Raita 1 03:35 Tools
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Private Line was originally formed in the mid-90s (1996 in Helsinki, Fi) by Sammy, guitar player Jari and some of their school mates. Eliaz the kid in the block. erm.. at school some years earlier - joined the band shortly after meeting Sammy at a house party. They soon came to notice it was not only music they shared in common but found themselves interested in the overall wisdom of Rocknroll Decadence as well. Private Line won a band competition and used the prize money to record and release their first EP in 1998. The material on Smooth Motions combined hard-rock influences and fierce rhythms. The band started touring and went through some line up changes. The new line up including Sammy, Eliaz, Jari, Spit and Illy recorded a 5-song promo-CD which got quite nice response, especially from outside of Finland. Despite of the good reception of the Promo-CD, the year 2001 was uncertain time for the band Jari left the band and joined Finnish metal kings Timo Rautiainen ja Trio Niskalaukaus and Sammy moved to Helsinki Rock City and was soon after followed by the rest of the band. In the beginning of 2002 Sammy bumped into Jack (ex- Palmcut) while exploring the nightlife of Helsinki and they decided to join their forces and breathe new life into Private Line. The band started intense rehearsing period and went on to record new kick ass material. In December 2002 Private Line released a new Mini-CD Six Songs Of Hellcity Trendkill (released by Bad Habits/ Kråklund Records). The Mini-CD got rave reviews from the Finnish rock media and also many international print and webzines were enthusiastic about these Finnish newcomers. The band did a 40-show tour in Finland and created a fanatic fanbase. Private Line's loud as f**k mix of 80's sleaze and early 90's alternative punk was now starting to make bigger and bigger waves. The lead singer Sammy`s vocals, stage presence and showmanship was more than often compared to the likes of Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe) and Sebastian Bach (Skid Row). More information on: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.